Best 14 Person Tent [Spacious For Large Group And Family]

Planning an outing together with a group of friends and family can’t go right without a tent that can accommodate all those people.

The best 14 person tent should have the following: durable construction, adequate ventilation, room dividers for privacy, plenty of space for people to sleep and move around, a center space or porch for meals, extra room for storage, and a stove and chimney for cooking – we can keep going.

If you want to begin your research for a large tent, you have come to the right place. Here, we have compiled 8 of the most popular 14 person tents that you can get at the most reasonable prices.

Our reviews would help you understand what’s available in the market and which type of tent suits your needs the most.

In fact, you can also educate yourself on the things to consider before buying a 14 person tent to make the most thoughtful decision.

Having said that, let’s continue!

Best 14 Person Tent Reviews

If you are looking for a large tent, you must be planning a big event with a large group of people in the wild.

In order to satisfy the needs of all these people, you have to choose the right tent that can provide you all with space, privacy, ventilation, protection from rain and snow, and an environment where you can feel at ease.

Because we care about your needs and want to help you however we can, here is a list prepared just for you!

Hope you find your best suited 14 person tent from this list for the upcoming trip!

#1. Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent

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Looking for a large, waterproof tent to accommodate 14 people during your camping trips? First on our list is the Fortunershop tent!

With a maximum height of 78 inches, this family cabin tent takes up 240 inches of floor space when spread and assembled.

You can use this huge camping tent in two ways by manipulating the room dividers as 1 large room, 2 large rooms, 3 rooms, or 4 separate smaller rooms!

While Fortunershop tent has an interesting geometric shape, TETON is bell-shaped, and Ozark is round.

For privacy, you may prefer the style of tent Fortunershop has, but TETON and Ozark can fulfill your need for entertaining and accommodating a group of people altogether.

Additionally, TETON and Ozark are able to hold as many as 16 people, whereas Fortunershop can squeeze in about 14. Even if there are fewer people, TETON and Ozark can utilize the extra space for storage.

Taped fly seams ensure that the interior of the tent stays dry during heavy rainfalls.

To prevent your family, friends, and belongings from getting soaked, you should waterproof the tent beforehand. Check the seams as well, even if you’re using the tent for the first time.

Mesh rooftop, 4 doors, and 12 windows provide sufficient air circulation inside the tent to keep the inmates reside comfortably. The doors let the inmates leave the tent from their respective rooms.

The tent is big enough to support 5 queen-sized mattresses! And it would do so without hitting the sides of each room.

You and your spouse can have one room, the kids can have another, and you would still have enough space for storage, a common room, and an entryway!

Besides, it may take a while to get used to setting up the tent, especially for beginners. For amateurs, it may take about 45 minutes.

But for experts, it takes less than 20 minutes. Have at least 2 people helping to set up the tent, though.

To be honest, the instruction manual that comes with the purchase is a bit confusing. Therefore, you can check some tutorial videos online when you’re trying to build a family cabin tent.

Tahoe Gear Ozark and TETON are fairly easier than Fortunership tent when it comes to assembling and following instructions.

TETON’s center pole is heavier than the other two and takes a lot of strength to set it up. On the other hand, Ozark has color-coded poles that are easy to work with.

  • Made of durable mesh fabric with zipper
  • Install this freestanding cabin tent in 20 minutes!
  • Able to create 4 rooms with 3 sewn-in dividers
  • It can fit 5 queen-size air mattresses!
  • Economical choice
  • Poor setup may lead to animal intrusion and soaking during rain
  • Needs to be waterproofed before setting up


Despite its weak poles and an inability to handle heavy rainfall, this family cabin tent performs well on sturdy and dry ground.

It can withstand a little wind and rain but may not be able to handle extreme weather conditions.

#2. Tahoe Gear Ozark Family Cabin Tent

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Another favorite large tent on this list is the Tahoe Gear Ozark. This one is quite a large tent with an assembled dimension of 16.4 feet in length, 15.42 feet in width, and 7.23 feet in height.

Setting up this cabin tent is fairly easy, depending on your previous experience with tents. Mainly, you start with the color-coded poles. The poles with larger diameters go at the center of the tent.

Don’t insert the metal rings into the poles; they are designed for the metal stakes only. Finally, to put together the fly, attach the plastic clips to the metal triangle clips of the larger poles.

While the Ozark tent has a ping-and ring system securing the tent from every side, Fortunershop and Hazel Creek have weaker systems in place. The Velcro or the zipper on the door may often get stuck, which is a big problem.

Tahoe Gear ensures its inhabitant’s complete safety and protection from chaotic weather. For that reason, the floor has been designed with polyethylene.

Plus, the 200 mm polyester rainfly with taped fly seams keeps rain, snow, and the sun from hitting your comfortable abode during your outdoor trip.

The flooring of Tahoe Gear is actually better than the flooring of Fortunershop and Hazel Creek. You have to use large tarps on the floor for the latter two tents, and when the wind is strong, it can bring in rain.

Moreover, the manufacturers have done more to ensure the incredible tent users are comfortable at all times. They included guy ropes on every side of the tent to hold it in place against windy weather.

So, you can walk around, take up a good amount of space to sleep, and store your belongings inside the tent while you enjoy fishing, camping trip, or hiking.

Additionally, the open mesh design ensures that you have enough ventilation inside the tent even when you don’t feel like going out.

Besides, the orange color at the top may scare off some wild animals, while the grey camouflages your presence.

In saying so, in terms of appearance, Tahoe Gear Ozark wins the top place competing with Hazel Creek, Fortunershop, and TETON Sierra.

However, the tent itself is not that light. It weighs 50.3 pounds overall and, when assembled, the dimension of the tent is 16.4 feet in length, 15.42 feet in width, and 7.23 feet in height!

  • Suitable for camping, hiking, and fishing
  • Can use this tent for 3 seasons
  • Made of durable polyester, it can handle rain well
  • A 7-foot center and large space accommodate 16 people at a time!
  • Included guy ropes on the sides to protect against strong wind
  • The poles are color-coded for identification
  • It may tear off in places after a few uses
  • The clips that hold the seams may come off easily


This spacious tent can accommodate 16 people without making them feel congested inside.

You would have plenty of room to walk around in addition to storing equipment for hiking, camping, and fishing.

#3. TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

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This tent is different from other tents on this list because of its round shape. Roughly, it has an area of 20 feet in length and 20 feet in breadth.

There is a reason behind this bell-shaped, unique design that is to create a spacious living space for family and friends to gather.

This stylish tent has a special removable floor that can be removed to create a canopy.

You don’t see this feature in the tents from Tahoe Gear, Fortunershop, Tahoe Gear Ozark, Tahoe Gear Carson, Ozark Trail, Unistrength, and WHITEDUCK.

To do this, just stake out the tent, put up the center pole, and assemble the door! You can even roll up the side walls to enjoy the view of nature while the rest of the tent remains covered.

TETON Sports is the tallest tent standing at 8.1 feet in height, competing with Tahoe Gear Ozark and Fortunershop.

While Fortunership tent comes with private room dividers, TETON and Tahoe Gear Ozark lack those benefits.

Also included in this amazing package are easily accessible ports for electronics. Charge your phone and laptop, run the TV or heater, power the lights, and do so much more.

You don’t even need too many people to set up this tent. In fact, just one person is enough to affix the single center pole, then secure the guy lines with metal locks to prevent the tent from getting blown over by storms and heavy rain.

Its seams are finely reinforced to prevent unwanted tears and damage. The main reason this tent stays dry throughout the year is because of its large weather skirt.

Additionally, it’s made of strong cotton canvas fiber that is breathable, waterproof, and resists moisture.

We can’t say the same for Hazel Creek which is made of weaker material. On the other hand, Tahoe Gear seems to resist moisture well due to its polyester build.

No matter how rough the terrain you choose, its carbon steel stakes can dig into any type of ground and stay rooted through thick and thin.

When it comes to flooring, Teton is not behind other tents on this list!

You can roam around the tent barefoot comfortably without getting injured by small stones and twigs. Its cotton canvas fiber keeps you cool and dry and helps you breathe properly even when you’re inside.

We have also included the tent in our list of the best 18 person tents because of its spacious features.

  • Suitable for all seasons of the year
  • Tent construction is strong and cozy
  • Use it for fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking
  • Its water-proof nature can withstand rain
  • The oversized door lets you move camping gear in and out easily
  • Can assemble this tent on your own in less than 16 minutes!
  • Not completely watertight
  • Has the ‘proposition 65 warning label’ meaning it’s made of cancer-causing, hazardous material


Even though extreme weather can make this tent leak in some places, you should be fine if it’s light rain and gust.

Although this tent won’t keep you safe from animal attacks, you can be quite comfortable and relaxed inside it.

#4. Ozark Trail Hazel Creek Family Cabin Tent

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What’s special about this family tent is that you can have privacy in individual rooms after zipping it up.

But people in the other rooms can hear your conversations. Each room came with side pockets to hold your cell phone and other small belongings.

A lantern holder loop at the center is a convenient bonus to have, plus the spaciousness of the tent would give all of you plenty of room to walk around as if you’re at home.

Furthermore, even though you can easily fit 4 queen-size mattresses in the massive tent, comfortably fitting 16 people inside would be a challenge.

Despite that issue, the camping tent has room dividers that can separate it into 3 individual rooms with privacy.

Additionally, the rooms contain 3 doors each for people to get in and get out without getting stuck anywhere.

These doors have flaps that you can roll up or down. When you roll it up, hang down the screen door to prevent unwanted bugs from entering the tent.

The most wonderful thing is that you can fit your 55-inch movie screen inside the tent and have a family movie night!

Ozark is fully capable of supporting this big gadget on the floor. Access to multiple power ports is available as well.

For some reason, the floor of this tent is not waterproof or thick enough, which can make your camp-living a bit difficult during bad weather.

Regardless, 9 windows and a mesh roof provide adequate ventilation for the inmates. They can also be zipped up to prevent sunlight and rain from entering the tent.

Hazel Creek beats Tahoe Gear Carson and Ozark Trail Spring Lodge tents at possessing the highest number of windows for ventilation.

Carson has 6, Spring Lodge has 7, whereas Hazel Creek can accommodate 9 windows!

Even though it’s quite big when assembled, it fits flat into a small bag after dismantling! Yes, you get a zippered duffle bag with the purchase to store the tent once you’re done using it.

The entire tent measures about 230 square feet with a center height of 80 inches.

For organizational purposes, you would find a gear hammock, 3 e-ports, a media pocket, and a gear loft inside this tent.

WHITEDUCK and Spring Lodge have several pockets located inside the tents, but not as versatile as the ones in Hazel Creek.

Besides, the mesh rainfly is removable for you to enjoy the clear starry night when you’re feeling like reducing screen time.

Does TETON and Tahoe Gear have a mesh rooftop? Nope! Guess you can only enjoy the night view with Hazel Creek!

  • Fits 14 people inside the tent without cramping
  • Can place 4 queen-sized air beds
  • Can separate the tent into 3 rooms with the in-sewn divider
  • Door flaps let fresh air in; while keeping bugs away
  • Large windows promote adequate ventilation
  • The zipper fly may be too long
  • Flooring is not waterproof or dirt-proof


It seems that most tents have a problem withstanding heavy rain and wind.

For that reason, my advice for my audience is that just check the weather before you head out to camp!

On the plus side, the assembly and spaciousness of Ozark Trail Hazel Creek are incredible.

#5. Tahoe Gear Carson 14 Person Tent

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This cabin tent with a tall structure, consisting of 3 rooms and one screen room. It is perfect for big camping groups as the separate rooms offer lots of privacy.

Made from high-quality 190T polyester with taped seams and polyethylene flooring, the tent prevents water from entering.

Because it’s made of polyester, you can take this tent out in both cooler and warmer weather. The Hazel Creek tent is far superior as it’s made of poly taffeta, which also contains a bit of polyester.

The poles are made with powder-coated steel, while the roof uses shock-corded fiberglass. Overall, the Carson comprises durable and rigid components that should last long enough.

In terms of weight, it is certainly a heavy item. It weighs in at 61.9 lbs., with packed dimensions of 37.7×16.2×13.2 inches.

Considering its erect size, the weight shouldn’t be surprising. But keep in mind that transporting it without a vehicle would be troublesome.

Its cabin-style tent has nearly vertical walls with large windows all around, which makes for great cross-ventilation throughout the tent.

To top it off, all windows and inner doors have mesh and zippered panels for privacy.

Visually, Spring Lodge is more appealing than Carson or Hazel Creek. Carson and Spring Lodge both have a cabin-style structure, however, Carson looks a bit flimsy.

The zippers coverage of Spring Lodge is lacking at the bottom, and poses a possibility for small animals to enter.

Each of the rooms has separate doors that connect it to the shaded screen room. The Carson has a respectable screen room height of 94-inches.

Its 5 doors make for hassle-free entry and exit, and 6 large windows can be zipped up or down effortlessly.

The zipper fly of Hazel Creek seems a bit too long, whereas the substandard stitch quality of Spring Lodge makes its zippers work less efficiently.

Since each room has individual doors, people in other rooms don’t have to be bothered when moving around the tent.

On the other hand, the instruction guide isn’t informative enough, and most of the metal poles aren’t marked clearly. It comes with a water column of 1000mm, which allows it to withstand light to moderate rainfall.

But the included rainfly only covers the roof of the tent; this makes it unsuitable in heavy rain as water can get inside.

Moreover, due to its tall nature, it cannot hold up well against strong winds without extra reinforcement.

This means that the Tahoe Gear Carson isn’t the sturdiest tent on this list. If that’s what you’re looking for, you may be interested in the Ozark Trail Spring Lodge cabin tent.

It is rock-solid when fully set up and is rigid enough to withstand harsh weather conditions better than most other tents in its segment.

With the Ozark Trail tent, however, you’ll have to deal with condensation build-up in rainy weather as it doesn’t have as many vents as the Tahoe Carson.

Although it boils down to your preferences, having the option to survive better in harsh conditions makes the Ozark a more compelling tent.

On the other hand, the Carson is rather complicated to set up for beginners.

The instruction guide isn’t informative enough, and most of the metal poles aren’t marked clearly. But once you’ve done it a few times, it should not be a big deal.

  • Highly functional and spacious compartments
  • 3 separate rooms with separate doors for privacy
  • A solar shield on the roof helps deflect sunlight
  • Large windows with mesh panels offer great cross-ventilation
  • Very tall tent with a nearly 7-foot center height
  • Difficult to set up
  • Doesn’t hold up well against strong winds and heavy rainfall


One of the tallest tents on this list, the Tahoe Carson 14-person tent is a great choice for large camping groups as it has 3 separate and spacious rooms and a large central room.

However, it isn’t the best tent for rainy and windy environments.

#6. Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Tent

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This is a large camping cabin tent that comprises an all-steel frame, 2 rooms, 2 cabinets, and multiple mesh windows on all sides.

If you were on camping trip with your family, this tent would be a great option in most weather conditions.

Thanks to its all-steel frame, the tent has a quite rigid structure. It makes use of 6 leg poles for the tent and 4 more poles for the cabinets.

There are several more poles for staking, but they’re all color-coded, so setting it up is easier than expected for a tent of its size.

Moreover, the tent fixes itself to the frame with several clips and hooks. Additionally, extra steel pegs are included in the package so you can reinforce the tent’s structure if necessary.

The upper body of the tent is made from polyester, and the flooring is polyethylene, with taped and welded seams, respectively.

Spring Lodge and Unistrength may lack in accessories compared to Carson because the latter tent offers 22 stakes, a trolley carry bag, a peg bag, a pole bag, 9 guyropes, a hub element, 22 poles, and a fly.

Despite having an all-steel construction, the Spring Lodge is on the lighter side of most similarly sized tents.

It weighs in at around 45 lbs., and that isn’t a big issue as huge tents like this are heavy in any case.

Being light has its benefits and drawbacks. You can easily carry this around due to its low weight, however, the same reason may end up causing havoc for the inhabitants during strong wind.

Unlike Unistrength, Carson is also on the lighter side and may get easily damaged by bad weather.

But if you’re looking for an airy and spacious environment, the Ozark Trail tent may not be the best choice as it has only two rooms.

Instead, you may feel more pressed to get the next tent on this list, the Unison Large Canvas. It is very huge, and it offers a lot of space inside.

While it lacks some important storage features such as the mesh storage shelves in the Ozark Train tent, the extra space in the Unison tent should make up for it.

The cabin-style tent has steep walls with huge windows on all sides. With 5 external windows and two inner windows connecting both rooms, the tent has sufficient ventilation, making it suitable for warm and dry weather.

The family camping tent has two huge points of entry with zippers. With all the doors made from mesh panels, the airflow makes for a pleasant environment inside.

Its peak height is 84-inches, which is just about enough for tall people. In total, the tent’s floor area is about 189 sq. ft.

However, the room in the back is taller and has 2 cabinets for storage, an advantage only Spring Lodge has, which the other tents on the list lack.

The cabinets come with mesh shelves for holding items, which is an advantage even the mighty Unistrength lacks!

  • Impressive cross-ventilation with mesh panels all around
  • Highly functional storage cabinets with mesh shelves
  • Offers great value for money
  • Very sturdy construction when fully set up
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Lack of vents leads to condensation build-up in rainy weather
  • Only 2 rooms


If you’re looking for a reasonably priced tent that can serve as a shelter for a big camping group, the Ozark Trail Spring Lodge should have you covered with its sturdy construction and highly functional features.

However, the lack of extra rooms may be a deal-breaker for some.

#7. Unistrength 14 Person Tent

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One of the most durable and functional tents on this list, the Unistrength Canvas tent flaunts simplicity like a boss.

It is super easy to set up, offers a lot of space inside, and can be packed into a compact cloth bag that is included in the package.

Made from high-strength 100% breathable cotton canvas fabric, the tent is made to endure all weather conditions and harsh surfaces.

In comparison to Carson and Ozark Trail, the seams and stitches on Unistrength are more potent and durable.

There are too many seams, openings, and weak spots on the Carson tent, which can lead to accidents.

The rip-stop PVC fabric on the floor of Unistrength prevents wear and tear on its base.

Unless you get a tarp separately, you won’t be able to prevent wet soil and rough terrain from wetting and scarring your feet with the Carson and Hazel Creek tents.

For the structure, it uses tent poles made from galvanized steel. Other components, such as the zinc-plated spring rods, ensure rigid support and maximum stability on all surfaces.

Unistrength is the only tent on this list that comes with a chimney and a stove facility! This special feature makes this tent the winner among Ozark Trail and Tahoe Gear.

You can choose from multiple sizes between 3 meters to up to 7 meters. The smallest package weighs around 44.1 lbs., while the biggest package weighs around 100 lbs.

Nevertheless, it will become too much of a hassle to transport the tent without a vehicle.

The yurt-style tent is quite easy to assemble and doesn’t require any kind of expertise. As we mentioned earlier, the Unistrength Bell tent is a huge tent, and it offers a lot of space inside.

But if you prefer a cozier and more comfortable environment, the next on this list may be the better choice for you.

The WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas wall tent is one of the most compelling tents on this list. Instead of a yurt-style tent, a wall-tent with durable and weather-proofed construction sounds like a better deal.

It doesn’t just offer a lot of free space, but it also has a lot of features that make accommodation much better than the Unistrength tent.

However, the former is rather complex to set up as it involves a lot of work. It is also significantly heavier than the Unistrength tent.

Headroom should not be an issue as it boasts one of the highest ceilings on this list; even tall people can walk around inside the tent without having to hunch.

However, it is certainly not the roomiest tent that money can buy, and it is a tight fit when the tent is used at its declared capacity of 14 people.

That’s about it with the features and space because the Unistrength tent was designed with durability in mind.

Apart from being durable, the cotton canvas on the upper body also does an excellent job at weather-proofing.

It can hold in heat very well when camping in chilly environments, and it can also protect you and your belongings from getting drenched in a heavy downpour.

On a fine sunny day, you could unzip around the bottom and roll it up for a 360-degree view and unparalleled airflow!

  • Extremely durable and strong cotton canvas fabric
  • PVC flooring can endure even the toughest terrains
  • Suitable for all kinds of weather
  • Quite spacious inside with a high roof
  • Rain cap for the main pole prevents unwanted moisture build-up
  • Lacks storage facilities


If you’re looking for the toughest tent money can buy, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Unistrength Canvas Bell Tent.

It ticks all the right boxes but misses out on some features that aren’t a big deal when you consider the durability offered by the tent.

Moreover, if the tent wears out, you can patch this canvas tent by yourself.

#8. WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

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The canvas wall tent is definitely one of the best tents for camping in cold weather. It is also a bit on the expensive side, but you can make it up in the long run if you’ll be camping a lot.

WHITEDUCK and Spring Lodge can compete head-to-head when it comes to appearance, although WHITEDUCK looks cozier inside. Unistrength has a triangular shape, which may not be convenient near the walls.

Strong and reliable zipper? It has got you covered. With a peak ceiling height of 8.5 ft. and vertical walls, absolutely no space is wasted, and it is spacious enough to accommodate large groups of people.

The structure of WHITEDUCK uses high-quality powder-coated metal brackets with anodized aluminum tent poles.

Additionally, you also get steel wires for further reinforcement.

For Spring Lodge, you only get 6 leg poles for the whole tent and 4 for the cabinets. With Unistrength, you only get 1 center pole and 1 door pole, but that’s because of its triangular shape.

Once you do get helping hands, you can have the tent up and ready in no time as the frame comes together very quickly.

You can choose from multiple sizes. They all share the same features, except for an extra stove jack in the larger models.

One major drawback of this tent, however, is its weight. It is a very heavy tent, weighing in at around a staggering 170 lbs.

This goes without saying, but you will have a hard time transporting it without a vehicle. But apart from this, the tent is fantastic for what it is.

But if you are looking for a tent that doesn’t involve a lot of mechanical components and is easy to set up, you may be interested in the Tahoe Gear Ozark cabin tent.

While it isn’t as well-designed as the WHITEDUCK Alpha, it is still quite spacious inside.

Moreover, you could also save a bunch of money if you’re looking to get a tent for overnight trips, instead of the WHITEDUCK Alpha, which could literally be used at home if you wish to live in it!

Thanks to its storm flaps and stove jack openings, it is simple to stay warm and cozy inside when camping in cold environments.

Moreover, with double-stitched seams around, the tent does an excellent job at insulating, which allows you to stay comfortable and snuggly inside.

Getting back to its durability, the PVC floor base, and canvas upper-body fabric ensure that it can withstand harsh environments and extreme weather conditions.

Only WHITEDUCK and Unistrength tents have protective PVC flooring, whereas Ozark Trail Spring Lodge, Tahoe Gear Carson, and Ozark Trail Hazel Creek don’t have this advantage.

Moreover, thanks to its modular frame design, the structure is highly stable and holds up quite well against strong winds.

  • Great weather-proofing features make it ideal for all weather conditions
  • Highly spacious and roomy inside
  • Durable and high-strength material used all around for optimal durability
  • The built-in stove jack makes it simple to warm the tent
  • High ceiling all around the tent, thanks to its rectangular layout
  • Extremely heavy, which makes it difficult to store and transport
  • Requires at least two people for setting up the tent


If you intend to go for long-term camping trips with friends or family, the WHITEDUCK Alpha will best serve your purpose in the long run with its spacious layout and highly durable components.

However, the expensive price tag may be a deal-breaker for seasonal campers.

Things To Consider Before Buying

what to look for in a tent

Before you choose a tent, you should first assess your requirements and the areas you will be camping in.

There are several factors that you can consider when getting a large tent, and we have discussed some of them below:

Numerous Rooms

Generally, these giant tents come with multiple rooms inside. This enables privacy while also allowing you to personalize the living area.

In brief, it makes sense to have separate rooms when numerous people are living together as this will assist in making an isolated and peaceful sleeping environment.

Moreover, people have varying sleeping patterns. For instance, while some people like to sleep with the lights turned on, others prefer to sleep in the dark.

Having separate rooms ensures that everyone living in the tent can sleep without bothering other people or getting bothered by others’ annoying habits!

Large Area

Although the tents have a huge capacity on paper, they are actually much smaller than their specified 14 person capacity.

This happens because most manufacturers imply the backpacking principle for determining the total capacity of a tent; it is done by finding the total number of pads that can be placed on the tent’s floor.

Sufficient Headroom

Fortunately, most 14-person tents have great headroom, which allows everyone to move around freely inside the tent.

These giant tents aren’t just wide, but they’re also tall enough for taller-than-average people.

However, before choosing a tent, you should make sure that its headroom is enough for your requirements.

Multiple Doors And Windows

With so many campers under one tent, the importance of proper ventilation cannot be understated.

Most tents have one door for each room, but not all the rooms have windows.

If you’ll be camping in rainy conditions, having extra airflow will be beneficial to prevent condensation build-up inside the tent.


All camping tents must be assembled, with larger tents needing more time and extra work to be set up.

On the bright side, it isn’t more difficult to assemble than smaller tents.

But tents that have easy-setup systems are generally much heavier and bulkier. They also take up more storage space than traditional tents.

Therefore, you should also consider the packed size and weight of the tent before deciding between easy-setup tents and traditional tents.

Weather-Proofing And Durability

If you are only camping in areas where the weather conditions are dry all the time, you probably don’t need weather-proofed tents.

However, having a waterproof tent is a must for camping in rainy weather.

Some tents come with reinforced components, which enhance their durability and longevity.

Added construction features for durability are; reinforced floors, windows, sturdy two-way zippers, etc.

Storage Space

As most tents for 14 people are built like mini-houses, they generally come with ample storage space that can easily accommodate all of your baggage and belongings.

Some models come with cabinets/closets, meshed storage spaces, wall storage pouches, and more!

If storage space is necessary, look out for tents that have lots of pockets and storage options inside.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can We Hang A Light Inside The Tent?

Most tents have lamp holders in every room but don’t expect them all to have them. Lighting candles is not something we would advise you because it may lead to fire hazards.

However, carrying a torch and electric lamps is recommended when you’re out in the wild camping in a tent.

In addition, the small pockets in each room can serve as a light holder. You would also have access to electronic ports to light up electronic devices.

How Do You Waterproof A 14 Person Tent?

To start, on a sunny and dry day, clean the inside and outside of the tent. Carefully sew the seams, then refresh the urethane and durable water repellent (DWR) covering.

Spray the water-repellant generously before setting out with your tent. Let it all dry at the end before packing.

You should waterproof your tent every 6 months or so, depending on how often you use it.

If you delay the process, don’t blame the tent manufacturer.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up A 14 Person Tent?

There is no exact duration as to how long it may take you to set up the tent. If you are a professional, you can do it in 10 minutes.

On the other hand, if you are still new to this and need to check the instruction manual and your progress constantly, it may take about 30 minutes.

Furthermore, since it’s a big tent, you need more than 2 people to assemble it. Some tents for 14 people are quite heavy, while some are lightweight.

Either way, take your time to properly set the rooms, windows, rainfly, porch, and guy rope.

Final Words

Hopefully, the effort we have put into creating this list has not been wasted. As long as you can find the best 14 person tent for you from this list, our job is fruitful.

Despite everything the manufacturers say, you should also do some individual research about 14 person tents.

When you are shopping for the best tent, keep in mind the factors that we have discussed. Also, some helpful Q/A from other users has been illustrated in this article for your guidance.

For your information, different users may have different experiences with the same tent depending on how well they have been able to assemble and maintain it.

So, don’t judge too quickly until you have thought things through!

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