What Is An Instant Tent? [A Comprehensive Guide]

Let’s face it, camping isn’t something you do just to pitch a tent in the open air. On any camping site, time is very important.

So, in order to get the most out of your time, you need to have your camp set up quickly. An immediate tent will be useful in this situation, but exactly what is an instant tent?

An instant tent is the one that can be set up in a matter of seconds and is ready to go.

Instant tents have a few distinct advantages over traditional tents, making them fast to set up.

Check the following article to learn more about instant tents and why you should use one.

What Is An Instant Tent?

instant tent definition

Instant tents are those tents that take minimum times to set up. They have to be the quickest and easiest to set up.

Instant tents will be ready instantly in less than 60 seconds mostly. Instant tents are also called easy-to-set-up tents.

To make it possible, the instant tents possess some unique features. The pre-attached poles are the primary contributor for this purpose of instant setup.

All that’s left to do is unroll the tent, stretch the poles, and tie it down. Tents of this type often fold in the same way, making transport simple.

The extendable tent poles that are common to this type of tent set it apart from others. A telescope-like tent pole is used to fully raise the tent.

Why Will You Use An Instant Tent?

You’ll go camping to not have trouble with setting up the tent. An instant tent will help you in this case as you can set up the tent instantly and give you full time to have the fun of camping.

After camping, you can also pack it up easily in the quickest period of time and head home.

Any short travel or camping in the car requires an easy to set up a tent for a short time. An instant tent will be handy here.

Instant tents can be useful for festival-goers, newbie campers, and children as a first tent for camping with their families.

The low cost and simple setup technique make it worth a shot, even if they don’t provide the ultimate comfort in rainy or windy weather.

What Are the Types Of Instant Tents?

instant tent types

There are mainly two different types of instant tents- typical instant tents and pop-up tents.

Regular instant tents are also two types: dome tents and cabin tents.

Let’s know them extensively here:

#1. Instant Dome Tents

They are big and have a structure like a dome. You can walk freely inside occasionally of your dome tent.

They are popular for big spaces and dome structures.

This dome structure is a great help in the rainy or windy atmosphere while camping.

Water will easily roll down, and wind will bypass the tent for its fluid surface as there is no hard obstacle on the curvy surface.

Another good aspect of dome tents are huge space inside, and it can easily be enough for 2-3 people.

It is light in weight and easily portable relatively. Additionally, its affordable price makes it a great option for camping with an instant tent.

#2. Cabin Tents

There is another type of instant tent that campers find easy to set up. They are mostly cabin-type tents and may give a more homely feeling inside the tent.

The specialty of these tents is their cabins inside the tent. You can utilize each cabin for a specific purpose while camping afar from home.

They are big and can be enough for 4-5 people easily. There will be a wall divider that creates cabins inside the tent.

They will be ready to use in a minimum time, like 60 seconds. That is the main feature of an instant tent.

Besides, cabins inside make it suitable for family camping and keeping useful gears and staffs inside is easy.

#3. Pop Up Tents

The pop-up tents are the quickest possible instant tents. They merely take 3 seconds to set up or fold down and are ready to use.

You just simply have to undo the strap to open the tent pops. The best quality pop-up tents are easy to use and store. They have decent durability.

However, they come with certain drawbacks along with these huge perks. Most pop-up tents are suitable for fair weather.

They will not give you ultimate comfort in windy or rainy weather. This harsh weather compromises the pop-up tent’s durability greatly.

Is The Instant Tent Worth It?

yes it worth it

Casual campers and first-timers will benefit most from instant tents. Its primary selling point is how simple it is to set up.

The durability may be compromised as a result of these factors. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the money or not.

Instant tents have their benefits and drawbacks, which you can study.

You’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you want one. Here are the pros and cons:


  • The Tent Sets Up in 60 Seconds. With pop-up instant tents, this is the main attraction. Installation is also simple.
  • After a few trials, the process of folding and wrapping an instant tent will come naturally to you.
  • Many instant tents are just the folded tent itself. Extras like tent poles and a rainfly on some of the tents help keep instant tents waterproof. So packing an instant tent is much simpler.
  • They are amazing and suitable for any indoor camping in the house or backyards for kids. By eliminating the management of tent poles, instant tents become significantly safer to use for them.


  • Instant Tents are sometimes more expensive than traditional tents in exchange for some extra convenience.
  • Instant tents are difficult to store because they are usually one piece. Traditional tents come with storage bags, but instant tents need larger space to store.
  • The simplicity of raising these tents fast comes with a price, and that is, they’re not as lasting as their normal counterparts, especially in rainy and windy weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Instant Tents Durable?

Yes, instant tents outlast the majority of conventional tents in terms of durability. Its durability depends on the quality of materials and brand as any product.

Some of the well-known instant tents come with quality feature like durable poles and steel that helps them to go on a par with the regular ones.

Besides, they are becoming better and better with the high demand from recreational campers.

Are Instant Tents Waterproof?

Instant tents are like the regular ones in this case.

No tents can assure you the waterproofness, but the manufacturer uses the best quality materials and features to ensure waterproofness.

Instant tents are not different. They come with ultimate features that can prevent water while you are camping, though it has lacking too.

Are Instant Tents Expensive?

The short answer is no. They are very much affordable in comparison to regular tents.

The high-quality instant tents are available at the same price as any average conventional tent.

Manufacturers employ lower-cost materials to keep their instant tents affordable because they are marketed as being simple to set up for new campers and seasonal travelers.

Besides, if you buy a tent during the off-season, you can get more discounts.

Final Words

Beginner campers will appreciate the convenience of an instant tent.

They choose a tent that is simple to install and dismantle, as well as one that is quick to put up and take down.

An instant tent is the ideal time-saving option.

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