Best 16 Person Tent To Get Whole Gang Under One Roof

We all know how incredibly fun and refreshing it is to go outdoor camping with the whole gang. And it’s definitely more fun when everyone stays under one tent.

When it comes to large gatherings, I always say the more, the merrier.

Because those camping nights, full of endless chit-chats, singing, stargazing, card games, all of these happening altogether under one tent but in different crowds, were so lively that it’s incredible.

But the problem is that large tents are comparatively heavy, and harder to pitch and maintain.

But don’t worry. I’ve been trying to find out the best 16 person tent in the market right now, and for that, I’ve been doing a tedious amount of online research for several days.

And after a lot of crossing off, I’ve finally come to this top 7 picks based on their protectability against harsh weather, ventilation, durability, portability, and other important factors.

Best 16 Person Tents Reviews

While making this list, I tried to consider various necessities that you guys might have, like affordable prices, separable rooms, open mesh ceilings, and many others.

I believe in the list below, you’ll find at least one large tent that meets your demands.

#1. Tahoe Gear Ozark Family Cabin Tent

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Looking for a trustworthy vendor to buy high-grade, durable tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks for an enhanced camping experience with family and friends?

You can turn to Tahoe Gear for your camping needs unquestionably, as they build attested and quality products designed to serve you for long.

As a 16-person tent, it is of standard weight, weighing only 50.3 pounds. So, carrying the tent around shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

Most additional tents on this list like Ozark Trail Cabin, Ozark Trail Hazel Creek, and Fortunershop, all have weights almost the same as this one.

The tent is decently roomy with an area dimension of 16.4’ x 15.42’, and can actually accommodate 16 people inside it, but that’s all it can do for them.

For a comfortable stay with gears and luggage, the large tent can actually accommodate 10-12 people very nicely.

The tent also has a 7’ center height, which enables a decent amount of headroom, and lets you walk around the tent freely.

Unfortunately, it’s true that compared to Teton Sports, Ozark Trail Cabin, and Fortunershop, this tent comes a little short in space.

But if space isn’t your prime concern, this tent can make up for you in many other ways.

No other tent on this list can beat the amount of ventilation this tent can provide.

With an open ceiling and breathable polyester made body, it allows exceptional air circulation inside the tent while letting you enjoy the sky view. Stargazers absolutely adore the tent for this.

The tent is also equipped with mesh doors, windows, and floor vents which enable further air circulation in the tent and keep you fresh even on rusty rainy days.

One problem is the big windows can show little leakage in heavy rain. To prevent that, I’d suggest you use a little waterproof spray on the window seams.

Apart from this small setback, this tent can really provide great protection against harsh weather.

A 1200 mm polyester rainfly comes with the tent, which provides extended coverage in rain.

For protection against strong wind, the tent is equipped with durable fiberglass poles and stakes.

But the stakes are not suitable for use on a beach or a sandy place. You can to purchase additional best quality stakes for sand.

You can get as much privacy as you want with the room dividers allowing up to 3 rooms inside the tent.

The center divider is the main one as it divides the tent into 2 equal-sized rooms, and sadly the divider is non-detachable.

One of the rooms can be divided into 2 more, where one of them works as a patio.

With shock-corded tent poles and a pin and ring system, you can pitch the tent fairly easily, but in no way it’s a one-man job.

  • Made of durable polyester and mesh body
  • Open mesh ceiling allows great ventilation and also begets great sky-view
  • Taped polyester rainfly keeps you dry in heavy rain
  • Getting up to 3 rooms allows you to have the utmost privacy
  • E-port allows a convenient power supply inside the tent
  • Easy to assemble with shock-corded poles
  • Windows leak a little during heavy rainfall
  • The center room divider is not detachable

Short Verdict

The tent will provide a comfortable amount of space for 10-14 people and give you good protection in harsh weather.

A great choice for enjoying bug-free stargazing. Don’t go for it If you want one big room to live in with everyone together.

#2. Ozark Trail Cabin Camping Tent

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With versatile products in its collection, Ozark Trail is capable of fulfilling all your camping and hiking needs and much more.

This tent from Ozark Trail has a high potential of winning you over, and making itself your second home, here’s why.

Camping enthusiasts love this product because of how lightweight yet spacious the tent is.

The tent has enough space to accommodate 16 persons with a low amount of gear, having a large area dimension of 23.5’ x 18.5’. But the tent weighs only 46.7 lbs.

Compared to Tahoe Gear, OT Cabin packs more space and still weighs less. This one is probably the best space-to-weight ratio tent on this list.

12-14 people can stay in the tent very cozily with a heavy number of gear and luggage.

With a 6.9’ center height average height, people can freely wander around the tent.

The tent gives you flexibility with its room setup, allowing you to catch up with your mood and needs.

Privacy shouldn’t be an issue in this tent, as 2 fabric room dividers allow the users have 3 separable rooms.

If you and your people decide to chill together with everyone, simply detach the dividers and turn the whole tent into one big room.

The tent has 3 mesh doors with fabric covers for each separable room, making access to the tent very convenient.

Besides mesh doors, an open ceiling and 6 mesh-cover windows enable exceptional air circulation inside the tent, which keeps the inside of the tent really comfortable and breathable even on a sultry rainy day.

Compared to some tents on this list like Tahoe, Coleman, Whiteduck, this one tent is a little bit more complicated to set up with its freestanding installation, which is definitely not a solo war to fight.

It takes 3-4 people, almost 20-25 minutes, to set the tent up.

Want to enjoy the night sky full of stars? The open mesh ceiling will let you enjoy the view while keeping you protected from bugs.

But if it rains? Worry not, as the seam-sealed included rainfly will keep you dry from light to moderate rain.

The problem is as the tent itself doesn’t have properly sealed seams everywhere, heavy rain might cause leakage from the sides to an extent.

But this can be easily taken care of with a seam sealer or a waterproof spray.

No need to get tensed about leakage around the entrance door as a mud mat and a drain are there to limit the water flow.

The floor is made of waterproof, thick tarpaulin, which leaves no chance of water pooling under or damping the floor.

No e-port is available, but a cable pocket lets you bring in the supply cord from outside.

  • Spacious and adequate for 16 people
  • You can choose to have 1, 2 or 3 separable rooms
  • Open mesh ceiling to enjoy night sky-view
  • Mesh ceiling, door, and windows provide exceptional ventilation
  • Tarpaulin waterproof floor, mud mat, drain to prevent rainwater from pooling inside
  • Sealed rainfly provides good protection from rain
  • Heavy rain causes some leakage
  • Provided stakes are weak

Short Verdict

Great for camping with your family and friends on a warm sunny day.

Take a little extra measure to stay completely safe during the rainy season.

#3. Ozark Trail Hazel Creek Family Tent

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Why am I discussing two tents from Ozark Trails back-to-back?

They absolutely deserve it because of the triple-C they provide; comfort, convenience, and cost-efficiency.

Because of this Hazel Creek tent’s half cross-like shape, measurements can get a bit confusing.

The large tent has a dimension of 21’ x 15’, but that’s when you measure the length and width across the center.

To be accurate, the tent’s area is 230 sq. feet, which is adequate for tightly sleeping 16 people. But with 10-14 people, staying in the tent will definitely provide you with a very rewarding and cozy camping experience.

For comfortable sleeping, it is recommended to get a 20 person tent.

It has a center height of 6.67’, which is slightly less in comparison with other tents discussed so far but is still convenient to walk around.

Although compared to OT Cabin, OT Hazel Creek significantly falls behind in space, Hazel Creek holds some trump cards of its own too.

This large family tent is comparatively lightweight, as it weighs almost the same as the OT Cabin tent, only 47 lbs.

2 detachable room dividers will let you have 3 separable rooms with ample privacy.

Each room can tightly fit a queen size airbed, and if you’re struggling with space, just detach the room dividers, and you’ll be able to accommodate 2-3 more people in the center as well.

Like Tahoe Gear, OT Cabin, and Fortunershop from the list, this tent also comes with a fantastic open mesh ceiling for you to get moonstruck with the people you care about.

Besides the open mesh ceiling, 3 doors with screens and mesh windows will ensure exceptional air circulation across the tent to keep you calm and cool on a warm summer night, or a sultry cloudy day without letting the annoying bugs in.

The tent doors and windows come with rollable door flaps to keep you secured in the rain.

A sealed rainfly is provided with the tent that provides extended coverage so that the tent doesn’t leak from the sides while raining.

Although the tent provides great protection against light to heavy rain – against the strong, harsh wind, the tent is a tad bit vulnerable because of its delicate tent poles.

For its price, the tent is a jack of all trades and a really good value deal.

Lantern holder loops and mesh storage pockets provided inside come in really handy as well.

Set up is not much convoluted, requires approx. 25-30 minutes for 2-3 persons to pitch the tent completely.

A little concern is a comparatively thin floor, which might get damp after heavy rain. I’d suggest you put a tarp or a footprint underneath the entire tent to avoid this issue.

  • Comparatively lightweight and hassle-free to carry
  • Open mesh ceiling to enjoy stargazing
  • Mesh ceiling, screen doors, and mesh windows provide excellent ventilation
  • Seam-sealed rainfly to protect you from heavy rain
  • 2 detachable room divider allows up to 3 separate rooms
  • The floor is made of thin material that gets damp in heavy rain
  • Delicate poles that are not so sturdy against strong wind

Short Verdict

A great choice for summer camping with excellent ventilation and privacy. Not really equipped to fight against stormy weather.

For better protection in rainy seasons, I’ll suggest you go for Teton Sports, Tahoe Gear, or Coleman.

#4. TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Bell Tent

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How many of you guys are familiar with bell tents?

Probably a lot. If not, a bell tent is a cone-roof simple structured tent that is supported by a single pole at the center only.

Besides camping, these classic tents are being used from AD 600 to the present dates for various religious festivals, rituals, weddings, and many other occasions.

This fusion bell tent from TETON holds its ancient heritage by the looks and structure but is also adapted to the present-day by implementing weatherproof and ventilation technologies, making it one of the most unique products out on the market.

The entire tent is actually humongous, and with a vast 20’x20’ circular area dimensions, it beats even the biggest tents on this list like Ozark Trail, and Fortunershop by miles, in terms of space.

16 people can comfortably stay inside the tent with a good amount of luggage.

It does have a huge center height of 11’7”, but due to the cone-shaped roof, the outer sides of the tents will lack headroom, more suitable for storing your luggage.

Another excellent twist of this product is that it can either be a tent or a canopy depending on your need.

Just unzip and detach the sidewalls from the floor and voila! You’ve got your canopy ready for parties, festivals, or weddings.

Unlike Tahoe, OT Cabin, and others, this tent has no option for enjoying a night view with a mesh ceiling.

The tent has an extra-wide mesh door for enhanced ventilation and convenient carrying of gears.

Besides the mesh door, there are 3 roof vents and 4 windows for further air ventilation.

Even after all the air ventilation, the tent inside can get really hot on a warm sunny day.

The tent itself is made of breathable and weatherproof cotton canvas, which repels water to keep the tent interior dry and safe.

Like other rain-protected tents such as Tahoe Gear, Ozark Trail, this tent doesn’t come with a rainfly, and you won’t need one too; the canvas is engineered in such a way.

But if anything touches the tent wall while raining, the tent might leak.

The floor material is a very important feature to look for. This tent comes with heavy-duty tarp-like material, stopping water from pooling beneath the tent after raining.

Both the center pole and the pole at the entrance are robust and made of galvanized steel.

Robust poles and sturdy build along with the thick steel stakes that come with the packaging protect the tent from the harshest stormy weather.

Compared to all other tents on this list, this one is the heaviest, with a whopping 114 lbs. weight.

Carrying the tent around is probably its biggest setback.

Despite being extremely heavy, the tent is rather easy to set up.

With the simple 2 pole assembly system, you can set the tent up in only under 15 minutes which is faster than any conventional tents on this list.

  • Exceptionally spacious tent with a circular area dimension
  • Can be used as both tent and a canopy
  • Waterproof canvas repels water and keeps the interior bone dry
  • No extra rainfly is needed
  • Good ventilation through mesh doors, windows, and roof vents
  • Easy set up only under 15 minutes
  • Very heavyweight
  • Gets hot inside the tent during summer days

Short Verdict

A durable tent plus canopy that can meet your versatile needs and can keep you safe in the most dire weather.

If you can overcome the carrying issue, this tent is a solid family camping pick suitable for most times of the year.

#5. Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent

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Although this tent is sold by camping gear vendor brand Fortunershop, it is actually manufactured by Ozark Trail.

The tent can be an excellent pick for your next camping adventure for its durable design, satisfactory performance records, and some useful features unique to other tents on the market.

Quite similar to OT Hazel Creek, this tent has a unique cross shape. And because of that, the tent has roughly 240 sq. feet area, despite having an area dimension of 20’x20’.

The tent’s unique shape allows it to accommodate up to 16 people, with no gear, in tight situations.

With 3 detachable room dividers, each head of the cross can be separated as a room, 4 in total, and each room can accommodate a queen-sized air bed.

Among tents that come with separable rooms, like both the Ozark Trail tents, this tent has the highest number of rooms.

Each room also comes with a mesh door which, along with the mesh roof, provides excellent ventilation.

Detaching all the dividers, you can set one additional bed in the center if it’s necessary.

The tent is actually comfortable for 10-12 people, 14 max. A group of 10-12 people can have a comfortable crowd in each room with their luggage without compromising privacy.

Weight shouldn’t be an issue for you, as the tent is comparatively light and weighs only 53.7 lbs.

Other than outliers like Teton Sport or Whiteduck Regatta, most of the tents in this list are lightweight and easier to carry around.

Like the Tahoe, OT tents, and Coleman, this one also has a wide-open mesh ceiling.

You’ll be able to enjoy the sky full of stars from any corner of the tent without bugs and mosquitoes trying to end your life.

Sudden rain won’t be able to interfere with your quality time, as the taped thick rainfly that comes with the packaging will keep you safe.

However, heavy rain and wind can be a little problem because of the tent’s cross shape.

A little leak might be seen from the sidewalls, but that can be taken care of by using a little waterproof spray.

With sturdy poles and a tent frame, the tent can expediently defend against strong wind.

But be careful about the provided stakes as they’re not so sturdy. I’d recommend you get a sturdy set of stakes to stay safe in stormy weather.

The tub-like floor design, along with the thick waterproof floor material, makes sure that you don’t require any tarp underneath. You can still use one just to be extra safe.

Water won’t pool under your tent, and your floor won’t get damped during heavy rain, that’s the beauty of tub-like floors.

If you liked how it sounded so far, I’ll add one last thing; the tent requires a little time and patience to stand up, so just don’t try to do it alone.

  • The unique cross shape allows up to 4 separable rooms
  • Lightweight and easier to carry around
  • Wide-open mesh ceiling for stargazing
  • Mesh doors, windows, and ceiling allows top-notch air circulation
  • A taped rainfly is included to protect you from rain
  • Tub like floors won’t let water pool beneath your tent
  • Sidewalls might show little leakage in heavy rain
  • Vendor provided stakes are weak

Short Verdict

A safe camping tent choice to stay dry and hassle-free in sudden rain.

Offers the highest number of rooms among all the other tents on the list.

So, if you prefer small crowds and occasional privacy, this one’s a great choice.

#6. WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

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New to the term ‘Glamping’? This term conveys this bell tent’s true essence.

It’s actually a merger word originating from the words, glamour, and camping! Sounds exciting, right?

This gorgeous-looking bell tent is from the renowned brand WHITEDUCK, which sells the finest luxury tents and other camping equipment.

The tent simply weighs 66 lbs. which is a little heavier in comparison with Tahoe, Coleman tents, and other lightweight tents on the list.

But at least it’s a lot lighter compared to the other bell tent from this list, Teton Sport. And sadly, smaller too.

With a circular area dimension of having 16’5” diameter, the tent won’t be able to accommodate 16 people in any way.

At most 10 people can stay in this tent comfortably with a heavy amount of luggage.

Despite having a great center height of 9’8”, this tent lacks headroom as the side walls are only 2’7” feet.

This tent will provide you with both security and comfort at the same time.

The center pole and the entrance door pole both are made of durable galvanized steel. These steel poles provide the tent with extreme strength against harsh windy weather.

This tent also has a similar rain protection system as TETON Sports.

Made of waterproof and UV proof light cotton canvas, the tent is designed in such a way that no additional rainfly will be needed to keep you bone-dry in heavy rain.

Sidewalls also come with reinforced corners and stitched seams to provide further protection from the rain.

Also, to stop leakage from the base poles, plastic rain caps are provided.

The tent comes with double-layered mesh doors with rollable flaps, 3 mesh windows, and an adequate amount of roof vents to keep fresh air circulating inside the tent while keeping the bugs outside.

Burning summer day or sultry rainy day, you’ll remain fresh and comfortable inside your tent no matter the situation.

As a 4-season tent, this tent can do what even the most weather-protected tents on this list like OT tents, Tahoe Gear can’t do.

It can keep you protected in winter too. A 5” PE groundsheet stove jack opening allows you to conveniently set your stove jack, and stay warm on cold winter nights.

But a note of caution, don’t try to meddle with snowfall.

Having only a few poles to set the base, the tent is comparatively easier to set up.

It’s convenient to carry around too, as a nice carry bag comes with the packaging which includes pins, sturdy steel stakes, and rain caps.

Although this is a luxury tent, it doesn’t come with an e-port for convenient power access.

It just has a cable route cut into the tent body, which is slightly disappointing.

  • Robust galvanized poles give the tent strength to withstand heavy wind
  • Mesh doors, windows, and roof vents provide excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry
  • Waterproof and UV proof canvas saves you from both heat and rain
  • Stove jack opening for spending warm nights in winter
  • Rain caps to stop leaking from poles
  • Not nearly enough space for 16 people
  • Comparatively less headroom

Short Verdict

No other tent on this list will be able to provide you with such balanced and strong protection throughout most of the year.

If the space issues can be tackled, this one is the safest choice on the list for a large family camping tent anywhere anytime.

#7. Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent

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Among all the tents on this list, this instant cabin tent from the prominent brand Coleman is likely to be the smallest one.

With an area dimension of 14’ x 10’, the tent is not equipped to sleep 16 people inside it. At most 8-10 people can stay comfortably inside the tent.

Due to the not so terrible center height of 6’7”, you can freely move around the tent.

The tent also has two separable rooms with a detachable room divider. You can have fun together with everyone in one room or have smaller crowds in 2 separate rooms.

Being the smallest one, this tent is the lightest one among all too. It weighs only 42 lbs. making it very easy to carry around.

A carry bag also comes with the packaging to carry the bag with even more convenience.

I’ve selected this product solely because of how comfortable and safe a camping environment this tent can provide you, taking the minimal amount of hassle.

Of all the tents on the list, this tent has the quickest and easiest setup mechanism.

Just unfold the tent, extend, and secure the pre-assembled poles, that’s all there is to it.

Setting up the tent will take 1-2 minutes max. And it just doesn’t end here.

The tent is equipped with a darkroom technology that blocks 90% of the sunlight, protects you from harmful UV rays, and stops heat from building up inside the tent.

No other tent on this list can handle tent interior heat in such an efficient way.

1 mesh door and 2 large mesh windows allow great air circulation inside the tent.

Reflective guy lines and stakes let you easily spot your tent at night without drawing much attention.

To protect you from sudden rainy weather, manufacturers implemented Coleman’s Weathertec technology, which includes a polyester fly, welded corners, inverted seams, and a tub-like floor.

Polyester fly provides superior protection against heavy rain and keeps you bone dry inside the tent.

Special designed corners and seams prevent sidewall leakage, and a tub-like floor stops water from pooling underneath your tent and leaking from there.

Although the floor is made of vinyl-like thin material, it’s susceptible to damage and might get mildly damp upon heavy rain.

Strong wind and heavy rain can also cause some sidewall leakage.

  • The instant setup mechanism allows easy setup in 60 seconds
  • Darkroom technology prevents heat from building up inside the tent
  • Polyester fly protects the interior from rain
  • Welded corners, inverted seams stop walls from leaking
  • Most lightweight in the list, convenient to carry
  • Great air circulation by the mesh doors and windows
  • Not enough space for 16 people
  • The floor is made of thin material

Short Verdict

This large family tent is a jack of all trades with exceptional portability and good protection against hot summer and rusty rainy days.

What To Look For Before Buying A Tent?

what to look for in a tent

Buying a tent is not really a work of hassle, but you have to be careful if the product you’re buying is suitable for your demands as well as the campsite.

Tents are the heart of camping adventures as they’ll take all the tension off your shoulder by giving you shelter, comfort, and storage.

But if your tent fails to give you comfort and protection, your fun camping experience can be turned into utter frustration in no time.

No one can tell when a dire situation will arise, whether it’s out in the woods or on a placid seashore.

So, before getting your tent, I’d highly recommend that you’ll keep the following points I’ll mention, in your head.

Tent Space

It’s important that your tent can accommodate all the members, luggage, and gears comfortably. And buying such a tent is trickier than you think.

The capacity mentioned in product descriptions of the tents is actually the number of people in sleeping bags that the tents can fit. By no means, this is the actual capacity.

So, it’s better to check out 16 or 14 person tents, if you have 10 members in your camping group.

You can go for even bigger tents if you want a luxurious stay.


Most of us forget about headroom while buying tents, but this is an important factor as well.

It is a serious concern for claustrophobic or tall people. Headroom is simply an indicator of the tent space focusing on the volume rather than area only.

For more headroom, simply buy a tent with a large center height.

However, it depends on tent shape, sidewall heights, and various other factors as well.

Buying a tent with adequate headroom will allow you to store more gears, lay cots, set up more camping furniture, and above all give a comfortable and breathable atmosphere.

Safety And Security

Camping is fun when it’s all sunny, warm, and beautiful.

But no one knows when the great outdoors will come at you with an inconvenience, whether it’s bad weather or bugs and mosquitoes.

Out in the woods, God knows how many types of bugs and insects live.

It’s important that you choose a tent that’ll keep you secure from bugs and mosquitoes without cutting off air circulation and outside views.

Seasonality is an important characteristic of a tent that tells you, especially what sort of weather that tent is suitable for.

There are 3 types of tents in the market based on seasonality, 3 season, 3-4 season, and 4 season tents.

3 season tents are built for camping on warm summer days. They are mostly equipped to reflect heat and UV rays and keep the tent inside cool and fresh.

Rainflies often come with these tents to keep you dry from sudden rain.

 3-4 season tents are built a little sturdier and warmer to cope with the early winter nights.

With this tent, you can go camping in autumn and late autumn as it can withstand light snowfall and cold.

4 season tents are built to face cold winter nights. These tents trap heat inside and also have options for setting stove jacks or a fireplace so that you can stay warm.

Before buying your tent, study your campsite and buy accordingly.

Set Up And Portability

To save your quality camping time, look for a tent that is easier to pitch.

Usually, as the size of the tents increases, their setup process gets exponentially complicated.

So, while buying larger tents, avoid such that have a too convoluted setup process.

One other thing to be concerned about is the tent weight. Large, durable tents or various luxury tents are heavier in general and thus harder to carry.

So, if carrying heavy loads is an issue for you, don’t go for those expensive luxury tents.

There could be sudden situations where you might need to pack up quickly and leave.

A complicated and heavy tent won’t let that happen.


Manufacturers often add extra features to the tents to make your stay a little more convenient.

E-port access, separable rooms, heat protection, and open mesh ceiling, these little features can bring great diversity and comfort to your camping experience.

So before buying, always check out all the features and benefits a tent offers you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I Buy Additional Tent Stakes And Guylines?

Some tents offer small plastic stakes and weak guylines, that aren’t suitable for camping even in normal windy weather.

Usually, stakes and guylines that come with the tent are normally adequate for setting up camp on normal soil, in windy weather.

If you’re planning to go camping on the beach or on a snow-covered field, you’ll definitely need to buy large stakes, at least 12”, and strong guylines.

How Do I Prevent My Tent Floor From Dampening?

If your tent comes with a thin floor that isn’t waterproof enough, floor dampening during rainy days will be a common problem.

To stop your floor from dampening, set a thick tarp or footprint beneath the tent beforehand.

The thick tarp won’t also let any water pool under your tent.

What Is A Tent Vestibule?

A vestibule is an awning located just outside of your tent.

It is a sort of extension storage where you can store your outdoor equipment or wet, muddy boots and raincoats that you don’t really want to bring inside the tent.

A vestibule will provide you additional storage, keeping your tent inside roomy and clog-free.

Is A Rainfly Enough To Keep You Safe On A Rainy Day?

In most cases, they are. Most popular tents do come with a rainfly to keep you protected on a rusty rainy day.

The inability of a rainfly to protect your tent interior can be your fault as well. If you fail to set your rainfly properly, the leakage might occur.

Some tents do show some degree of leakage even after a proper fly set up.

In those cases, I’d recommend you use a seam sealer to cover your seams or use a waterproof spray to make your tent body waterproof.

For waterproof cotton canvas tents, make sure that no object touches the tent body while raining, or the tent will leak from there.


So, which one do you think is the best 16 person tent among these?

All these tents are great choices for camping, but personally, the bell tent from TETON won me over with its humongous space, versatility, and exceptional weather protection.

Coleman one is the most convenient and hassle-free to use. For stargazing, I’d choose Tahoe Gear.

But, don’t just take my words for it, explore them yourself to find out what you’d love.

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