How To Fold Pop Up Tent In 5 Easy Steps By Yourself

Pop-up tents have recently gained popularity due to their simple set-up process.

Unlike a traditional tent, which requires setting up the tent poles, erecting a pop-up tent is much easier.

All you have to do is unzip the tent bag, detach the tent, and throw the tent into the air; and it will ‘pops’ into a tent-like form; it’s that simple.

However, putting your pop-up tent back into its tiny bag again may cause a headache at the end of your camping, if you’re not skillful at it.

Well, if you don’t know how to fold pop up tent, no worries, here we will provide you with instructions so that folding a pop-up tent back seems you as the easiest tent to set up.

How To Fold Pop up Tent?

how to fold pop up tent

Folding a pop-up tent would seem much easier once you know the exact techniques and practice it over time.

So, here are the 6 easy steps that can let you learn to fold your pop up tent within a minute:

#1. Hold Your Tent’s Top Two Points & Pull Them Together

To fold your pop-up tent back, at first you have to bring it into an oval shape.

For doing this, you have to stand on the side of your tent that is perpendicular to the tent’s door.

Now, identify the two high arches of the tent which look like the tent’s highest points.

Then, grab those two points with one hand, pull them together and try to fold them for once to create an oval shape.

#2. Fold It Again & Try To Create A Shape Of 8

Once you successfully created an oval shape with your pop-up tent, now turn it on its side, gently hold the two arches of the tent, and put pressure on its middle.

Now push it down to the ground and try to make a figure like 8.

When you have now folded your tent for the second time and have created a shape of 8, just make sure now put your foot tightly in the center of the shape so it doesn’t shift.

#3. Fold The Tent For The Last Time To Create A Circle

Now once you have done creating the shape of 8 and you have put your foot in the middle of the shape.

Now it’s time to create a circle with the shape 8 so that you can put your tent back into the tent back which usually comes in a circular shape.

So, to do that, you have to keep putting pressure on the middle of shape 8 with your foot, now hold one end of shape 8 and fold it over the other one to create a circle.

#4. Warp The Tent With The Elastic Strap

After creating the circle shape from shape 8, now you are almost done with the pop-up tent folding process.

At this stage, you will have to put your foot on the circle shape and find the elastic strap and wrap it around your tent to secure the circular shape.

Well, if your tent does not come with such an elastic strap, or you already damaged your elastic strap you can use a piece of rope as an alternative.

#5. Check Everything & Put Your Tent In The Bag

Lastly, you will have to put your folded tent securely inside the tent bag that comes with it.

If it goes easily into its case, that will mean, you’ve folded it firmly enough.

And after putting your tent into the bag, now you can finally seal, zip, or tighten the bag to complete the tent folding process.

Well, now these are the 5 easy steps that can help you fold your pop-up tent seamlessly within a few minutes.

Pro Tip:

If you do not understand any of the steps above, you can always see the user manual of your favorite pop-up tent to get familiar with how your specific model can be folded and put into the bag again.

What Should You Know Before You Fold Pop up Tent?

learn about pop up tent

Before you fold your pop up tent, here are a few crucial things you must keep in mind which can help you use your tent for a long time:

#1. Clean Your Tent Before You Fold It Back

Before you are folding your pop-up tent to store it in the bag, make sure you are not folding it if it is dirty, because all the dirt can damage your tent’s material.

Also, a dirty tent can attract pests when you reuse your tent at some other place.

So, it would be better to clean all the dirt, if you see your tent got any dirt or debris from outside.

If there are stains or mud on your tent, you can splash water on it. You can also clean the tent thoroughly with a wet sponge or cloth.

If possible, use a cloth or sponge dampened with soap and water.

Also, try to clean your tent before the dirt get completely dried, as you may wash them more easily when they’re still wet.

#2. Bask Your Tent And Dry It Properly

If you found any dirt on your tent and once you have cleaned it, now don’t forget to dry the tent before packing it up.

Because when you fold a damp tent, it can cause severe damage to the tent materials and can be a pathway for mold growth.

It may also spread a stick smell from it. So, it would be better to bask your tent and dry it out to prevent any potential damage.

But if you are not able to bask your tent for a fogy or cloudy weather, at least let the air out for about an hour before you fold and pack it back.

#3. Detach All The Attached Equipment And Get Ready For Folding

You should not begin folding your pop-up tent without first untethering it properly.

Once your tent is dry, you must detach all the metal pegs that hold your tent to the ground and keep it secure before you begin packing it away.

After removing all the stakes, it would be good to wash and dry them before you are storing them in your bag as well.

Along with this, if your pop up tent contains a tarp or secondary cover for the sun and rain shelter, you will have to remove it, fold it, and place it in the bag.

#4. Practice All The Steps At Home

Of course, you must practice all the folding processes for your pop up tent, at least five times at your home before you go to the actual camping field.

Because when you are in the actual camping field, without any prior folding experience, at the end of the trip you may experience a lot of hassle.

So, these are the most pivotal aspects you have to keep in your practice before you attempt to fold your pop-up tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Pop Up And Regular Tent?

The biggest distinction between a pop-up tent and a regular tent is the span of time you want to use the tent.

Pop-up tents are intended for temporary usage, whereas frame tents are intended for semi-permanent use.

Another major difference between them is a pop-up tent is a quick setup tent that ‘pops’ into form and takes only a few seconds to put up, whereas a standard tent requires you to set up the poles individually and takes longer to set up.

#2. Are Pop Up Tents Better Than Normal Tents?

It will depend on your camping needs. Pop-up tents will be only better compared to regular tents in terms of ease of setup process and for short-term usage.

A pop-up tent will also be great for the Summer and Spring seasons.

But larger pop-up tents include more metal than traditional tents so the weight of a big pop-up tent might be significantly heavier than a regular tent of the same size.

#3. What Are The Major Disadvantages Of A Pop-Up Tent?

As with any tent, there are some disadvantages to a pop-up tent. If we see its pricing, then we will discover that pop-up tents may be extremely costly for their convenient portability.

Along with this, if you buy a small design, you’ll not get much headroom, and they may seem unsuitable for wilderness camping or adverse heavy winds.

Final Words

Pop-up tents will be a great option for camping if you’re planning to go out for a day or one week.

In this discussion, we have tried thoroughly to discuss how to fold pop up tent within a few minutes so that you never get into a hassle while folding up your pop-up tent especially, when you are camping far away from your home.

I hope you will find all the steps easy to follow and can absorb how to do this within a few minutes.

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