Best Tent Stakes For Rocky Ground | Top 7 Picks

When camping in hard surface zones like Moraine Park or Grand Canyon, you need heavy-duty tent stakes as most campgrounds have extremely windy conditions. 

The 7 best tent stakes for rocky ground I listed in this review are specifically designed for stony terrain. And these are trusted by thousands of campers and hunters around the globe because of 3 things. 

First, these have adequate length. Second, they’re easier to penetrate with a mallet or hammer. And most importantly, all stakes are built with high-grade materials so they can serve your lifelong camping trips. 

The best part is the listed stakes are produced by some of the leading camp accessories manufacturers, including MSR, Beefoor, Eurmax and iBasingo.

Features Comparison Between 7 Tent Stakes

Let’s glance at their features below.

Name Length Head Width Built Material Number Of Stakes
Eurmax Heavy Duty Pop Up Tent Stakes 10-inch 2-inch Galvanized Steel 10
Beefoor Heavy Duty Camping Tent Stakes 12-inch 0.4-inch S45C steel 8
MSR Cyclone Premium Camping Tent Stake 10-inch 0.59-inch 7000-series aluminium 4
MSR Core 4-Pack Tent Stake Kit 9.45-inch 0.39-inch 7000-series aluminium 4
Beefoor Heavy Duty and Budget-Friendly Tent Stakes 8-inch 1.5-inch S45C steel 8
RIY Heavy Duty Tent Pegs 12-inch 0.4-inch Metal and steel 4
iBasingo Ti1564I Outdoor Camping Awning Tent Stakes 9.45-inch 0.31-inch Titanium (99.8%) 6

7 Best Tent Stakes For Rocky Ground

That was the brief. Now let’s take a deeper look at their advantages and drawbacks.

#1. Eurmax Heavy Duty Pop Up Tent Stakes

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For more than a decade, Eurmax has been making canopies and other camping tools for campers and gardeners. The brand is one of the industry experts in making gears that are sturdy and long-lasting.

Although the Eurmax tent stakes are designed for large tents, you can use them for all types of tents, including marquees, pop-ups and portable shelters.

Eurmax tent stakes are made to last! When looking for a tent stake material, corrosion resistance is an important factor to consider.

All the Eurmax stakes are made with galvanized steel, and treated with a zinc coating that helps to protect the stakes from rust and corrosion.

They’re also tough enough to stay in the place against wind and rain, making them perfect for use in any weather condition.

Because of the pointed end, these can easily penetrate the ground, and the large head provides plenty of force for driving the stake or post. With the pointed tips, you can anchor tents, tarps, and other camping gear on any sort of ground.

Although this set and my next pick, Beefoor stakes come at an almost similar price, some additional features make Eurmax a better deal.

Unlike Beefoor stakes, they’ve got a larger head design, 2-inch wide. Therefore, these are a bit easier to anchor with a hammer.

Another good thing is you’ll get a free 10 Ft. long rope with this set. Each tent stake has a removable PVC stopper, sturdy enough to handle harsh uses.

The eyelets are placed strategically on the stopper so that a rope or cord can be threaded through them, and create a loop that can be easily attached to an anchor point. This gives you more flexibility and security when anchoring the tent in different locations.

There are 10 stakes in every set, while the price is still slightly lower than Beefoor stakes. So, it’s undoubtedly a better deal.

Not only for camping tents, but you can also use the set for multiple purpose. You can use it for patio, gardening, canopies and vice-versa.


  • Suitable for anchoring on any type of soil
  • Durable coating ensures they last long enough
  • Large heads make it easier to post in with a mallet
  • Built to survive in all weather conditions
  • Comes in with bonus rope and stopper


  • Mainly designed for larger tents
  • Plastic stoppers may not last enough like metal ones


If you’re looking for a high-quality tent stake that’ll provide you with the best support and stability for your tent, you’ll love the Eurmax heavy-duty tent stakes. These are not recommended for small tents.

#2. Beefoor Heavy Duty Camping Tent Stakes

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The company is well known for its extensive list of products from bike locks, tent rope, camping hammers, tent stakes, and many more.

I prefer using their stakes because of the heavy-duty build. These camping stakes are perfect for securing tents, tarps, and other gear while camping.

They are over 12 inches long; the diameter is suitable for securing pegs on hard ground or even tree branches. The width of the stakes is about 1.5 inches. Yes, it’s a little shorter than usual ones, but hopefully, it’ll do your work fine.

Additionally, their durability will ensure that your campsite remains secure no matter how rough the terrain is.

Each of the camping stakes is manufactured with high-end forged S45C steel. As a result, you won’t face any snapping and bending issues while anchoring. They also have a rust-resistant finish to last for a long time.

Beefoor made these stakes with a sharp endpoint design. The trait makes them ideal for holding down the stakes and securing tarps on the rocky surface. And because of the larger head design, you can easily penetrate these stakes with a hammer or mallet.

The camping stakes are different from the previously mentioned Eurmax stakes. Firstly, the head points are metal made, and these are wielded. There’s a less chance of bending heads, therefore. However, the full metal body will cost you a little more than the Eurmax stakes set.

And there are holes at the top of these stakes. The hole makes it easy to remove the stake afterwards without using a lot of force.

I also liked the strategic hook design at the head. Because of the approach, your stakes won’t go deep into the surface more than they should.

You get 8 parks in every package of Beefoor stakes. You’ll get a storage bag with the package also.

Remember a few things when setting up your Beefoor stakes. First, maintain a 60-degree angle while anchoring the stakes. Second, make sure the stake’s hook is facing the surface.

Finally, use a tight grip when tightening the stake into the ground. These simple tips will help keep them stay solid longer inside the ground.


  • Metallic wielded heads for surviving hammer actions
  • Features hook and hole design for easy pull out
  • Lengthier size helps keep them stable inside the ground
  • Rust-resistant finish to ensure longevity
  • Comes with a bag for storage


  • Has shorter head width than others
  • Requires lubricant after every use


For those looking for heavy-duty stakes for camping on the rocky ground, this Beefoor stake set is a great deal. However, I won’t recommend it because of the maintenance it requires after use.

#3. MSR Cyclone Premium Camping Tent Stake

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This company has been designing and manufacturing reliable gear for outdoor enthusiasts for over 50 years. Their products are known for their quality construction and dependability in the backcountry. MSR’s line of products includes tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, stoves, and more.

The MSR Cyclone premium tent stakes provide a complete solution for securing your tent on hard surfaces. This tent stake set is ideal for use with tarps and large shelters on windy days.

What makes this camping stake different from MSR Core stakes (listed in the next section) is its unique spiral design, which’s more like the design you see in drill machine bits.

Because of that, the tent stakes get higher traction to the ground than the MSR Core edition of stakes. No doubt, the design gives you a great advantage on rocky ground. Besides, this concentrated craftsmanship of these stakes makes them perfect for anchoring in the wet or soft ground too.

MSR stakes have a 9.45-inch length and sharp points that create a solid anchor point. The blunted profile keeps it from poking through tarps in the extreme environment.

If discussing durability measures, the camping tent stakes are made of 7000-series aluminium. These feature a tough, corrosion-resistant finish that’ll last for years. All stakes are lightweight too.

The stakes also include a built-in loop that allows attaching stakes with your tent rope. Because of the loop, you can also pull out the stakes easily when packing up your tent.

During pitching your MSR Cyclone stakes, place one stake in the ground at each tent corner. Ensure the stake is tight against the ground and perpendicular to the tent seam.

Cross the remaining stakes in between the corners of the tent to create an “X” formation. That’ll help keep the tent in place during windy conditions.

Each MSR Cyclone set includes 4 stakes, whereas others come with 8-10 stakes. It might be a drawback for those who’ve more tent legs. Besides, the price is higher than typical tent stakes for rocky ground.


  • Built from premium-grade aluminium
  • Can resist rust and corrosion
  • Adequate length to go deeper in the ground
  • Provides higher traction than average stakes
  • Suitable for tenting on soft, wet, and rocky grounds


  • Has a less number of stakes
  • Offered with a premium price tag


The tent stakes are good for anyone who wants high-quality tent stakes. I won’t recommend it if you’ve got a budget issue.

#4. MSR Core 4-Pack Tent Stake Kit

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It’s the smallest series of tent stakes manufactured by MSR. They made these tent stakes with a mindset to provide more flexibility to campers. The core priority is manufacturing a straightforward and lightweight tent stake so that you can anchor your tent right away.

It has a pivoting design similar to wall or ground spikes that are used in construction. You just need to place the stakes in the right manner, and do some hammer actions to settle these firmly inside the ground.

Plus, the stakes are made from durable materials, so you can be rest assured that they’ll last many camping trips.

The Core stakes are engineered for mainly use on hard ground. Because of the smooth design between the head to bottom, it may not anchor well on the soft surface.

MSR constructed these stakes from hard-anodized aluminum with a diamond-shaped end that grips the soil well yet flexible and can be bent to conform to the ground.

There’s a small hole at the top of each stake that you can use to attach it to another object. There’s a loop already created by the brand for your convenience. You can easily pull out the spikes using the loop.

However, if the stock loop gets worn, you can use this hole to create another. And then, you can connect the loop with a rope to keep your tent solid on the ground.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the stakes are smaller than the MSR Cyclone series of stakes. They’ve a length of 9.06-inch. The width of the head is also smaller than Cyclone stakes. It sizes only 0.39-inch.

Because of its higher-grade 7075 aluminum build, it’ll cost you more than Cyclone stakes. And just like the Cyclone model, this MSR series set also has four stakes in every pack.

Some may consider the low quantity a drawback, but I believe it’s worthy as the built quality you’ll see in these is rare in typical budget tent stakes.


  • Rugged built quality to survive in all weather conditions
  • Ensures solid holding power on rocky grounds
  • Penetrates through hard surfaces easily
  • Added with reflective loops for pulling convenience
  • Adequate length ensures the stakes go deeper into the grounds


  • Offered at a very high price
  • Has a shorter head width


These MSR Core series of stakes are great if considering durability and built quality. However, the set is not suitable for everyone because of the high price tag.

#5. Beefoor Heavy Duty And Budget-Friendly Tent Stakes Camping

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If you’re on a tight budget, Beefoor camping tent stakes are a great option. These stakes are heavy duty and affordable, making them perfect for camping trips of any length.

For tents and other small recreational shelters, these stakes can provide necessary holding support. Whether you want to use them in rugged terrains or soft ones, these stakes can stay solid, and stand up to a lot of abuse.

The stakes are made from durable S45C steel. It’s a high-quality steel grade that’s completely free from snapping and bending problems. So, they’ll last for years.

They’re also coated with an anti-rust black color finish to keep them looking new. And, because they’re heavy-duty, these stakes are great for use in the wildest conditions. However, just like other Beefoor stakes, you’ve to clean and lubricate these stakes after use. Otherwise, you may witness corrosion.

Beefoor used their common hook design trend in this stake set also. Because of the top hook, the stakes can’t go deeper than they should. Also, there are holes on the head of every stake. These holes allow you to pull them out from the ground afterwards easily.

The Beefoor tent stakes are about 8 inches long, and the width is about 0.4 inches. They’re designed to provide extra length so that your tent can be anchored at an optimal height.

These stakes come in a pack of 8, and are ideal for use with tents that’ve a footprint of up to 18 square feet.

Compared with other tent stakes on this list, the RIY tent stakes have the closest features to this Beefoor series. The core difference between both stakes is the head design.

Beefoor tent stake has a comparably larger head, making it easier when posting with mallet or hammer. Besides, the hole spot is parallel to the head in these tent spikes where RIY stakes have a 90-degree placement of the hole.

It’s one of the most purchased tent stakes online with a good rating. So, there’s no doubt about the reliability. You can use these stakes for tent camping, car camping, backyard shelter for gatherings, etc.


  • High-quality built material ensures durable performance
  • Goes deep enough into the ground
  • All stakes are rust and weather-resistant
  • Reliable design ensures they last for many years
  • Suitable for car camping, backyard gatherings, and more
  • Can be used in windy and rainy conditions


  • Will begin to rust if they’re not cleaned properly
  • Mainly for smaller to medium-sized tents


The stakes are a good choice for campers who want solid posting for their tent in windy conditions and save money at the same time. Try other options listed in this review if you’re not comfortable with lubricating every time after using.

#6. RIY Heavy Duty Tent Pegs For Camping

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The brand is quite well known for its affordable camping accessories while not compromising the quality. These tent pegs are not so different also. Before digging deep into the features, I should mention two reasons why should you get it for your next trip.

Firstly, no other stakes can defeat it if considering the strength. As RIY said in their advertisements, these are really sturdy enough and specifically designed for rocky ground. You may break the stony surface, but these won’t get bent!

The reason behind this is its composite built metal steel. It may weigh more than others but won’t break against harsh uses. However, the metal mix may cause early rust if the black coating peels off.

Aside from the durability, another advantage you’ll get is the size. These tent spikes have a 12-inch of length. The length is evident for a larger tent, especially when you camp in extreme weather conditions.

If considering the holding power, the RIY stakes provide satisfactory results too. They stay firmly to the ground.

RIY also added larger heads in these spikes to make hammering convenient and avoid slipping accidents. You’ll see a hole for attaching loops or rope to your tent on the head of these tent spikes.

Unlike Beefoor stakes, these tent pegs have a unique hook and hole design. These are positioned on a straight angled welded plate. Now, this has a great advantage.

Because of the design, it’ll have more control over the tent rope no matter whether the surface is soft, wet or hard.

Another good aspect of these stakes is they’ve sharp nails that make posting the pegs into the rocky ground faster than Beefoor stakes.

If discussing drawbacks, the stakes are slightly heftier than other stakes because of the metal construction. The spike pack only have four stakes. So, you won’t have spares. I suggest buying 2 sets as the price is reasonable.


  • Indestructible design can handle a lot of abuse
  • Comes with a larger head to make it easier to post
  • Sharp nails make the anchoring effortless
  • Lengthier size for deeper penetration
  • Suitable for larger tents and windy weather


  • Weighs little more than typical tent stakes
  • Doesn’t include spare tent pegs


It’s highly recommended for anyone looking for cost-efficient tent stakes for camping. I won’t suggest buying this if weight is a serious concern.

#7. iBasingo Ti1564I Outdoor Camping Awning Tent Stakes

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Although I usually finish my reviews with the least expensive option, I’m doing the opposite in this review. If you don’t have any issues with budget and want premium quality stakes set for rocky ground, there’s no better alternative than this iBasingo Ti15641.

The design of these stakes is quite similar to the RIY stakes except its silver color. But other than that, what makes these stakes set better than RIY stakes is the build quality.

iBasingo tent stakes are the only ones on the list that’s built with titanium. Having this built material is a great advantage if considering durability and sturdiness. Firstly, titanium-made stakes are 45% lighter yet stronger than steel tent stakes. Even these stakes are 2x stronger than aluminium-made stakes.

The 8mm stakes can penetrate against the strongest camping ground. Because of the built material, you won’t face any issues regarding corrosion and rust.

Also, these stakes have extreme resistance against high and low temperatures. So, be confident when picking your next camping spot.

The stakes are actually a lifetime investment. Whatever the weather condition is, these stakes commit to last lifelong camping trips.

Unlike RIY stakes, these are added with a reflective pulling cord on the head, making them easier to remove when wrapping up your tent. There are six pieces of tent stakes in every package. So, you’ll always have spares.

Each of the tent stakes has 24 cm or 9.45-inch in length. The size ensures perfect digging for most sizes of camping tents.


  • Built with titanium to last decades
  • Lightweight design than steal made stakes
  • Can resist rust, corrosion and extreme temperature
  • Equipped with cord for easier pulling out action
  • Secures tents in all-weather condition
  • Good fits for rocky ground tent posting


  • Can’t hold strong in soft and wet soil
  • A high price tag is not suitable for everyone


This iBasingo tent stake set is the perfect choice for people who camp on extreme landscapes or mountains where the temperature is inconvenient. I won’t suggest this because of the low holding power on soft ground.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Camping can be a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, but it can also be difficult if you don’t have the right gear. Here is a buying guide for tent stakes to help you choose the right ones for your needs.

The Type Of Stake You Need

There are different types of tent stakes available, including ground stakes, tree stakes, and pole stakes. Some may’ve multipurpose usability meaning you can use one for different surfaces. Depending on your preference, you can choose any of them.

How Many Stakes Do You Need?

The second factor you should consider is the number of stakes you’ll need for camping. It actually depends on your tent type.

Check out the number of your tent legs and choose a stake set that comes with enough pieces for your tent. However, it’s always better to have some spare stakes in case of emergency.

Length Of The Stakes

The most important factor to consider when choosing stakes is the diameter of the stakes.

If you’re camping on rocky outdoor where the extreme wind is always present, you’ll need stakes that can hold the tent properly. And the longer the stakes are, the deeper they can anchor in the ground.

Hence, it’s wise to buy long tent stakes. A longer stake can penetrate deeper through the ground.

The good size of tent stakes for the rocky ground range between 8-inch to 12-inch minimum. You can add good support for smaller to large tents with this size of stakes.

Stake Head

It’s not only the length; you should also measure the head width of the stakes. A larger head may increase the weight of the stakes, but it’ll also make them easier to post with hammering action. Usually, a good stake should’ve at least .35-inch of head width.

Another convenient stake feature is having a proper hook and hole design. A hook keeps your stakes from penetrating deeper into the ground than they should.

On the other hand, holes allow you to attach the tent rope securely with the stakes. Without holes, the knot may slip if the weather is windy.

Body Design

The design or shape is equally important in selecting the tent stakes. I prefer using tent stakes with a spiral design.

If your tent pegs or stakes have spiral craftsmanship, they can hold the surface better than those with a flat body. It doesn’t mean flat body stakes can’t perform well. They also have required holding power for rocky ground.

But the spiral design provides good support in soft or wet soil too. So, you don’t have to buy another set of stakes.

Some other factors to consider are whether the stake has a flat or pointed end and whether it has a screw cap. Some screws come loose over time, which can cause the stake to fall out of the ground. Therefore, choosing the wielded ones is better.

Built Material

Most camping stakes are made of cheap, low-quality materials that’ll quickly break. If you’re looking for a more durable stake option, consider upgrading to heavy-duty camping stakes made of high-quality forged S45C steel.

These stakes will last much longer and won’t easily break or bend in the wind. Also, steel made stakes have rust and corrosion-resistant support.

Although the titanium made tent stakes ensure maximum durability. But they cost higher than metal or steel ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Secure The Tent On Rocky Ground?

There’s actually no rule for this. Some campers secure tent pegs with additional rope knots connecting to their vehicle and the stakes. Also, some campers prefer to rope the stakes with stones.

How Do You Anchor A Tent To The Hard Ground?

Get a few tent stakes first. Then make a knot in the stake’s hole with your tent rope end. And lastly, use a hammer or mallet to post the stake to the ground at a required distance. When anchoring, make sure to keep a 60-degree angle of the stakes.

What Type Of Tent Stakes Are Best?

The ground stakes are considered the best because of their durability and multipurpose usability. You can use some ground stakes as tree stakes also.

How Do You Put Tent Stakes On Frozen Ground?

When camping on the frozen ground, you should use stakes that’ve a spiral or railing design on the body. The design allows them to hold the ground firmly.

Also, when anchoring in frozen areas, post the stakes at an 80 to 90-degree angle. In that way, they can go deeper through the ice and perhaps penetrate the soil if the ice level isn’t too high.

Are Titanium Tent Pegs Worth It?

Obviously, yes! Titanium tent pegs usually last longer than steel or metal made stakes. Because of their top-notch durability, you just need to spend once in a lifetime.

Editor’s Verdict

In conclusion, the best tent stakes for rocky ground should have a long and thin design that can easily penetrate the ground.

Having a sturdy build quality is necessary as you don’t want to buy stakes for every trip. They should also be lightweight, so they don’t add unnecessary weight to your backpack.

The Beefoor 12-inch tent stake set is the best deal for every travel enthusiast planning to camp on the hard surface, considering all of these aspects.

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