a tent ready for camping

How To Seam Seal A Tent: A Camper’s Guide

Camping on rough terrains requires tents with high longevity. They also need to be waterproof to survive the rain. But what if your tent isn’t water-resistant? Now, if you need a way to make your tent water-resistant, why not try seam sealing it? It’s a quick and surefire way of making your tent waterproof, and … Read more

tent stakes for rocky ground

Best Tent Stakes For Rocky Ground | Top 7 Picks

When camping in hard surface zones like Moraine Park or Grand Canyon, you need heavy-duty tent stakes as most campgrounds have extremely windy conditions.  The 7 best tent stakes for rocky ground I listed in this review are specifically designed for stony terrain. And these are trusted by thousands of campers and hunters around the globe because … Read more

a wet tent

How To Pack A Wet Tent [Do It Correctly]

Picture this, you’re camping in the woods, and a rainstorm starts pouring down out of nowhere, leaving everything drenched. Therefore, you decide to leave as soon as possible before the next one hits. But what to do with that soaking wet tent? Is simply packing it up a good idea? Having to deal with such … Read more


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