How To Decorate A Camping Tent In The Most Creative Way

Campings provide ample opportunity to connect with nature, enjoy outdoor recreation, and escape the monotony of city life.

There’s no better way to disconnect from the buzzy world and unplug your mind. However, using a plain, drab tent for such an occasion isn’t really exciting, is it?

Your camping tent will become your second home while you’re on your outdoor adventures, and that’s why a little decoration can go a long way.

From lanterns to bedsheets and everything in between, you can turn your tent into the adventure palace you always dreamed of having. So don’t let boring old tents spoil your fun.

Here, I’ve compiled several quick and easy ideas on how to decorate a camping tent for an unforgettable camping trip.

Add Luxury To Your Tent

The first step to a luxurious tent is to get an elegant one. And a gorgeous bell tent might be worth investing in if you want to create state-of-the-art camping tent decorations (aka DIY glamping).

While a good one may not come cheap, it will more than likely last you the rest of your life, so it will pay for itself soon enough.

Then again, you most likely already have a camping tent with a few good years left in it. Set it up first, and let’s get going to make the most of it!

#1. Create Beautiful Lighting

tent lighting

Light can drastically change the mood inside your tent, just like it would in any setting. Some like to call tent lighting ‘girl-lighting’ – cold headlights off, warm table lamps on. If you have power at your camping site, go ahead and girl-light your tent to the skies!

We’re talking rope lights, table lamps, and fairy lights. But in the case of no electricity, use rechargeable lights and lanterns.

#2. Put Up Some Bunting

Glamping wouldn’t be glamping without bunting. Sure, it’s a bit kitsch, a little noughties, but it’s still just plain ol’ glamping.

You can either wrap it around your guy ropes or tie it to the tent entrance. Using it will transform your tent into something out of another era and soften the look of a traditional tent.

#3. Customize Your Tent With Signs

The idea of hanging custom signs inside and around tents is nothing new to campers. That is one aspect of camping that campers enjoy immensely.

You may write anything you wish on these signs – as long as it doesn’t offend anyone. The signs can serve to demonstrate your personal style.

#4. Set Up A Cozy Floor

cozy tent floor

Consider adding a touch of underfoot luxury by strewing a colorful blanket, carpet, or woven rug on your tent floor.

In addition to enforcing the no-shoes-in-camping-tent rule, it will help make the space feel instantly cozy and homey. As a bonus, you’ll be enjoying a neat, dirt-free area to walk around.

#5. Layout Foam Puzzles

You’ll appreciate being able to soften the ground under your tent if you’re inviting kids to stay with you. And laying out a few large foam puzzle pieces will do the trick.

While childproofing corners and other potential hazards are advisable when children are around, these foam puzzle pieces will cushion the floor in the event of a trip or fall.

#6. Hang A Storage Basket

Despite their practicality, plastic boxes stuffed with camping gear unintentionally make your tent a less than glamping-worthy spot.

But as an alternative, a large wicker basket hanging around the tent can double up beautifully for storing your cooking supplies.

It’s also something you can find at a thrift store for a reasonable price. And if you are against getting rid of the plastic boxes, you can line them with decorative paper wraps.

Cozy Up Your Bedding Decoratively

Having a deep and cozy sleep throughout your camping nights is a real luxury that you cannot compare with anything else.

Make your sleeping arrangement as comfy as possible, and you’ll have almost nailed glamping!

#1. Get An Air Mattress

air mattress for tent

Sleeping well starts with your mattress. If you have already got an air mattress, a mattress topper or duvet can create even more coziness on top of it.

And if it’s cold, you can put a blanket under your mattress to add an extra layer of insulation.

#2. Shop For A Duvet Cover Or Camping Quilt

Put away your sleeping bags if you want elegance in your tent decoration. Instead, take your duvet with you. If you plan to go ‘all-classy,’ then shop for some bright and fresh duvet covers to complement the aesthetic of your glamping setup.

And if you’re feeling a bit more generous, a cozy camping quilt can be a more practical choice you can bring with you.

#3. Place A Few Colorful Cushions

Your glamping bed will feel no less inviting and lavish with a set of cushions or pillows. They are an entirely aesthetic accessory.

So, never feel shy bringing a few colorful cushions from home and enjoying their perfect puffiness!

Bring A Little Glam To Your Camping Dinner Table

Without a posh meal or two, a luxury getaway wouldn’t be complete.

And while you may not be able to bring your own staff with you, some advance planning can transform a messed-up camping dinner into an alfresco dining experience to remember.

#1. Spread A Table Cloth

tent table decoration

You can cover up an old, battered table attractively, no matter how bad it looks. Even the cloth doesn’t have to be extravagantly fancy since you’ll be decorating the table and filling it with delicious food.

A thrift store tablecloth or an old sheet from your kitchen cupboard should suffice.

#2. Pour Your Favorite Drink Into Jars

Using jam jars as glasses is spillproof and easy. And glamping doesn’t get more practical than that, not to mention they look fantastic!

So, feel free to stock up a few.

#3. Set A Few Flower Jars

Fill up those oddly shaped jars you’ve saved or those that you’ve forgotten the lids with flowers. But try not to remove everything you see; don’t pick anything that’s protected.

It’s always a good idea to fill the jars or bottles with pretty grasses and foliage from the nearby trees when in doubt.

#4. Top The Table With Tin Lanterns

You can make a lantern out of empty tins of beans by carefully drilling holes in them in some pattern you like before adding a tealight and top your camp table with it.

Another win for girl-lighting!

#5. Place A Few Stone-Weighted Napkins

It would be great if you could bring some cloth napkins. Nonetheless, paper towels will do well so long as you tuck them neatly under some cleaned-up pretty stones.

You can also add a little rustic chic to your camping dinner table by placing a few bunches of daisies or grasses underneath.

#6. Prepare The Perfect Campfire Meal

Getting to eat a delicious campfire meal is the perfect way to complete a glamping dining experience.

When cooking over a campfire, many things can go wrong, so stick to the basics and use a Dutch oven, then prepare your favorite low-burn meal.

Set Up A Chill-Out Zone

Being able to just chill out and be at peace is one of the perks of glamping. And you can make it more enjoyable by spacing out a separate zone to relax and unwind from your kitchen and dining areas.

Reading a book, watching the fire, strumming a guitar, telling a story, or taking a nap can all be done here.

#1. Install A Fire Pit

pit fire

Bring your own fire pit if there isn’t one on the campground. It will be even better if you can bring a fire pit that can also double as a grill, or you can try building one yourself from an abandoned washing machine drum!

#2. Put An Awning

You could also try using a sarong or an old sheet as an awning for some cool shade to give the space a shady, den-like feel.

And you can make snoozy summer afternoons even more inviting by hanging a wind chime.

#3. Furnish To Relax

Covering your camping chairs with blankets, throws, and cushions is a great idea to add an aesthetic touch outside your tent.

However, if you prefer to relax in a more laid-back setting, you can try placing a blanket on the ground beneath your shelter accompanied by beanbags and cushions so you can relax in style.

Or, simply hang a hammock instead if you prefer to be snugly packed.

#4. Use A Suitcase As Your Fancy Table

Hardshell suitcases make excellent tables for having cocktails or coffee. In addition, they make great props for an evening of playing cards or having a game night.

And not to mention, you can also use it to store any soft furnishings that you don’t want outside overnight.

#5. Make It Well-Lit

That’s right, ambient lighting is everything!

When the sun goes down, create a fairytale grotto of lanterns, air balloons, glass jars, and tin cans filled with candles and outside fairy lights — encase your area in warm lighting, sit back, and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

When you’re out camping to revel in the outdoors, there should be more to your tent than just function.

You can deck out your drab-looking tent with some flair through just a little creativity and make your camping trip feel even more like the rewarding vacation you’ve been longing for.

And now that you have so many ideas on how to decorate a camping tent, you know how to come up with your very own style.

So, embrace your creativity, plan ahead, and get glamping!

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