Best 18 Person Tent For Unbelievable Group Trips!

Are you an avid camper who likes to get his family and friends onboard on camping trips? Well, if so, getting the best 18 person tent should be a priority on your list!

With a larger instant cabin tent like this, you can easily get a huge number of people to use the instant tent at the same time.

The best benefit of this large family tent is that they offer an incredible amount of space, so many of you can use them, having a great time out in the wild.

An instant cabin tent reduces the loneliness of going camping alone. With a few members, instead, turn your family tent into a full-blown party on the go.

Do you want to achieve that? Stick to the guide!

Best 18 Person Tent For Group Camping

To help you find a quality instant tent to get your loved ones on board on the camping trips, I’ve researched, tested, and found some standard variants of large camping tents.

Now, a detailed explanation of each family tent is given for a fuller understanding.

#1. Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 18-Person Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 18 Person Cabin Tent

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The first part of my list of large family camping tents is the Ozark Trail instant tent.

This large family camping tent is created for larger families and people who love to travel in numbers. If you’re one of those folks, who love to travel big, check out this large instant tent.


  • Spectacular design
  • Lay up Upto 3 queen mattresses
  • Ventilation enhanced design
  • Added E ports for cod access
  • Easy setup

The best part about this huge tent is the incredible space it has to offer. Moreover, you can express your contentment with the fact that this tent comes with three separate rooms as one of the key tent features.

That’s not all; you’d also find doors to each screen room, so you’d have a certain level of privacy while using such a huge tent.

With such a large space, you can easily place two to three queen beds for better resting.

An interesting part of this tent is its incredible transportability. One of the biggest issues with getting tents from one place to the next is the weight. And for tents of this huge size, this can become extremely challenging.

But the Ozark Trail Hazel Creek comes with a wheel system on its bag. So it’d be pretty easy for you to take even the largest family camping tents from one place to another.

Similar to the TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent, this tent, too, is pretty easy to assemble.

I’ve found this tent to be easy to set up, despite its sheer size. However, you may have to set up tent poles and other things for it.

The issue of ventilation is always a matter of high importance while getting a family tent.

You don’t want to get boiled under the scorching heat of summer. That’s why this tent comes with outstanding ventilation possibilities with its mesh roof.

First, it has a staggering 8 windows at different locations throughout the tent, which will help get air in.

Moreover, the outer doors come with canopies, so in the morning, you’d be able to keep the door open without letting the sun inside, making the tent cooler with the breeze and stopping the heat from entering during warm weather camping.

Also, this tent is able to withstand standard wind conditions. Moreover, it also has a quality user satisfaction record in terms of holding out against water and rains.

However, the rain fly design is something I must complain about as the poor rain fly design may not be able to protect the inner areas of these cabin tents.

  • Large 3 room tent with own door for groups of travelers
  • Increased privacy with room doors of canvas tents
  • Convenient transportation possibilities
  • Quality protection against rain and water-related issues
  • Holds out against wind
  • It May have a slightly problematic rainfly design
  • May have trouble getting the water cleared from the top

Final Verdict

Despite the minor issues, if you consider all the good things I need to say about this particular item, this should certainly be a good pick for any group of travel enthusiasts out there.

#2. TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

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At the 2nd spot on the list, I have the Teton sports sierra canvas tent. For those who like to add numbers while they’re traveling, this tent should be a good add-on.

Let’s learn more about this one.


  • Beautiful round design
  • Canopy set up enabled
  • Mesh doors for ventilation
  • Comfort friendly design
  • Easy installation

The thing that I’d want to focus on first is the sheer amount of space coming with the multi-person instant cabin tent.

Being a large 20 by 20 feet tent, it should be able to give space to many people at the same time.

The manufacturer’s estimate is around 16 people; however, 18 People can adjust themself comfortably in this tent.

Setting up the tent is often a troublesome job for many. Especially with large tents like this one, it can get extremely difficult.

However, setting it up is pretty easy, despite being pretty big. So, that’s a positive aspect to take into consideration.

Moreover, the issue of rain and water seeping in is one of the most feared factors while you’re out there camping. However, this tent has a sound, water-resistant capability to offer that sort of experience.

The wind is something that can completely destroy your tent, and that’s something you must be aware of and set the tent up at a location with lower wind velocity.

This tent comes with satisfying user experience records when it comes to holding up against wind-related issues.

It should be able to resist wind to a certain degree and offer stable camping, reducing the possibilities of your own tent falling on top of you.

This product is also included in my list of the best tents for tall people as the center height is way too high.

Cleaning and maintenance of this tent body are also pretty easy as you expect. So, you won’t have to toil hours behind the tent to keep it in the best of conditions.

One of the biggest issues I found is the problem of heat being trapped inside the tent. You’d have to open up the tent to let the air flow and keep the heat down.

But that’d get the bugs and other insects inside. Besides, this tent is great for long-term living.

So, this is something you should take into account before heading ahead.

  • Large 20 ft tent for getting the entire family onboard
  • Can stand up to wind
  • Fair rain and snow resistant capabilities
  • Offers easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy to set up
  • Can seem a bit too hot
  • Poles may seem a bit wobbly

Final Verdict

Yes, the mentioned issue above can seem like a challenging task to deal with. However, if you take into account the innumerable benefits and features this tent comes with, it’s hard to completely avoid it.

All in all, based on the incredible user experiences, this tent should be a good one you can go for, keeping aside the minor issues.

#3. OZARK TRAIL-20 Person Cabin Tent

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If you’ve been looking for an extra-large tent with screen room for going camping with your family and friends for a long time, this Tent by Ozark Trail should surely be a quality consideration in the list of instant tents.


  • Power cord ports
  • Added mesh bag for interior storage pockets
  • Rain Flies are included like traditional tents.
  • Added height and screen room for easy movement
  • Privacy prioritized design output

Similar to the tents mentioned above, TETON Sports Sierra Canvas and the Ozark Trail Hazel Creek, this one too is considered to be a pretty large family tent.

If you’re someone like me, who likes to travel with a large band of brothers, this tent should be a good add-on.

Also, you can compare big family tents to a castle because of their sheer performance.

So, you can guess the amount of quality it will provide in terms of battling the outer environment. The reason for such compliments is that it offers quality support during rainy weather.

It’ll reduce the possibility of water getting inside but may, however, not be completely waterproof, just like any other tent.

Further, the aspect of installation plays a large role in determining the overall quality of a tent, well, having a more or less easy setting up process, which should aid you to get complication-free travel.

Moreover, the user’s satisfaction with the fact that the tent comes with separate rooms with entrance and exit points. This will certainly help those people who love to go for more private outings.

Further, the factor of ventilation is also vital for campers, especially if you’re going camping during the summer months. At this time, heat and humidity can completely ruin the trip if the tents aren’t equipped with enough ventilation.

Thanks to its quality design, the 20-person tent comes with enough windows and doors, which will get the air inside. As a result, you’d get a basic level of heat reduction capabilities using this tent.

One of the issues you can find bothersome is the unavailability of replacement parts. If you happen to lose one or two parts of the tent, it may become difficult to make it work.

However, you can still contact the support to learn whether they do provide it right now or not.

  • Tremendously spacious design
  • Offers basic protection against weather elements
  • Easier overall installation
  • Separate rooms and entry points for added privacy
  • Aesthetic outer design
  • Water may leak
  • Lack of replacement parts

Final Verdict

Well, like any other tent in the market, this one too can have some minor issues.

But all things considered and taking into account all the positive experiences; this should be a quality basic tent for large traveling groups.

#4. Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

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I have another outstandingly well-received tent by Tahoe.

Like the previous ones I talked about beforehand, this one too is pretty spacious and should offer a quality room for a lot of people at the same time.


  • Ventilation enhanced design
  • Space-increased construction
  • Better transportability
  • Open mesh construction
  • Fly canopy set up possibilities

The reason why I prefer this one is it comes with a roomy interior. And that is exactly what you will be talking about most positively about this particular item.

So, you can include all your friends and buddies on the next trip while heading out with this highly specious, two-roomed tent.

Moreover, another thing it is extremely good at is the element of ventilation. Built with multiple large windows, this tent should provide a substantial amount of natural airflow to ease your trip during the summertime!

Much like the TETON Sports Sierra Canvas, this one too comes with a tremendously easy user experience of the installation and offers water resistance for all seasons, too.

So, it keeps your tent inside and outside dry for comfortable camping in the rainy weather. Also, the tent is built in a way that makes it easy for them to get it out from the back and get back inside.

Further, you’ll be able to put astounding 8′ twin camping mattresses inside this gigantic tent. It goes to show how big it is and something that you too can go for if you prefer cold weather camping.

If you’re thinking about water, then this tent has some good stuff to offer. Consumer reports indicated that slight water did come in during the rain, but it was through the window, which is pretty normal.

As a result, during the rains, this tent should offer a basic level of protection.

One thing to remember is its outdoor equipment, which means there can be differences in each users’ experience.

Despite its record of a quality rain management system, some found it to leak water with some units, but it depends on the particular product you get, which is made by the manufacturer.

But it’s looking to be like a single case and not the majority. Another thing I found was the issue of instructions. The tent lacked instructions badly.

It took me more than an hour to figure out how to pitch the tent.

  • Comes with a roomy interior for housing many individuals
  • Easy to install on-site with sleeping bags
  • Offers standard protection against rain and weather-related issues
  • Offers quality ventilation through many large windows
  • Quality overall outdoor performance
  • Slight water leakage issues can arise
  • Lack of quality instructions

Final Verdict

However, if you consider the tent, on the whole, skipping the minor issues, they should indeed be a good option for anyone willing to go for a large-scale trip with a group of buddies!

#5. Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 16 Person Family Cabin Tent

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The Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 16 Person Family Cabin Tent offers a second home for a large group of friends and family.

The prime setting for a family camping trip with the kids or a weekend getaway with friends. The perfect camping tent for a big family or group.


  • Freestanding tent
  • T-Shaped Floor area
  • Ventilation friendly design
  • Privacy increased construction
  • Added 3 E-Cables Port for convenience

As a matter of fact, this is a really remarkable structure in the list of the best large camping tents, and the best way to evaluate this is most likely to see it from above.

T-shaped floor space and 22 x 16 feet overall dimensions characterize this massive structure.

With this amount of space in a tent, you could easily accommodate a full family without any effort!

The finest feature of this tent is its ventilation, which is provided by seven distinct windows, all of which are double-layer in construction with mesh and inner zippered panels.

Having fresh air available inside the tent is always possible.

Similar to the Tahoe Gear Ozark, this one offers a leak-proof flood as well that keeps you safe-bedding in the rain with your family to enjoy.

Also, rain protection fabric that repels water and keeps natural airflow while letting the sun in, provides you with the best camping experience.

There are a variety of other features in this great tent! Each and every one of them is going to be a favorite of yours.

To begin, it has a detachable media pocket as well as a removable media screen with a 55-inch diagonal and 16:9 aspect ratio, so you can watch late-night movies.

It also has multiple pockets strategically placed around the tent and a lantern port for lighting.

Also, this tent is a three-season tent that has been shown to be successful in various climates and can survive tough conditions because of its high-quality material.

The main structure fabric is a poly taffeta 185T with a waterproof rating of 1200 mm, which is the same material and grade as the fly fabric. The gaps are taped together.

Mesh regions are made of a No-See-Um sort of net material. As a result, you have a watertight environment and do not have to be concerned if it rains!

One outstanding feature of this smaller tent is that, despite its enormous size, it only weighs 43.7lb, which is quite light for a tent of this size.

The Ozark Trail Hazel Creek is one of the best-selling tents. Despite the fact that it is named for three seasons, your feeling would be a bit distressed when there is a lot of rain.

  • When packed, it is quite compact.
  • Easy to install.
  • This is an excellent size for a group of travelers.
  • It is really simple to transfer from one location to another.
  • Well designed for stability.
  • Storms might cause issues.
  • There aren’t any floor vents accessible.

Final Verdict

This Ozark Trail 16-Person 3-Room Family Cabin Tent with 3 Entrance points is an excellent choice for any camping trip with so many essential features.

It has outstanding space management, looks tall and appealing, and has a lot of available floor space. You can have a sense of flexibility in this environment.

With such gigantic tents, there are bound to be problems. However, they are minor, and you can still have a wonderful time in this enormous tent.

#6. Ozark Trail 16-Person Cabin Camping Tent

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The Ozark Trail 16-Person Cabin Camping Tent is a massive 3-room tent with a total floor size of more than 21 square meters. A large camping tent for you and your friends to enjoy together.

If you’re looking for large tents, have a look at this tent!


  • Huge compartment size
  • Easy entry point design
  • Quality Ventilation system
  • Privacy proof
  • Easy setup process

If you like camping with your family and friends in large tents, the Ozark Trail 16-Person Cabin Camping Tent is an excellent choice for you.

It is a 16 people tent according to the manufacturer. However, 18 people can adjust easily.

The tent is made of durable materials. In fact, a floor plan is virtually a Y-letter form due to its gigantic size, and the entire area is almost 22 square meters.

In addition to the main structure, it offers a porch area for resting and relaxing in the shade. The porch area is around 1.5 square meters in size.

With virtually vertical walls and a small fly covering just the ceiling, this cabin-style tent is ideal for a weekend getaway.

Its name indicates that the tent has a capacity of 16 people in terms of size, which is correct.

However, the floor space that is provided above indicates that you have just 1.25 m2, so the actual number might be a bit different. Other than that, this tent is filled with unique features for a stunning trip.

You can enjoy sleeping beneath the stars when the weather is clear since the ceiling is totally covered with screens.

The tent is surprisingly durable for such a large construction, and it holds up well even when exposed to strong wind conditions.

The material that was picked to construct the tent is pretty tough. You may take it camping in the mountains, to parks, or wherever else you desire!

The installation of such massive structures requires considerable effort. The process of putting up a tent is typically a difficult one for many people.

It may be exceedingly challenging, especially when dealing with enormous tents like this one. On the other hand, despite its size, it is rather simple to set up.

Every camper finds themselves in a situation where they must find a suitable location for their tents, and finding a large enough room for this gigantic tent has proven to be a challenge for all.

  • Very spatial and flexible for mass usage
  • 3 separate rooms for increased privacy
  • Separate entrance door for easy entry and exit
  • Quality overall ventilation
  • Decent ability to withstand rain and snow
  • No Floor Vents
  • Can get warmer in the summers

Final Verdict

Setting up the structure requires a significant amount of ground space, which may provide a challenge in certain locations.

However, in any event, this is an outstanding design that is both comfortable and well-suited for summertime camping in a moderate region with little rainfall.

Make sure you place it under an open sky so that you can see the stars at night!

#7. Hazel Creek 16 Person Tunnel Tent

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The Hazel Creek, 16 Person Tunnel Tent, is an excellent choice for camping trips with friends and family.

The distinctive shape of this tent provides campers with plenty of space to stretch out and relax. Very compatible and easy to carry!


  • Large sleeping space
  • Weather protected construction
  • Added accessories
  • Build in E-port access
  • Mesh walls and windows for ventilation in summer camping

If you are someone who travels a lot with friends and family, this tent is a perfect alternative to save money on hotel costs!

With its massive structure and creative design, the tent provides campers with plenty of space to stretch out.

You’d be praised for the product’s very simple and unique design, which makes it quite convenient to transport wherever they go.

Furthermore, ventilation is quite important while camping during the summer months since things tend to grow hot inside a tent if there isn’t enough airflow.

The Hazel Creek 16 Person Tunnel Tent, on the other hand, is a different story. During the day, the mesh walls and ceiling provide excellent ventilation, and at night, it is even possible to stargaze.

The tent has shown to be quite helpful in rough weather conditions; with its seam-taped rainfly, it provides additional weather protection and water resistance when you need it the most.

In this way, there will be less chance of water seeping in.

However, things can get a little messy if there is heavy rain. The most appealing feature of the tent is its unique tunnel appearance.

You’ll love the integrated awning, spacious D-shaped doorway, and full-length mud mat in your tent’s entrance, which will help keep the interior clean and debris-free while you’re camping.

If you are someone who enjoys activities, then this tent comes with four sets of rope lights, which are perfect for nighttime activities, as well as an E-port for effortlessly providing power to your camping gadgets.

Additionally, it comes with a complimentary flashlight as part of the package!

A common complaint was the shortage of multiple storage pockets and setup instructions that were included with the package.

  • Incredibly roomy interior for added space
  • Provides decent protection during rough conditions
  • Mesh wall design for better ventilation
  • Provides power supply for camping gadgets
  • Easy to transport
  • Lack of extensive setup instructions
  • Lack of privacy

Final Verdict

Even if you have a few troubles with the tent from time to time, the Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 16 Person Tunnel Tent is a great choice since it provides convenience and comfort in one package.

All things considered, and taking into consideration all of the great experiences, this should be a high-quality tent for big traveling groups of people.

Buying Guide To Get The Best 18 Person Tent

18 person tent buying guide

Getting a quality tent can seem to be pretty difficult these days. Misleading information and differences in real-life use can make it challenging.

Let’s look at some real-life factors that can make it easier:

Tent Space

The first thing to consider while getting the tent for 18 people is the amount of space it offers. Is the tent big enough to accommodate the large number of people you’re traveling with?

In that case, you may want to consider the floor space the manufacturer can provide. The size should be shown in square feet measurement for you to understand.

Now a basic rule of thumb is that you’d need around 15 square feet of area for one individual. That means the tent needs to have around 150 square feet of floor space to accommodate 10 people.

So, make your calculations as we showed above and go for the right dimensions.

Room And Privacy

Well, this is a must, especially when you’re traveling with your family or multiple families together. Privacy would certainly be a major concern in this case.

If you’re traveling with multiple families together, go for the tents with 2-3 rooms. Make sure they have separate doors for each room.

Rain, Snow, And Heat

Last but not least, make sure the tent is completely waterproof, so snow or rainwater doesn’t get inside and flood the tent.

In that case, it’s best to hear what the users are saying about each tent.

Moreover, make sure the tent offers plenty of ventilation to safeguard yourself from the scorching heat of summertime.

Well, if you consider these few things you should be able to find a quality tent.

Final Words

Well, you are at the final parts of my guide. Throughout the entire discussion, I’ve provided you with deeper insights as to how you’d be able to get a quality tent while traveling with a large group of people.

I’ve talked about some quality options and highlighted real-life user experience, so they offer a better understanding of the practical use.

Large tents are an outstanding way to enjoy your holidays and weekends on camping trips away from the city.

You can get in all your buddies and families together and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. So what are you looking for?

Get the best 18 person tent right now and start making memories!

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