Best 8 Person Tent For Your Next Adventurous Family Camping

Camping is an exciting way to bond with your friends and close ones.

Unfortunately, this bonding gets spoiled when everyone chooses to bring their own tent, leading to an unsocial event.

So, how can you save your trip from this social dilemma?

A single tent with plenty of space to hang out, like a 6-8 person tent, is what you’d need.

But as the tent market is oversaturated, finding the best 8 person tent became more challenging — enough to begin your headache.

Besides, it’s not about the size only. Camping can be wild sometimes in extreme seasons.

The danger of getting bitten by mosquitos and other dangerous insects is frightening too.

No worries! Whether you want to travel in a group, wish to be connected or share the cost, this guide will help you find the right group tent.

The following 5 tents come with high-quality tent shells that withstand wind, rain, and snow.

Also, they provide you with strong shelter against insects. Read on for more.

Best 8 Person Tent Review

Size, durability, and cost are the most important concerns when it comes to choosing a tent for camping.

I’ve discussed below why these five picks stand out in all aspects.

#1. Coleman 8 Person Tent For Wild Camping

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For camping and hiking trips of any length, this massive tent is a great option. It has a large and open interior with sufficient headroom.

This tent features a total of 170 square feet of space, which is large enough to accommodate everyone in your group.

There are 3 separate rooms for your campmates. So, you all get enough space for privacy, and in the meantime, you don’t get disconnected from each other.

The height of each room is 6 ft, which makes the tent suitable for average tall millennials and adults.

When planning a long family camping trip, you will need all the necessary survival gear and equipment.

With its several pockets for storage, that stress also gets solved. The rest you’ll have to do is enjoy the campsite views.

Its sturdy construction ensures that it will last through many adventures. This tent is a great choice whether you’re heading out for a weekend camping trip or an extended backpacking trip.

Coleman always promises its customers a step ahead and safety for inclement weather.

They introduced WeatherTec technology in this tent to meet that commitment, which is actually an all-weather proof system.

The triple-layered design ensures superior protection so that your stay inside remains comfortable and dry no matter what happens outside.

It features inverted seams and increased weather resistance, which helps hide any needle holes that may occur during your outing.

Additionally, the protected seams stop water from inflowing the tent and damaging your properties inside.

The welded floor is an important feature in this Coleman tent. The spec keeps the tent ground sturdy and saves it from splitting or tearing.

It also makes the tent more waterproof and easier to clean when wrapping things up.

The best part is it takes only a few minutes to get it ready. For an easy setup, the tent comes with color-coded poles and hubs.

You simply extend the tent poles and attach them to the hubs to complete the setup. No pump is required. Setup times are typically not more than 20-30 minutes.

You can easily carry it during hiking or camping because of its lightweight (21.5 lbs.) nature.

A sturdy design is vital for camping in windy weather, and it meets the aspect completely. The manufacturer has done a recent modification with this model.

This time it has been reworked with an improved frame that is even more wind-resistant than before.

There’s another Coleman tent model (Elite Montana) I reviewed in the later section. These two come in a similar price range, yet there’re differences between them.

First of all, this Coleman Canyon is much lighter weight than Elite, which makes it much easier to carry.

Also, it’s quite easy and quick to set up than the Elite tent; takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Both traits will make it handy when you’ve got a plan to tent in multiple places.

In the overall sense, this Coleman 8 person tent is a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

So, what are your thoughts about this round-shaped 3-season camping tent?

  • Have ample storage capacity for necessary gears.
  • The welded floor keeps gears dry even in rough weather
  • Highly recommended for lightweight design
  • Quite easy and quick to set up.
  • A sturdy and waterproof tent design supports 3 seasons.
  • Poles are not strong enough to hold in heavy wind
  • Unable to close the side windows


If you’re looking for a sturdy tenting solution that’s easy to set up and perfect for camping, the Coleman 8 person tent is a great option.

This 8 person tent got my attention because of its ample storage space, excellent ventilation, and premium quality design.

#2. Wenzel Klondike Tent With Expandable Rooms

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Wenzel is one of the most popular brands in the outdoor entertainment industry. It has a rich line of tents and tarpaulins globally.

If you’re looking for a tent that will help you sleep soundly in any weather, the Wenzel Klondike tent is a worthwhile choice.

Like other Klondike tents, this one is also made in the United States. Therefore, you can rest assured of getting a high-end tent.

Many campers get confused between this tent and the previously mentioned Coleman tent because they’ve almost similar design appearances.

But the characteristics that make it better than Coleman are – that it’s made of high-quality materials and comes with an impressive set of features, such as an advanced rain fly and internal storage pockets.

As well, Wenzel Klondike is the only 8 person tent in this review that comes with a convertible room feature, which gives access to more space. You can keep it open or closed as per your preference.

This lightweight and durable tent is made from strong mesh fabric, ensuring maximum ventilation and plenty of sunshine.

It also features a shock-corded fiberglass roof designed to keep you dry in any weather condition, as well as good steel support that ensures stability and longevity.

With its low-price tag, this tent is perfect for anyone on a budget.

As plenty of interior space is there, you’ll be able to stay comfortable with your partners all summer long.

The 98 square feet of the spacious interior includes a sleeping area that can hold a queen-sized bed and two full-size beds that can be divided into separate rooms.

This tent boasts a whopping 6.5 feet of headroom, meaning you’ll have sufficient space to stretch out.

And if you want even more space, simply unzip the side panels and expand the tent’s footprint by an additional 2.5 ft.!

It includes two large doors that open up to a large deck area with seating and views of the surrounding wilderness.

The tent is suitable for any big family adventure combined with all of this versatility!

This tent can resist heavy rain, which makes it inevitable if you want to take the camping experience up a notch.

It has a water-resistant construction to handle wet environments without any issue.

Wenzel expertly double-stitched and lap-felled the seams to enhance the sturdiness and durability of the garment.

It’s able to withstand temperatures ranging from 18 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a viable tent for three-season family camping trips.

  • Expandable size to access more space
  • USA-made brand signs premium quality
  • Double-stitched materials give safety against bugs
  • High-end mesh fabric supports all-weather camping
  • The lightweight design makes it an effortless choice
  • Can’t withstand heavy wind weather
  • No tiebacks available for flaps and windows


Searching for a tent that can also serve as a convertible screen room?

It’s perfect for family camping or convertible use and can easily accommodate up to 8 people.

#3. Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent

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For those who love camping but find that their space is limited, the Coleman Elite Montana tent is a great option.

The design ensures you get large enough room to spread out with your friends and get the necessary ventilation to make hot summer camping easy.

It has a large floor area of 112 square ft., which can accommodate up to 8 (adults and kids) people.

There’s an additional space as well to store your equipment if necessary. You can add up to three queen-sized air beds easily inside the tent.

Some customers, especially the tall folks, criticized the previously mentioned Coleman model because of the shorter height. The company improvised that trait in this model and gave it a 6.2 ft. long form factor from the center.

This Elite – again – gets my appreciation because of its expandable bag, which is missing in their previous model.

It also has a larger floor space than the other Coleman. Another reason you may find it better is its electrical outlet support – a very user-friendly move by the brand.

It also has an extended door awning, making it easier for you to get in and out. The Montana tent weighs only 24.5 lbs. – so it’s decent for those who want an easily transportable option.

Coleman made this tent with waterproof and Polyguard fabric. The tent also includes a rainfly that provides extra coverage.

When raining outside, the rainfly (followed by the WeatherTec technology), welded flooring, and inverted seams together keep you dry and comfortable.

In the meantime, this tent has angled windows. You can keep them open during a rainstorm. The design helps prevent the water from coming in yet lets the airflow inside.

Its snag-free pole sleeve is made of strong, durable material and allows you to set up the tent easily. The rip strip makes it effortless to store everything away neatly when you’re ready to pack up camp.

A strong pole holder is a must to keep your tent or tarp from blowing away. Coleman introduced their patented pin and ring system that secures your poles to your tent, and these come inside the package.

Camping is a great way to go out and experience nature, but it can be frustrating if you don’t have access to electricity or if you need to bring your own gear. The Coleman tent E-Port solves both of these problems!

A compact electrical outlet allows you to plug any electronic device, including laptops and cell phones, inside your tent without carrying extra batteries.

As it’s powered from the stock batteries equipped inside the tent, there’s no need for an external power source too.

  • An electrical outlet system makes camping more convenient
  • Easy to set up with color-coded poles, even in the dark
  • The innovative design keeps water out during the rainfall
  • Handy storage pockets to stay organized in the wild
  • Extended tent height for comfortable move inside the tent
  • Attachments for the lines aren’t elastic enough
  • Tiny sized stakes tend to slip out over time


For people who’re looking for a stock power supply system with batteries in their tent, this Elite Montana tent is the right solution.

However, the feature also makes it a bit hefty, making it unsuitable for campers with carrying issues.

#4. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

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Kodiak Canvas tent is made with Hydra-Shield fabric that’s waterproof and breathable.

Since it’s water and tear-resistant, you can camp in both rainy and humid conditions. Also, the tent has a very durable Flex-Bow frame, which makes it taut in all seasons.

For tenting in hot areas like Playa or Burning Man, it seems to be okay, though don’t expect the airflow as you experience inside a non-canvas tent.

But the bad news is it’s not quite resistible for extreme snow mountaineering.

Don’t limit your tent to only outdoor adventures. You can also turn it into a hangout station when hosting a party in your backyard.

Its 140 square ft. of floor area is big enough to invite your friends or guests and enjoy the evening together.

However, if you want lots of space per person then it will be a perfect tent for 6 people.

The ceiling height is 6.6 ft., which gives you plenty of headroom too.

A few more exclusive features make it stand out from the rest of the tents on the market.

For example, the Kodiak Canvas tent has two front and back zippered doors to easily enter and exit the tent.

The #10 coil zippers with doors are strong and will keep your belongings safe. So, you don’t need to care about rain or other weather conditions affecting your camping equipment.

It also includes two storage pockets, allowing you to keep your stuff organized while camping.

There is a Vinyl groundsheet included. You can use it to clean and keep your space look neat and tidy.

Additionally, the Kodiak Canvas tent has an attached porch area that makes it suitable for cooking meals inside or setting up another sleeping bed.

The only notable thing that can be a concern is the heavyweight of this tent, around 85 lbs.

Ramblers who shift their camp place often during single-tracking might not be a convenient choice to maneuver.

However, the one-person setup system is equally appreciated.

For people who’re looking for a premium tent, both Kodiak and Eureka camping tents are preferable.

But I prefer the Kodiak because of its extremely durable craftsmanship.

The canvas is made of  Cotton Duck fabric. Unlike Eureka, it’s durable and washable, yet you don’t have to worry about fading the color.

Another key difference in both tents is that Kodiak is a freestanding tent, which means it doesn’t require any stake over to hold its shape even in the windy weather.

This feature has made it far more convenient to set up than the Eureka.

If you don’t care about money, only the nostalgic camping experience adds value to you; this classy tent may make you biased to give it a second thought.

  • Rock-solid like a frame to survive in extreme season
  • Maintains tolerable temperature and proper airflow
  • Comfortable flooring material with adequate tent height
  • The watertight fabric keeps campers and gears safe
  • A one-person installation system for effortless setup
  • The very hefty tent can become annoying to maneuver
  • A bit pricey compared to other China made products


Kodiak Canvas tent is suitable for campers who’re looking for something that can resist harsh weather in all four seasons.

Not an appropriate fit if you’re seeking a lightweight tent.

#5. Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Camping Tent

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In 1895, Eureka became a reliable brand to adventurous campers worldwide within the first decade of its inception.

They’ve got an extensive line of camping gear like high-quality cabin tents, sleeping bags, camp cookers, and many more.

Buying this massive tent doesn’t only mean you’re getting a regular camping tent. Rather you bring home a century of innovation, improvisation of craftsmanship.

Despite the fact that this Eureka tent lacks the advanced craftsmanship that above mentioned Kodiak Canvas offers, still, it’s a better choice for a larger accommodation capacity.

Again for its 7 ft. full peak height (whereas Eureka has a 6.6ft. ceiling height), you get more flexibility inside the tent than Eureka tent.

It’s an utmost advantage if you have a taller camper in the group.

Moreover, unlike the Eureka, this Kodiak features more windows and larger access doors.

These’re quite essential when camping in a large group. No one needs to bother other mates when getting out or in.

If you’re looking for an affordable, robust tent that can handle a variety of conditions, you should pay attention to this Eureka tent.

Made out of steel and fiberglass, this model features a longer fly coverage than other cabin tents on the market, and it’s also weather resistant.

This 130-square ft. tent is a fitting answer to your camping needs.

It has a full standing height of 7 feet; this tent will provide enough space for all of your friends while camping or car camping.

It’s smartly designed with pole sleeves and corner hubs for 2 people setup. You’ll find it simple and quick to set up.

Sometimes, it’s required to have privacy between you and your camp pals when camping.

This model includes an extra divider curtain that separates the large tent into two partitions to ensure everyone has their own space.

Along with the sleeping space, it has ample pockets for storing everyone’s stuff separately on the bedding side.

You can also use the hammock to store heavy gears.

For a wildlife group of campers, it can’t be easy to get enough space when everyone’s lying on queen air mattresses inside the tent. With this unique craftsmanship, you won’t face this issue.

There’re steep walls that allow you to create additional standing space making it easier to move around inside the tent.

The tent provides a proper breathing experience because of the large mesh surrounding the windows.

It’s a must, especially when you’re camping during hot summer.

As the window fabric is waterproof too, you don’t experience any water leakage in the rainy season – nothing can stop you from enjoying the landscape.

Still, there’s a drawback. You might have to face enough stress to carry this 33 lbs. of weight.

If ignoring its heavyweight, the tent covers all the standards to be a deserving part of some amazing camp memories.

So, what’re you calling on this tent?

  • The all-weather design ensures full safety for campers
  • Extended fly coverage lets enjoy close views in bad weather
  • Steep wall craft provides more comfort to insiders
  • Curtain partition system to get privacy
  • Sufficient storage capacity for equipment
  • The hefty trait causes displeasure while shifting camp to places
  • No tarp material is used in the floor area


Copper Canyon LX tent is a great choice for multi-family campers who want partitions inside the tent to get privacy during the night.

Not recommended if tarp material is your priority.

#6. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

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With a simple and great motto of the betterment of your camping experience, Core is a pioneer manufacturer of instant and traditional tents, camping chairs, lanterns, canopies, sleeping bags, and many more.

Having this dome-shaped tent from Core, you won’t have to worry about space at all.

The tent is roomy and will easily accommodate your group of 8 members and your camping gear.

With a huge area dimension of 16’x9′, the entire tent can fit 9 sleeping bags with a moderate amount of luggage when the situation is tight.

Its center height is 72″, which allows you to stand and conveniently move around inside the tent.

Durability shouldn’t be an issue while using this tent. The tent body is made of hydrostatic 68D polyester fabric that comes with good water resistance and a robust build.

115 GSM (polyethylene) made floor is also durable and water-resistant.

A big camping group probably will have a good amount of luggage, and a heavy tent in that situation will be like adding salt to injury.

In this tent’s case, you won’t have to worry about that either.

Weighing 9.4 kg, the tent is exceptionally lightweight than Eureka, Kodiak Canvas, and many other tents in this list.

Even the Coleman 8-person weighs only 9.7 kg (21.5 lbs), and is slightly heavier than this one.

The complementary 21 tent stakes are made of steel, allowing them to be robust yet lightweight.

Although the tent is light and easy to carry in that sense, the carry bag is a bit small for fitting the tent back in, which can be a setback in certain situations.

Stargazers would adore this tent for the view it begets through the open mesh ceiling.

If you’re a stargazer, you should keep in mind that instant pop-up tents like the Coleman one in this list often don’t come with open mesh ceilings.

But if it rains?

Don’t be tensed; to save you from rain, the packaging includes a rainfly.

When it rains, the H2O block technology equipped seams that are heat-sealed from the rainfly down to the floor, stop water from coming in and give you excellent protection against wind and rain.

A minor problem the rainfly cause is restricting the airflow, which makes the interior suffocate to an extent.

Except for that situation, the large mesh ceiling, two mesh windows, one of which is a part of the front door, and the advanced vents at the bottom side of the tent enable great air ventilation and keep the interior cool and fresh.

Unlike Coleman, Wenzel Klondike tents, which have multiple separable rooms, this tent has no option for room separation, the whole tent is one big room.

So, if sudden alone time is needed from your group, it’s not possible inside the tent.

Despite being large in size, the tent is easy to set up and probably won’t take more than 15 minutes, even if you’re setting it up alone.

  • Spacious and can accommodate up to 9 people
  • Excellent protection from strong wind and heavy rain
  • Very good air circulation enabled inside the tent
  • Made of highly durable and water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Provides a rainfly, steel stakes, and guy lines
  • E-port allows access to power inside the tent
  • Limited airflow with rainfly
  • No option for separate rooms


It’s a great choice for family outings in summer. Heavy rain won’t be able to interfere with your quality time.

Not recommended if privacy from your group is a priority.

#7. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

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With its versatile, tech-aggressive, and quality collection of products, Browning is a reliable brand to its customers.

The tent is comfortably spacious for 8 people to sleep in. With a huge area dimension of 15’x10’, this tent triumphs over Core, Coleman instant, Eureka, and many other tents from this list.

You can stand and walk around freely because of the high center height of 87”. The side walls are standing straight providing more space throughout the tent.

Straight sidewalls and the great center height provide an exceptional amount of headroom.

Regarding space and headroom, this tent undoubtedly beats other tents on the list.

Use that space advantage to store more gears or to set a cot inside the tent conveniently.

If you need privacy or prefer a small crowd, the tent provides you with two rooms which are separated by a divider wall.

Want to lie down and enjoy the stars in the woods? The bugs will never let that happen.

But due to the full open mesh huge ceiling, you can enjoy bug-free stargazing from any corner of the tent as much as you want.

Open mesh ceiling along with 6 huge windows and two doorways allow excellent air circulation inside the tent to keep you cool and fresh.

A 185T polyester fabric made rainfly is provided with the tent that’ll protect you both from burning sun and heavy rain.

With the factory sealed seams, durable, and water-resistant polyester fabric body, thick-coated polyester floor along with the help of the rainfly, the tent can keep you safe even in harsh stormy weather.

During heavy rain, water might pool under your tent floor and make it damp, so I will recommend you set a footprint or tarp under the tent to avoid this discomfort.

Steel upright and fiberglass tent poles provide the tent exceptional strength to hold its ground against strong wind.

For additional support, robust steel hook stakes and wind ropes are given along with the tent.

The affordable tent comes in a nylon carry bag to carry it around conveniently.

Along with the rainfly and other accessories, the total package weighs 17.4 kg, which is comparatively heavier than Coleman 8-person, Core and NT Arizona tents; but is lighter than Coleman instant, Eureka and Kodiak Canvas.

Although it is possible to set this tent up alone, it might be a hassle.

I’d suggest you take a companion to put the tent up with you if you don’t want to get tired and go in a bad mood at the very beginning of your camping.

For two people, the tent is really easy to set up.

  • Very roomy for 8 people
  • Straight sidewalls increase space for cots and gears
  • Durable and water-resistant polyester made body
  • Exceptional protection against harsh stormy weather
  • Protection from bugs without giving up good air-circulation
  • Steel upright provides great strength to withstand strong wind
  • Zipper quality isn’t up to the mark
  • The floor gets damp in heavy rainfall


If you prefer a small crowd in a room or need privacy from your group, this tent is a great choice to go summer camping with.

This will reliably keep your friends and family safe in bad weather.

#8. Coleman 8 Person Instant Family Tent

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For your different outdoor venture needs, Coleman is a reliable brand that sells quality camping tents, portable coolers, camping lanterns, sleeping bags, and many more.

This instant tent from Coleman can be set up within 60 seconds by one person.

Most of the tents from this list like Core, Eureka, NTK Arizona are conventional tents that require 5-15 minutes set up time.

If you’re tired of conventional tent pitching that takes 15-20 minutes of your quality time from the very beginning, and leaves you in an exhausted and stingy mood, then this tent is perfect for you.

Pitch the large tent effortlessly in three easy steps, unpack and unfold it, extend the tucked-in poles and just secure them.

You can get your affordable tent ready in just under 60 seconds.

With an area dimension of 14’x10′, the tent can accommodate up to eight people easily with moderate gear in a tight situation.

But if you want to stretch out and need a comfortable amount of space for each person, this tent would be a little tight for 8 people.

In terms of space, this tent has enough, and it’s way more spacious than Kodiak Canvas or Coleman Elite Montana.

But if you need more space, I’d recommend you to check out Core, Browning, and Coleman 8-person.

Although you can walk around and stand inside the tent without any struggle as it has a center height of 79″.

The tent is made of water-resistant, lasting fabric. Water doesn’t pool under the tent or get in from below because of the thick-coated tub-like floor.

To keep you dry and safe, Coleman implements their patented Weathertec technology in this tent also.

The inverted and covered seams, welded corners, and covered zippers keep the tent’s interior dry during rain.

Also, for further protection, a rainfly is integrated into the tent body, so you won’t have to face the hassle of pitching one.

The tent is also equipped with sun-blocking dark room technology that protects you from UV rays and keeps the interior cool by not letting the temperature build-up in an unbearably hot sunny day.

The tent doesn’t have an option for separate rooms, unfortunately. 2 large windows and 4 doorways provide excellent air circulation inside the tent.

But as the windows aren’t meshed, I would advise you to keep them close at night to be safe from bugs and mosquitos.

No open mesh ceiling is available, which makes this a bad choice for stargazers.

The tent also comes equipped with mesh pockets to store your small gears and essentials together.

A carry bag is provided to effortlessly carry the tent around. The tent weighs 18.3 kg, which is comparatively heavier than Core, Coleman 8-person, and Coleman Elite Montana.

Although the tent’s a bit heavier, the time-saving setup and spaciousness make it a better choice than Elite Montana.

And it’s also a lot lighter than Kodiak Canvas and Eureka.

  • Instant and effortless setup under 60 seconds with the pre-attached poles
  • Welded corners, inverted seams, and covered zippers stop water from getting inside
  • The integrated rainfly provides good protection against stormy weather
  • Equipped with darkroom technology for UV protection and cool interior
  • Tub like floor prevents water from pooling under the tent
  • A good number of doors and windows provide excellent air circulation
  • Slightly tight for 8 people to stay comfortably
  • No open mesh ceiling to enjoy the view


It’s a great pick for camping in the sunny summer. It will keep your friends and family safe from both extreme heat and stormy weather.

But not recommended if stargazing is a priority.

#9. NTK Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent

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A reliable name in the business of outdoor venture commodities, NTK, has the sole goal of giving you a safe and comfortable experience in the great outdoors.

They sell quality camping tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and many other goods necessary for camping.

The manufacturer claims the tent to be for sleeping 9 to 10 people, and that’s not a false claim.

It does have a large area dimension of 17.4′ x 8′, and yeah, 10 asleep people can fit in there, but staying inside altogether while awake and being comfortable is too much to ask.

Compared to the other best 8 person tents on this list, this tent is decently spacious.

Elite Montana, Eureka, Wenzel Klondike – these tents are significantly tighter than this NTK one.

But again, this tent itself is significantly tighter than Coleman’s 8-person one.

For eight people, the tent feels enough roomy and comfortable. The 6.7′ center height is good for standing and moving around in the tent freely.

This tent doesn’t have an open mesh ceiling which makes it a bad choice for people who like to enjoy night sky view, which is also the same case with Coleman instant tent.

Unlike the tent from Core which has no separable room at all, a detachable divider wall in this tent lets you have two separate rooms whenever you need them.

The tent comes with 3 ultra-thin no-see micro mesh windows and 2 large D-shaped mesh doorways, which enable great air ventilation inside the tent and keeps it cool and cozy.

Micromesh windows and vents keep you safe from mosquitos and other bugs without giving up the breathable fresh air.

Having fiberglass poles and a 190T polyester micro net fabric body, the tent is sturdy against strong wind.

A heavy-duty 2500 mm thick polyurethane full covering rainfly that comes with the packaging will keep the inside of your tent dry on a rainy day.

The heat-welded seams prevent leakage from rain.

Don’t worry about the hassle of carrying this tent around as it is comparatively lightweight, only 12 kgs, and a nice, zipped bag is provided for you to carry the tent with convenience.

Water puddling under the tent while raining can be a severe problem for tent dwellers.

This tent’s bathtub-like floor made of seamless polyethylene doesn’t let water puddle under the tent and keeps itself dry during rain.

The inner part of the tent only requires 2 poles, and the awning requires one small pole to set the tent up.

With color-coded poles, 2 people will be able to set up the tent effortlessly.

One problem the tent face is the window flaps can only be accessed from outside.

And without a rainfly, anyone can look into the tent through the open window.

The tent is not designed to withstand cold winter nights but can keep you warm in moderately cold weather.

  • Spacious and comfortable for 8 people to stay in
  • Detachable room divider for two separate rooms
  • Made of durable and well-ventilating polyester fabric
  • Tub like floor prevents water from puddling under the tent during rain
  • Heavy-duty rainfly to protect from rain and stormy weather
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to set up with 2 people
  • Windows can only be accessed from the outside
  • No mesh ceiling


If you want a long-lasting and spacious tent that’ll provide you with top-notch protection in harsh stormy weather, this tent is the one for you.

It’s not a preferable option for using on cold winter nights.

#10. Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

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With its tech-aggressive quality products, Teton Sports is an eminent name to outdoor enthusiasts.

Meeting your camping needs while giving you an amazing and hassle-free outdoor experience is Teton Sports’ sole target.

This tent is spacious enough to accommodate up to 10 people, but 8 people can stay in it comfortably as well.

It has a huge circular area dimension of 12′ x12′ with a great center height of 8’2”. Stay and move around comfortably in the very roomy interior, even with exceptional amounts of gears stored.

Although this tent’s center height surpasses Browning’s center height, this one has less headroom because of the pointy shape and steeper roof.

Space and headroom-wise, the tent is better than many other tents on this list.

At least for the tent’s versatile usability, it should be a must-try for outdoor enthusiasts. Camping, backyard picnic, or any type of festivities, use the tent conveniently.

For different festivals or outdoor parties, you can turn the tent into an easy canopy.

The zipped part of the bottom completely comes off, making it a perfect and beautiful canopy.

No rainfly is provided with the tent as the manufacturer claims it isn’t necessary.

The tent is made of natural cotton fabric canvas with a waterproof coating to keep you and your gears dry on a rainy day.

Although the tent provides good protection against light rain, in heavy rain, it leaks.

The tent is well equipped for good protection in all seasons but not capable of facing extreme conditions of any season.

Carbon steel stakes are provided to hold your tent down in heavy stormy weather.

If you want better protection from rain and harsh weather, I’d suggest you use the Kodiak Canvas or the Core as they both provide excellent protection against harsh weather.

When it comes to air circulation, the tent has some gives and takes.

For utmost air circulation, detach the bottom zipped part and let the gentle breeze from the woods or mountains flow through your tent.

Though this sounds very lucrative, opening up a tent like this will make you prone to getting attacked by bugs and mosquitos.

If the bottom part is not detached, the large mesh door and 4 windows provide adequate ventilation inside the tent.

The mesh door is huge and wide, which not only lets you enjoy a great view from inside the tent but also allows you to store your gears and get them out of the tent effortlessly.

With easy access ports, easily provide power access inside your tent.

The tent package is comparatively heavier than some of the other tents on the list, weighing 25 kg including the tent stakes.

If you have carrying issues, you can choose a tent that is lighter like NTK Arizona, Core, or Coleman 8-person.

If you pack the stakes and the tent separately, it gets slightly convenient to carry them around.

Effortless to set up with 1 or 2 persons with a single center pole and metal locked wind ropes.

  • Exceptionally spacious for 8 people
  • The bottom zipped part completely comes off, turning it into a stylish canopy
  • Made of natural and long-lasting cotton canvas
  • No need to pitch extra rainfly due to the weatherproof canvas
  • Carbon steel stakes and wind ropes with metal locks are provided
  • Not very good protection against heavy rain


If you like to go on camping often and organize backyards picnics sometimes this camping tent which turns into a stylish canopy in need is exactly what you’re looking for.

What To Look For Before Buying A Tent?

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For outdoor enthusiasts, the tent is one of the topmost crucial matters to be careful about before going camping.

Camping with family and friends is a fun experience only if you’re equipped with the necessary precautions.

It’s uncertain when you’ll face a dire situation out in the woods or when the weather will get harsh.

So, before buying your camping tent, it is of utmost necessity that you be careful about the following points I’ll discuss.

Tent Capacity

Know your group size and buy your tent accordingly. When buying suitable tents according to the number of persons, don’t trust the manufacturer’s description right away.

Manufacturers often exaggerate their tent capacity. When they say the tent’s for 8 people, they mean the tent can somehow manage to sleep 8 people inside it.

For a comfortable stay, if you have 8 members on your camping team, look for a tent that says it is suitable for 10-12 people.

Again some 8 person tents are actually built to comfortably accommodate 8 persons, so check out the space yourself before buying.

Also, look out for center height and headroom as they are necessary for assessing cot setup, gear storage capability, etc.


Before buying a tent, look out for its seasonality. The seasonality of a tent indicates its ability to withstand dire weather situations in certain seasons.

There are 3 types of tents according to seasonality. 3 season tents, 3-4 season tents, and 4 season tents.

3 season tents are manufactured to go out on sunny summer days.

They are often lightweight and easy to carry, and also the most popular tents are often 3 season tents.

In summer, extreme weather situations mean it can either get very hot or stormy outside.

These tents are equipped with protection from extreme heat and also heavy rain.

To protect you from rain, manufacturers provide rainfly with the tent. Mesh doors and windows are also provided to keep you safe from summer bugs.

3-4 season tents are almost similar featured as 3 season tents. They are just a bit too sturdy so that they can withstand the light snowfall and cold of late autumn and autumn.

4 season tents are robust, heavy, and equipped to keep you safe on harsh winter nights.

These tents aren’t for conventional camping use. Rather, they are used by mountain climbers or people who live in cold areas for most of the year.

Think about it, for summer camping, you’d need to look for a tent that provides good air circulation, not the one that entraps heat to keep you warm.

So, it is essential to know about your tents’ seasonality features before buying.

Setup And Portability

A tent that is easy and hassle-free to pitch is always desirable. You don’t want to ruin your mood by wasting your quality camping time struggling with your tent.

Also, look for a tent that is lightweight or at least convenient to carry. Camping means a lot of gear and luggage.

A lightweight tent will lessen your hassle. But remember, quality and safety are always your first priority when choosing a tent to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which Camping Tent Is Good For 7 To 8 Persons?

Considering durability measures vs. price in the 7-8 person instant tent category, my vote goes to Coleman’s Elite Montana and the Canyon tent editions.

And if you’re looking for additional specs like convertible screen room, go for Wenzel Klondike 8 person tent.

I’ve shared my detailed findings of all of these tents above.

What Brands Of Family Camping Tents Are The Best?

I always prefer USA-made tents mostly for the brand reliability.

You get premium quality, maximum weather resistance, and all the necessary aspects for safe and comfortable camping.

On that note, Coleman, and Wenzel these two brands are the best for family camping tents.

What Is The Easiest 8 Person Tent To Set Up?

The easiest tent that you can set up alone is the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas tent.

It only takes around 10 minutes to set this up on your campground.

How Big Is An 8 Person Tent?

The size ratio of an 8 person tent differs from brand to brand, tent to tent.

However, you can get a floor area of 112 square ft. to 140 square ft.

In this segment. If talking about height, they may come with a 6ft. to 6.6 ft. distance from the center point of the tents.

Editor’s Verdict

In conclusion, when looking for the best 8 person tent, there are a few things to consider.

Make sure to find a tent that is big enough for your group. Also, consider how much weight and storage space the tent takes up.

Having a durable tent that can withstand harsh weather conditions is also a good trait.

Coleman tents are of real value if considering all these aspects. This post hopefully helped you to choose the right tent.

Let me know which one got your attention in the comment.

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