8 Best Tent For High Winds [Fight Against Heavy Storm]

Imagine wanting to camp on top of mountains but ending up spending the whole time in a motel because the weather acted up and your tent blew away.

As terrible as it sounds, it keeps happening with campers who just want to get away from the low-elevation crowd and immerse into the mile-high nature.

If you also have experienced something horrible like this, worry no more! Because we have discovered the best tent for high winds after extensive research.

Also, when you plan to gift your family a getaway in the wilderness, you must be careful and choose the ideal tent that offers comfort, ample space, storage, and the capacity to withstand any weather condition.

And in today’s list, we have included all types of these that cater to various purposes. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the review.

8 Best Tent For High Winds

We have delved deep into this matter and came across a plethora of camping tents for different circumstances.

Amongst all, we only picked the products that are ideally capable of holding up against windy situations along with additional features.

We narrowed down the long-extended list and ended up having the top 8 tents in 2022. Let’s wade through the review one by one.

#1. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL – Ultralight Backpacking Tent

At the top of the list, you have one of the best solo camping tents from Big Agnes with 2 person occupancy. This copper spur HV UL tent is strategically crafted for increased portability to make your camping journey easier.

The proprietary materials are tough yet lighter than most backpacking tents. Since it weighs only 1.22 kgs, you may underestimate it and take it as a poor-quality product while, in reality, it withstands any unforgiving weather conditions like a beast.

Moreover, the pre-bend span pole incorporating a 4-way hub design will maximize the overall stability, toughness, and shedding.

The ventilated construction offers improved airflow during summer and dwindles the condensation for optimal breathability and freshness.

Despite this tent being a 2-person tent, it still provides ample living space and a gear storage facility. Thanks to the awing-style vestibules with dual zippers that allow you to store your essentials and let you take shelter when it’s heavily raining outside.

Also, if the weather is stormy or snowy outside, the wind will bring in the rain or snow inside the tent. And to get past this problem, the double zipper feature will facilitate multiple access points.

So, you don’t have to stress over water or snow seeping inside. On top of that, you will have two doors with two vestibules to utilize for various needs.

Furthermore, you will have 3D bin pockets to keep your essentials or organize your gears without occupying your sleeping area or hindering your ability to walk freely.

  • The tent is supremely lightweight with high wind resistance
  • Two vestibules with dual zipper and two separate doors
  • Includes media pockets
  • It can be installed solo
  • Deals with abrupt temperature transitions
  • It could be more spacious


A high-quality, high-wind resistant tent that is ideally durable, lightweight, and easy to put together when you are traveling solo or taking your partner with you.

#2. Coleman Sundome Tent

Perhaps, the drizzly and windy weather is stopping you from planning a summer getaway.

Worry no more!

This Sundome tent from Coleman will help you reconnect with nature this holiday season.

It comes with every tool needed for the overall assembly, and with little to no help, you can install it within 10 minutes. Despite the competitive price range, the construction quality is top-notch and built-to-last.

For any weather condition, be it scorching hot summer or windy, rainy nights, your tent will stick to the ground and offer you a convenient lounging space.

First thing first, the tent is water-repelling, and the welded corners and inverted joints prevent the water from leaking inside.

On top of that, the durable rainfly incorporates a door awning that ensures blocking the rain from getting inside, and when you no longer need it, you can remove the rainfly and enjoy the summer sky aesthetics.

Besides, the large screen panels on the ceiling give you a full, scenic view when the rainfly isn’t on.

Now, there are also extra-large windows and a floor vent for hot air evacuation and preventing stuffiness.

You can accommodate one queen-size air mattress that can be collapsed when not in use, and the extra space with 48 inches center height will provide you enough headroom to wander around.

Often tents with superior ventilation facilities don’t perform well against windy weather if the foundation isn’t solid enough.

However, this one is engineered with the insta-clip pole that resists 35+mph wind and the double-layer ultra-thick fabric that keeps the tent intact, season after season.

Also, before taking a final decision, read the article on Coleman Sundome vs Skydome.

  • Ideal for car campers and solo travelers
  • WeatherTec technology offers unparalleled protection
  • Features an E-port to access electricity inside the tent
  • Easy to install and carry, the dome structure
  • Includes interior gear pockets
  • No tent footprint


Indeed, one of the best 2-person tents that comes at an entry-level price and guarantees an effortless setup and unmatched protection against strong winds. 

#3. MSR Hubba Hubba NX – 2-Person Lightweight Tent

One of the most fabulous creations of MSR is the Hubba Hubba NX-2 person backpacking tent. MSR is a prominent brand with 53 years of history, and since then, they have only invented reliable, high-quality gears that ensure extraordinary performance.

This 2-person tent is the true companion for serious backpackers who desire a spacious interior, maximum water resistance, improved wind protection, quick installation, and easy transportation.

Before this NX-2-person tent was launched, their camping tent was known for its lightweight and fast setup. But as they were facing some backlash, they upgraded their tent to be tougher and more enduring.

Now for this particular tent, they used the Syclone ballistic fiber poles so that it could withstand high winds and remain fairly lightweight.

Not just that, you have the factory-sealed seams with Xtreme shield waterproof coating that maximizes the waterproofing caliber.

You get the premonition of gusty winds and heavy rain when the sky lightens and the thunders shake the earth. But instead of panicking or taking shelter in a hotel, you can rest inside this tent until nature becomes calmer.

You can use this tent for solo camping, and since it claims to be a 2-person occupancy tent, you may want to take your partner with you.

And honestly, the interior space is big enough for two people, but can we call it the best 2-person camping tent?

No. The floor space of this tent is 29 square feet, excluding the massive vestibule area.

Here, the two vestibules add 8.75 square feet more on each side of the two separate tent doors for additional gear-storage space.

In addition, you have a top-notch ventilation system when things get too hot and crowded inside.

  • Impeccable waterproofing
  • Durable Syclone ballistic fiber poles from Easton for increased wind-resistance
  • Lightweight, freestanding design, and easy to set up
  • Ample space for sprawling in with comfort
  • Rainfly included for enhanced protection
  • Not ideal for two-person camping


If you are a solo camper and you want some extra living space with the advantage of weather protection and effortless transportability, then this will be your best bet.

#4. Kelty Late Start 4 Person – 3 Season Backpacking Tent

Wouldn’t you love to sit around the campfire with your friends and forget about the busy, chaotic life for a moment?

If you do, then check out this 4-person tent from the Kelty. It accommodates four people inside the tent with its extra roomy interior space.

The poles are pre-bent so that you have the additional room needed for comfortable lounging and living experience.

This tent offers an interior space of 55.7 square feet with 56 inches of peak height. If you prefer enough headroom for tall campers and want a generous floor space, then this will do.

Though it comes with only one door still, the entryway is wide enough to let you transport your gears inside.

Besides, the walls are crafted with NO-see-um mesh, while the floor is fortified with 68 denier fabric. They work altogether to repel water from getting inside the tent and keep you dry even during critical weather conditions.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the tent includes a rainfly made with the same fabric that is used for the flooring since it is 100% waterproof and withstands all types of water exposure.

On top of that, the tent seams are sealed to prevent water from seeping inside while the robust aluminum poles fight against high winds.

Now, let’s not forget about the flexibility of this tent that permits you to roll it up whenever you want and pitch it on your desired site.

Moreover, the Quick Corner technology of Kelty facilitates quick setup. Thus, you can also install it when it’s dark outside. For a phenomenal camping experience, this is going to be your ultimate favorite.

  • Suitable for camping with your friends and a family of four
  • Pre-bent poles amplify the floor space
  • Internal storage with a ceiling pocket
  • Water-repellent flooring and rainfly
  • Supremely fast set up
  • Rainfly doesn’t include a vent


This four-person, waterproof and wind-resistant tent for autumn, summer, and spring offers you a fast installation and transportation capability at a low price point.

#5. Eureka! Mountain Pass 4-Season Camping Tent

Anyone who has been camping for years must have stumbled upon Eureka and its wide range of tents. Their mountain pass series has an array of tents that are engineered for individual purposes.

So, before you move farther, let us clear the air. You might have heard about the XTE version of the mountain pass series for its extendibility (in terms of seasons) but let’s not confuse it with the one we are reviewing here.

This new series from Eureka offers more than the XTE version as it’s a four-season camping tent with additional qualities.

It’s a dome-style tent with a freestanding design that allows significantly bigger floor space. Besides, it’s a double-layer full coverage fly tent that safeguards your privacy from any possible assault when you are sleeping inside.

Moreover, you will receive removable side panels for enhanced protection in any critical situation.

In addition, it features a water-resistant rainfly to combat unforgiving weather conditions and prevent water from getting inside.

Now, the poles of this budget tent are competent enough to support the whole structure and distribute the weight equally for a steady position. It’s easy to assemble and takes a few minutes to set up.

In addition to the inner space, the rainfly includes two vestibules for gear storage or stacking up provisions. The convertible design comes with removable panels that can be used based on numerous weather conditions.

Thus, it’s ideal for four-season use. During the cold season, you can utilize the panels and remove them when the summer rolls.

Furthermore, the No-See-Um mesh canopy work wonders in terms of ventilation. Overall, it’s one of the best four-season tents that withstand high wind and harsh winter criticalities.

  • It can accommodate three to four people
  • Ideal for four seasons camping even if you are a first-timer
  • Easy to set up in any weather condition
  • Two vestibules for extra protection and gear storage
  • Removable side panels for customized use during environmental changes
  • A little heavy for backpacking


If you are fond of dome tents and doubtful at the same time because most of them are susceptible to adverse weather conditions, then you can try Eureka’s mountain pass four-season tent for a change.

The tent is specifically made to withstand all weather criticalities with the advantage of a large inner space.

#6. NTK Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof

When you are planning to take your whole family with you without spending too much money, this Arizona GT camping tent from NTK will do the job.

It’s a 10-person occupancy tent with two rooms, two separate doors, and three generous windows.

Besides, it has 6.2ft of center height so that you get enough headroom for the taller campers.

It lets you move around the tent without having to lean on yourself. For an effortless assembly, you have the color-coded poles that lock into the position faster than any other tent at this price point.

You obtain maximum ventilation since there are three windows and large curtained mesh vents.

Also, you have a water-resistant rainfly to keep the water from getting inside the tent. The no-see style mesh deters the stuffiness and moisture to retain the breathability of the environment.

In case you want to stargaze, you can remove the rainfly and witness the surreal beauty of sparkling stars, dilating its glimmer.

The heavy-duty polyethylene and its inner silver-coated layers prevent rainwater from seeping inside, while the innovative bathtub-style floor guarantees that you don’t drown in flood.

You can set it up with ease. Thanks to the aluminum pin-and-ring technology for simplifying the whole installation process.

When the wind draws the water inside for rainy weather conditions, you can vouch for this 10-person sports camping tent.

  • It fits 9 to 10 people easily without making things too crowdy
  • Withstands heavy rain and high wind
  • Excessive downpours aren’t an issue anymore with the tough sealings
  • Durable, capable of prolonged use
  • Quick, pin-and-ring setup, needs no assistance
  • Windows don’t close from the inside


Honestly, for a 10 people tent, this tent is a steal for the money. However, in general, if you compare it to other tents on the list, you may find it a little expensive.

Then again, don’t forget the mansion-equivalent space you will be getting for the whole family.

And, you know what the cherry on top is? The lofts for storage and enhanced weather protection for enduring strong winds.

#7. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

If you are on the hunt for a supremely lightweight tent that gives the best bang for your buck, you will be appeased with the Lynx 4-person tent from ALPS.

Almost all of their products are budget tent yet indestructibly durable. You will get this tent literally at bargain prices no matter where you purchase it from.

Now, this tent has a typical dome-style design that provides increased stability against high winds and heavy rainfall.

Not just that, dome-style tents like this one are easy to carry from one place to another and require little to no tools for assembly. And the shape also creates ample space for good headroom.

So, if you are tall or have tall campers with you who had terrible experiences knocking their head to the tent roof while trying to stand straight, we believe it won’t happen again with this tent.

The rainfly is 100% waterproof and prevents UV rays from coming inside.

Also, it has two vestibules to store all your dirty and grimy boots or your food supplies and gear. You can use it as you please.

It’s packed with 8 zippers in total with storage compartments, lofts, stakes, two entryways, and guy ropes.

In addition, the half mesh of this tent improves the overall ventilation to exhaust the hot air outside and draw the cold air inside.

As you can see, it pretty much arrives with everything that is needed for a wonderful home-away-home experience. So, why wait then?

  • Factory-sealed seams to fight the critical weather conditions ideally
  • Waterproof, UV resistant rainfly stay snug to the tent
  • Includes gear loft and mesh storage pockets
  • Snap-on clips for effortless assembly
  • It takes only 10 mins to set up
  • It doesn’t perform well for heavy backpacking


Want to enjoy the rainy and windy weather with your friends and save some bucks at the same time? Well, this tent will meet all the requirements.

Take this tent to your desired campsite and spend quality time without worrying about the harsh weather outside.

#8. FOFANA All-Weather Pod Sports Tent

While researching this Pod tent, we didn’t think we would fall in love with it. Let us tell you why!

First of all, as a Pod tent, this one has much to offer and can be used in numerous ways.

Be it for enjoying recreational activities or spending a peaceful solitary time. You can pitch it on the field where your favorite team is playing and watch them play while lounging inside. It can fit four people when they remain seated.

So, you can take your family along with you as well.

Besides, even when it’s raining outside, or cold air is blowing in, you can still enjoy the match in your personal pod tent shelter. Thanks to the enclosed mesh screen windows for preventing the water, wind, and bugs from getting inside.

The extra-thick, see-through EVA windows inhibit wrinkles so that you can obtain a crystal, clear, and 270 degrees of unobstructed field view.

On top of that, the bathtub-style flooring is crafted with high-quality polyester that is water-resistant and has double-stitched seams.

Hence you don’t have muddy feet during the rainy season and feel at home. That said, let’s not forget about the mega pockets that store and secure your gears.

Take all the necessary equipment, snacks, and water bottles with you and keep them inside your pockets.

You can sit comfortably without occupying your hand and walk or stand up freely when the match runs for an extended period.

Finally, this tent features automatic frame construction for a quick and straightforward setup.

It locks into a steady position and doesn’t blow away when the wind is heavy. Since there’s no intricacy in the installation process like attaching wires and stuff, you can easily take it down when need be.

It’s almost like a portable shelter of your own where you can alleviate all your stress and have a fun time.

  • Versatile tent, suitable for rainy and windy weather
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Easy to install and takedown
  • Enclosed mesh windows and waterproof flooring
  • Storage pockets to keep all your essentials secured
  • The carrying bag and the zippers aren’t durable enough


Despite the heavy rain and high wind, you still want to immerse in nature or cheer your friends playing on the field.

And for this, nothing comes close to this Pod tent.

Before You Buy What To Look For

what to check in a tent for high wind

You may get the top tent for windy conditions from our list yet feel unsatisfied by the performance.

It will happen if you purchase without acknowledging your necessities and the features you require.

Also, you must know the crucial facts that will eventually determine whether the tent is the best choice for you or not.

Therefore, we curated a buying guide for you where all the factors are explained in detail.


When looking for tents that work effectively against high winds, you’ll need to opt for at least a three-season tent.

However, the tent season options start from 1 to 5. If you are camping in a rainy or cold area, it will be sensible to choose a four-season tent.

We have our Eureka! Mountain pass backpacking tent suitable for four seasons and falls into this category.

You can also come across some 5 season tents, but honestly, it would be overkill as they are for professional expeditions and bear a hefty price tag.


The design of your tent construction plays a significant role when it comes to tent withstanding harsh wind. To be precise, the design indicates the size and shape or the aerodynamics of a tent.

Usually, tents that are specifically made for high winds have the most aerodynamic shapes because it facilitates the air to move over them effortlessly. There are primarily two types of designs for windy conditions.

One is the dome style, and another is the wedged ones. Dome-style tents are the ones to go for if you want extra space and optimal stability against adverse weather. Also, they are lightweight, easy to set up, and offer ample headroom.

On the contrary, wedged-style tents are easier and faster to set up, but the floor space isn’t as roomy as dome-style tents. However, wedge-style tents fare well in an inclement environment as they are capable of deflecting the wind.

So, if you are traveling solo and don’t require much space, then a wedged-style tent will do just fine, while for maximum space and increased weather protection, dome-style comes in handy.


The weight of your tent will dictate the portability, storage-friendliness, and packaging convenience. The rule of thumb is the lighter the tent, the easier the assembly and the faster it packs down for transportation.

So, before you invest in a specialized tent for high winds, it’s paramount to decipher the overall weight and packed size as well.

Tents that are spacious and accommodate more than two people tend to be heavier than those with single or double occupancy.

Therefore, if you are camping with your whole gang under one tent or prefer the additional space for storage and other facilities, then make sure you can bear the pain of carrying the tent to the campsite.

However, we have the NTK Arizona GT ten-person tent that is the best of both worlds; for additional space and portability.

Construction Quality

It’s important to inspect the construction quality so that you know how long your tent is going to survive. And for this, you will need to determine the durability and the materials of the tent.

As we are talking about high wind tents today, it’s only plausible to look for specifically crafted materials for withstanding high wind and other weather adversities.

For instance, check out the poles that make the whole structure stable and click into a steady position. There are DAC Featherlite NSL Green poles, fiberglass poles, and the Easton’s Syclone Poles for best high wind performance.

Our MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person tent uses Easton’s Syclone ballistic fiber poles to endure the high windy weather.

Besides, there are specific materials that are waterproof and tough when the gusty wind blows.

In this aspect, nylon material, polyester material, and PE material with double-stitched seams will be ideal.

Easy Installation

One of the most crucial factors to consider while looking for high wind tents is the setup process. The unpredictability of the weather can lead you to a situation where you never wanted to be.

That’s why no matter how much protection it offers, you still want your tent to fold up fast so that you can take it down when the situation is out of control.

Similarly, when it’s about setting up a tent on the hilly or uneven terrain, and there’s a high wind blowing in, you want to install the tent as fast as possible to get inside and secure yourself from the imminent downpour.

Thus, it goes without saying that you need a tent that pitches as fast and light and can be taken down when needed.

There are color-coded poles with linking slots for a quicker and more effective installation. Clip-in style canopies are also great for this purpose.

Gear Pockets

Some lofts and gear pockets won’t do any harm; instead, they will make your camping journey a lot easier.

You can store your supplies and important gear inside these pockets and lofts when you are hiking in the wilderness.

Hiding From The Wind: Which Tent Is Best For Spending Time Inside?

Some people have an eerie attraction towards stormy and windy weather, while other people feel anxious about it.

You may prefer spending some quality time inside the tent in either circumstance and don’t want to remain exposed to the high wind. It’s like cutting the cake and eating it too.

And we don’t blame you for this demand because we have the best tents to meet your standards.

When you want to hide from the wind and enjoy your time inside without compromising safety, Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL and the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person option can be the best choice.

First, let’s talk about the tent from Big Agnes that is equipped with all the features needed for extreme protection.

The stable dome structure, four-way hub for high winds, vestibule windings for an additional outdoor area on both sides, and lastly, the combination of nylon and polyester mesh for water-resistance; everything makes it the best for resting inside during high winds.

Then comes the Hubba hubba tent from MSR that features high-resistant poles to combat such weather. Also, it’s easy to set up even when the wind is blowing.

The waterproof rainfly, quality zippers, compact size, and shape tremendously work when you want to take shelter inside the tent without any inconveniences.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent will be a great choice. It has enough inner space to sit and stretch comfortably during windy weather. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

How To Setup The Tent

tent set up

Here we have outlined the most standard and easiest way to install a tent for high winds.

  • Step 1: Pick Your Site

First, you will need to pick a place where you want to set up your tent. It can be close to the seashore, middle of the mountain, or just beside a large tree for some natural anchoring.

  • Step 2: Get Your Ground Tarp

Put out your ground tarp or the footprint and lay it out with the shiny side facing up.

  • Step 3: Place The Body Of The Tent

Once you are done with the second step it’s time to lay the body of the tent on top of the ground footprint.

When you want your door in a specific direction ensure placing it in that way. There are tents that come with color-coded tabs and they should correspond to the ground tarp.

  • Step 4: Assembling The Tent Poles

Generally, most tent poles attach to one another very easily. After assembling, place them on the tent that you just laid on top of the ground footprint.

Then attach the poles to the body of your tent through the sheaths or the clips (whatever your tent has). Now take another pole and put it into the tent grommet and you have your tent in a stable structure already.

  • Step 5: Stake The Tent

While staking the tent you must make sure that it doesn’t blow away due to heavy wind. Start with the corners and put your stake through the loops of the tent body at a 45-degree angle.

Use your foot or a mallet to push them deep into the ground. Repeat the same process with the other corners and the sides.

  • Step 6: Secure The Tent

You can keep a heavy stone or your gears inside the tent to weigh it down when the wind is blowing high. Voila! You have your tent all set up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Secure My Camping Tent During High Winds And Rainy Weather?

Keeping the guy lines tight is the most effective way to lock the camping tents into a stable position. This will prevent the fabric from flapping and falling apart.

Also, after heavy rainfall, the soil absorbs a lot of moisture, and it becomes soft and moist, so the tent stakes don’t do well against it.

To get a strong grip you can consider any of these best stakes for sand.

Additionally, to reinforce the stability of the tent, tethering the guy lines to natural anchors such as rocks or trees will be effective.

You can use a tarp, too, for additional protection from falling debris, rain, and other elements. However, this hinders the airflow and causes condensation.

So, the guy lines are the best way.

How Much Wind Can My Tent Endure?

Depending on the tent you have, it will vary. But it’s safe to say that most high wind tents’ standard wind resistance is 30 to 35 mph.

Some heavy-duty and premium quality tents can resist up to 60 mph winds.

How Can I Determine Whether My Tent Is Waterproof Or Not?

First thing first, your tent will have some features that will ensure water resistance – for instance, the rainfly, water-repellent interior materials or coatings, inverted seams, double-stitched seals, extra layers, and bath-tub style flooring.

These are the features that are normally used to keep the water from getting inside.

However, you can do a test run before you pitch your tent on the campground. Set up your tent in your yard when you have a feeling that it’s going to rain.

Once you are done, go inside your house and wait until it rains and stops. Then go outside and check the tent yourself, whether it’s wet inside or dry. This way, you will know beforehand.

Also, consider going through the product review to check whether anyone has mentioned any leaking or anything.

What Are The Negative Consequences Of Camping In High Winds?

Long story short, if you have all the necessary gears and a tent with superior weather protection, there is barely any danger when camping in high winds.

A top-quality tent associated with the right gears will not only keep you warm but also protect you from harsh weather.

Now, if you ask what happens when a hurricane or tornado strikes in, we will say it’s better to keep track of the weather so that you don’t have to encounter such occurrences in the first place.

Secondly, the tents may not stay steady during a calamity as severe as a hurricane or tornado, but it also doesn’t mean it will injure you.

The worst it will do is damage the tent, which you can mend if you carry a repair kit.

Final Words

It seems like we have come to an end. Hopefully, our review on the best tent for high winds has helped you conclude.

Ensure purchasing some high-quality stakes apart from the one that comes with the tent. It will maximize the stability of your tent in adverse weather conditions.

We suggest looking into some safety tips for camping in windy weather if you are a new camper. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any further queries.

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