How To Patch A Canvas Tent Like A Pro In 5 Simple Steps

When it comes to camping against hostile weather conditions, canvas tents are the most commonly used ‘tent’ option for many camping enthusiasts.

With regular usage, there will surely come a time when your canvas tent will go through wear and tear and you may feel like buying a new one.

You can actually use your canvas tent for several adventures without spending a fortune to buy a tent every time.

And that’s when the idea of patching a canvas tent comes into play. So, how to patch a canvas tent?

With proper guidelines, you can patch a canvas tent that will last longer and look great.

Here in this guide, I will take you through everything you need to know about this special skill of canvas tent patching.

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Canvas Tent: The Basics

canvas tent repair

Tents are an essential part of the outdoor experience. They help you avoid bad weather and eliminate moisture waste.

There are different types of tents, and canvas tents are one of them.

Canvas tents are made from recycled materials. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be made to do a lot of different things.

You can make a small, single-use tent or a large, two-person tent with plenty of room for firewood and all the gear you need.

The problem with patches is that it’s hard to see what needs to be fixed, and it’s hard to find money to pay for the patcher.

How To Make A Canvas Tent

There are a few things you need to make a canvas tent. The first thing you need is a piece of canvas.

You can find it at a fabric store, a fabric store that offers classes, or even the local park. Then, you need an edge to work with.

You need a straight edge. And finally, you need a saw. Watch the video below, it will make your job easier.

What To Do To Any Tear In A Canvas Tent?

A canvas tent can last up to 30 years. So, in the meantime, what if there is a tear?

A new waterproof canvas should be stitched over the incision and sealed to prevent leaks.

Even so, if your tear is extensive or you lack experience with needles and threats, you can always go to a professional for assistance.

If you need assistance, you might ask someone to give you instructions.

However, you can also patch the tent by following the steps below to patch a canvas tent.

How To Patch A Canvas Tent In 5 Steps

One of the main reasons patches are so popular is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying a new canvas tent from a store.

You need a patch, put it on your tent, and you are ready to go. The patch provides many advantages over buying Tents outright.

For example, when you buy a patch, you get the opportunity to test it out before you leave the store.

And, since patches are perfect to use in any small and big raptures, you can go ahead and use them on your tent there without any negative implications.

Canvas tents have a life expectancy of 30 years, which is different from other tents, which can last for up to 10 years.

As they enjoy a higher quality of life, canvas tents are worth considering if you are looking for a new home or have not given much thought to it yet.

Patching a canvas tent can be done with various tools and techniques.

The most important aspect is to keep the patch clean by using a foreign substance such as oil or water.

It is also essential to use a level surface when patching a canvas tent, as not everyone has equal access to tools and could potentially cause difficulties if first learning about tents did too much harm.

#1. Identify The Rupture

You must first determine the rupture in your canvas tent before attempting to repair it.

Different sorts of raptures will require different methods of canvas repair.

So, you need to sort out which type of rupture your tent got and then move on to the next process.

#2. Hole Sewing

When patching a tent, you must sew the holes in the patch entity. It will ensure that the hole is sewed closely with neat and short stokes of needles and thread.

It is also essential to be aware of the number of raptures on the tent fabric. The amount of fabric you are working with to cover the number of raptures is similarly crucial.

You should be mindful that different cloth materials will take different times for sewing, and it also depends on your practice.

The canvas is usually rigid materials, so taking some time to sew the holes is okay.

#3. Thorough Cleaning

When trying to patch your canvas tent, you must clean up the areas properly. It includes cleaning the main body of the tent, the zip-up opening, and the two bottom points.

It is also important to take care of the seams, which can be funnily one of the most difficult things.

#4. Making Patches

Now, depending on the number of patches you are going to do on your canvas tent, there are a few details to know:

A. How To Make The First Patch

This first patch is essential because it is the first step of the whole repairing canvas tent process.

So, you have to be precise, and you need to make sure that the patch is correct and of the right size.

Once you have your patch in place, it is ready for use.

B. How To Make A Second Patch

There are two ways to make a second patch. The first way is to use a needle and thread.

It means that you will be sewing through the bottom of the tent, not through its top.

Once you have that down, you can start sewing with thread. You will be working in the back row, which is where you will not have any success.

Instead, you want to start sewing on the sides, which will form the corner of the tent. Once you have got the main body of the tent sewn up, start sewing on the side seams.

You want to make sure that the seams are well sewn up so that there is no route to move the tent around when the wind blows.

C. How To Make A Third Patch

If you want to make a patch that will last, you have to be very skilled in “canvas tent patches” and go for the third patch.

In this process, it is important to re-attach the seams, as you can then make a new patch that will work with the existing material.

There are many ways to do this, and it takes some experience, but it is worth it.

#5. Cover The Tear

Any outside weather changes must be avoided to avoid further tearing after the tent is patched.

So, it is necessary to cover the patched area once the canvas has been sewed, joined with another piece.

However, to make that covering tears, it is recommended that you find a material identical to the tent or waterproof canvas.

The canvas used for the tent repair must fit over the hole to ensure a proper repair. When placing it on top of the sewed tear, you must ensure that the canvas piece is at least 1.5 inches beyond the tear outline.

Nevertheless, to cover the inside of the tent cut a similar amount of the patch material.

Proper Sealer Application

When patching a patch canvas tent, it is essential to do so with the proper sealer application.

The most important factor in the success of patch canvas tents is applying the sealer after the tent has been completed.

It will help to prevent fade, tear, and loss of fabric.

Patch A Canvas Tent Using Common Supplies

Some common supplies are needed to patch a canvas tent to ensure the patching is done correctly.

If the painting is done correctly using the suitable material, a canvas tent may last for a long time, even with the repaired tears.

The first and the foremost thing you need is a good pair of scissors. You also need to have a needle and heavy-duty thread to sew.

Also, you need a good canvas glow and waterproof canvas materials that will help you complete the batching correctly and efficiently.

When you are camping, you must make sure that you have these tools before leaving. You never know when you need to patch your tent.

Some Tips For Patching Correctly

There are many things you can do to do the work correctly when patching a canvas tent:

  • Make sure to get the right tools. There are tweezers, clamps, thread, needles, and other tools that can be used to fix patches.
  • Keep a patient mind and try many different ways until you figure.
  • Make sure you have a small group of friends who can help with everything.


A canvas tent is a once-in-a-lifetime investment for most of us as it lasts a very long time.

We hope that my guide on how to patch a canvas tent will help you fix the rapture in the canvas tent you have through patches.

So, what are you waiting for! Patch the tent you have, and take it to your next camping adventure.

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