How To Heat A Tent With A Candle [Lantern Or Heater]

Being a regular camper, you already know the hassles that come along with spending nights in a tent.

Especially when it’s winter or cold outside, you need to keep the interior of your tent warm and cozy for a comfortable sleep at night.

There are different ways through which you can heat up your tent and using a candle is one of them. Believe it or not, you can simply heat a tent with a candle in a straightforward way.

But you have to also keep in mind that this process of heating is not going to give you excellent results like an electric tent heater.

However, it will surely give you a decent warmth, almost perfect for moderately cold weather.

So, here comes the question, how to heat a tent with a candle?

Let’s get into the discussion to figure out the answer in detail.

What To Consider Before Heating A Tent With A Candle?

candle heat tent consideration

Before we get into the discussion, first you need to know the prerequisites of heating a tent with a candle.

In terms of a small three-season tent, a single candle can most probably heat up to 4°F or 2 °C. You might be thinking that it’s too little.

No mate, considering the situation, this small amount of heat can save your life!

Here we have some of the essential key considerations that you must ensure while lighting the candle to warm up your tent:

  • First of all, check out the weather so that the heat energy remains as much as it requires for heating up.
  • There is a potential threat of heat loss due to ground conduction. So, you have to take care of this matter carefully while heating the tent from inside.
  • Make sure to close all the possible gateways using which wind or cold air can enter the tent.
  • Using an inflatable sleeping pad would be a better investment here for bug-outs in cold weather.
  • The fabric that is used to make tents is highly flammable in most cases.
  • Luckily, these days some tents come in with an insulation coating and fire retardant; this provides us with the ease to get rid of any fatal repugnancies.

Nonetheless, numerous methods are available to heat the tent using a candle.

Here in this article, we have discussed the easiest and most affordable ways for your convenience.

Candle Lantern Or Candle Heater: Which One To Pick?

To get the most comfortable and warm heat, you better go for a candle heater. Making a candle heater for a tent isn’t that hard nut to crack.

First of all, you need to put a tarp over the tent. It is to be remembered that the tent needs to be comfortable, have proper size measurements, and use 100% flammable fabric.

Well, you can also heat your tent without using a candle heater, no doubt with that. But using one would allow you to get the job done more precisely.

Now, you might be wondering how you can heat the tent without a heater.

In such cases, you can use a candle lantern, which will also provide you with the same perks a candle heater does.

As the mediocre ones cost much, you can also go for DIY candle heaters.

Candle Powdered Natural Heater

It is also commonly known as Egloo. This heater is one of the most branded eco-friendly heaters.

It helps in supplying heat, scent, and humidity in a small closed room. We can state that, for good energy production, especially in a covered tent, proper evaporation, spreading of humidity & perfume is nearly mandatory.

And this heater basically helps to achieve all these required things together to offer you a perfect warmth inside.

Candle Lanterns

branded candle lantern

Candle Lanterns are one of the most effective ways to heat up a tent from inside.

For a good amount of heating, the work activities of conduction, convection, radiation must take place within it.

If we had to talk about the basics of heating a tent, we could state that the candle lanterns played the best role in the three basics.

These are:

Candle Lanterns In Conductions

The process by which a good form of heat is passed correctly, the heat is transformed into the solid surface to another, called conduction.

Candle lanterns give good heat in the conduction process. For good occurrences, the heat conduction runs from one surface to another.

Candle Lanterns In Convection

Convection is a process by which the liquid transformation forms the heat so that kinetic energy increases.

As we know, a good amount of energy is produced by heating a candle. Water evaporation occurs properly with candle lanterns within a quiet, warm environment.

Candle Lanterns In Radiation

Radiation is a kind of process which occurs due to heat creation and transferred electromagnetic waves.

Proper radiation occurs when candle radiations play it. The radiating parts will give you a good vibe to enjoy in the tent

DIY Lanterns

It hasn’t been that long when people could see things in the dark only by using candle lanterns.

But now with the booming technological advancement, we witnessed an umpteenth revolution of lanterns.

The market of modern lanterns is large enough to offer you diversified options with different price ranges. Ironically, it’s possible to make a lantern at home.

Sounds fascinating, right?

DIY lanterns also can provide you with the desired heat to warm up your tent, if you know how to make one correctly.

If you want to give it a try, watch the video below to make a candle lantern easily just by yourself.

Do Candles Provide Warmth?

A warm comfort vibe is nearly mandatory in times of camping. Using candles in a tent may give you decent warmth that is required to have a comfortable sleep at night.

Especially during the winter season, the warmth of a candle can give you the expected comfort that you need.

Candles produce heat while burning because the heat from the flame is not enough to provide you with reasonable ease.

Then again, using an oil lamp in a tent can give you much better results than candles, as it’s made of sea oils. A tight and comfy sleep would make you much more energetic than ever before.

Candlelight can help you feel relaxed and more enthusiastic. And will render you with the victuals you might need during day time.

However, the bland light of the candle won’t turn you more sleepy or tired. It will only provide you with the ease and utter comfort that you require.

Are Candles Toxic To Heat A Tent?

Get this straight-you must take precautionary steps to make your tent safe before lighting the candle.

A single candle can amplify up to 5000 BTU.

Implies, you have to be more conscious while using a candle in a tent. Along with this drastic rise of BTU, several chemicals also surf in the air, toxic to the human body.

However, it will be only applicable when you’re thinking of the long run. But you won’t be going to be using a candle for ages!

So, following this condition, a candle that you’re using in your tent to warm up the system won’t be that much toxic or tainted.

Are Candle Lanterns Safe To Use In Tents?

Though experts always discourage using candle lanterns to warm up the tent. They always suggest using an electric heater.

Nonetheless, I found it incredibly out of danger if you can adequately manage and operate the entire process.

In the first place, try to adhere to the safety measurements. Don’t get yourself in a rush.

Take your time and ripe off all the pre-requisites. After going through all these steps, you are allowed to get yourself inside the tent.

If you’re a newbie camper who has never been to camps before, I would cordially request you not to use a candle to heat the tent.

Until and unless an expert camper is with you. Otherwise, your regret will get no bound if you face any sort of accident.

How Do You Heat A Tent Without Electricity Besides A Candle?

candle heater

A replacement heater is needed when you do not have any candle heater around you.

Now, assume that you do not have access to any electric heater. In such cases, using sleeping pads, a yoga mat, tarps, Mylar blankets, etc. could be used to heat the tent.

If you’re planning to make your sleeping bed comfier, you can use a hot water bottle as well.

Nonetheless, getting yourself some lite exercises before going to bed will give you a good sleep.

If you eat a high-calorie meal, your immune system will provide a suitable reaction to the environment. As a result, you will have a good sleep in the tent.

Using moisturizers will give you good comfort because they can protect your body from the humidity and lousy vapor that surfs in the air.

For proper cuddling, if you love pets or have pets, you can bring them with you too.

Additional Measures To Use A Candle In A Tent

candle lantern

These additional measures that are mentioned below must be taken seriously if you want to use a candle in a tent:

#1. Safety Measure Is First

First of all, you all need to be concerned about the safety measures. You must be cautious about using it.

Candles are very sensitive and taunted and a good source of heat. So, you need to make sure of the proper usage of it.

Never trifle with a candle in your tent, just don’t.

#2. Proper Use Of Candle Heaters

Candle heaters from various brands can be used. It would assist you if you can operate it adequately and comprehend good basics about using it.

#3. Use Of Proper Flammable Tents

Before you purchase the tent for camping, make sure to pick up a one-hundred percent flammable one, made of highly insulated fabric and has a good fire redundancy.

Otherwise, if you select a wrecked one, you might not be able to heat that using a candle or even an electric heater.


Voila! So, that’s that. Camping is fun when you have the required skills and you are ready for any probable situation that can pop up at any given moment.

Knowing how to heat a tent with a candle is one of those skills that you must know if you want to peacefully camp during winter or when it’s cold out there.

We hope this article helped you to get the required knowledge that is a prerequisite for this very purpose.

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