Best 20 Person Tent [Big Enough Get Everyone Under One Roof]

When it comes to family camping trips, the more people, the merrier.

But the thing is, finding accommodation for all those people can be rather tricky – how many tents can you possibly carry?

There’s obviously a solution for that, which is a 20 person tent – which, by the way, does exist.

But many wonder if those are actually worth it or not. So, we took our time to do some research on that, and our findings amazed us.

Whether the best 20 person tent is the one that contains a rainfly, or one that comes with sturdy construction – you will find it all right here.

Just go through our reviews, and you will surely get what you are looking for.

Best 20 Person Tent Review

Got a big group of people to go camping with?

Well, don’t leave anyone behind and pick a tent for large groups from our picks right here.

#1. Ozark Trail 25′ x 21.5′ Cabin Tent

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How can you trust a tent if you are not aware of its material?

Well, in most cases, it is very risky to get a tent without knowing all about its build. So here’s a tent that is made of synthetic material, and will never give you a reason to doubt.

Even though this tent is large and very roomy, given it is for 20 people, after all, it does not contain compartments that we can call rooms.

As a result, you will have more space saved because there are no barriers in the inside of the tent.

The dimensions of the cabing tent are remarkable as well for 20 people – 25ft x 21.5ft.

With that much space, you will be able to sleep comfortably while keeping all your gear inside the tent – none of your possessions will get stolen or wet.

To utilize your space as much as possible, the cabin tent is designed in a triangular shape.

Not only will this shape reduce congestion, but it will also let you set up the tent in a designated area without much hassle or restraints.

Now, none of that will matter if the tent itself is not durable. And that has been kept in mind while making this tent.

With strong seams in the synthetic material, you will never have to worry about the tent falling apart.

Despite being so durable and large, the tent itself doesn’t weigh that much.

With a carry bag, you will be able to carry it without any hassle with the help of one person or two. In fact, it won’t contribute that much to your luggage either.

At the same time, you can rest assured with this item no matter which season it is.

Whether it is monsoon or summer, this affordable tent will provide and ensure the weather protection that you need so you can enjoy your upcoming camping trip.

What’s more, the strong frame will not be knocked out by rough breezes as well.

The frame construction is sturdy enough to hold up in any situation. Hence, even in the case of a storm, there isn’t much for you to worry about.

With 20 people in the tent, it would be difficult to get in and out of the tent with only one door.

Hence, the tent contains one entrance and one exit – allowing you to move in and out quite easily alongside your gears and more.

Now, since the tent is rather large, it can be difficult to handle for one person only.

So, you might need the help of more people to assemble the whole thing. But if you follow the instructions properly, it will not take much time.

For comfort, ventilation is utterly important.

Keeping that in mind, the tent comes with screened windows, which will keep the bugs out and let all the airflow in – so the heat will be reduced even during summers.

  • Has enough space for 20 people and gears
  • Triangular shape for best utilization of space
  • Strong frame construction with durable tent material
  • One entrance and one exit for ease in movement
  • Ensures proper ventilation while keeping bugs out
  • The assembly can be rather hassle-some
  • No room divider included


This large tent that will provide comfort, space, warm or cool weather protection and everything you need.

#2. Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 20 Person Star Tent

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Large tents don’t take hours and hours for you to set up – and this one is here to prove that to you.

With only 28 minutes requiring 2 people to assemble it entirely, you won’t need to wait on your trip before you can start resting in it!

The heavy duty tent itself has been built using remarkable materials – polyethylene, poly mesh, and poly oxford.

At the same time, the materials of the poles are steel and fiberglass. With such high-quality materials, you will never be disappointed.

Another remarkable benefit of these materials is that they are highly durable.

The synthetic materials are durable enough to not wear out even after prolonged uses, and the poles are strong enough to withstand heavy breezes and so on.

On the other hand, the construction of the tent frame is also praiseworthy.

The frame keeps the tent taut, and it also makes sure the tent does not fall apart even in the cases of hazard – so you can enjoy your trip without any worries.

In such cases, you would expect the weight of the tent to be very high. But surprisingly, it only weighs about 60.2 pounds.

To make transporting it easier for you, the tent comes with a large wheeled carry duffle.

The tent is designed to be even more comfortable for you through ventilation.

For that, it comes with thirteen windows and a mesh roof. The latter will also let you enjoy the stars at night with maintained airflow – so you will never miss out.

To protect you during all the seasons, the tent contains a removable fly with taped seams.

Moreover, the attached mud mat inside the tent will always keep you clean and dry no matter how rainy or wet it gets outside.

Your privacy is always important, and that is why this tent comes with five rooms with each of them containing separate doors for ease of movement.

The tent also contains a screen room, so it has a total of six rooms combined.

At the same time, with dimensions of 23’ x 24’6”, the tent remains very spacious for all 20 people.

It comes with a center height of 84 inches, so no one would have to be careful while walking around inside the tent.

With camping, bugs are inevitable. However, you won’t have to deal with those once you get this tent.

Now you can enjoy the outside view from the porch area of this tent without having to take care of the bugs by yourself.

The tent itself contains about 5 D-style doors, and the screen room contains one door as well.

Hence, there are a total of 6 doors that you can use in this tent and will give you the opportunity of going outside easily instead of passing through anyone.

  • Takes about 28 minutes to be set up by 2 people
  • Made of high-quality materials for durability
  • Provides protection during rainfall and other seasons
  • Contains a total of six rooms with each containing a door
  • Thirteen windows included alongside a mesh ceiling
  • Moves a lot during heavy wings
  • The room dividers are not very useful


Here’s a 20 person tent that will make transporting it very easy.

Not to mention, you can set it up quite effortlessly as well.

#3. OZARK Trail Hazel Creek 20 Person Tunnel Tent

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What is the first thing that you notice when buying a tent? It is surely the material and construction – and in those regards, this tent will top all your expectations.

It has been made using high-quality polyester and fiberglass for the best results.

Both polyester and fiberglass are sturdy materials that ensure durability like none other.

The tent fabric will not wear out no matter how long you use it, and the poles will remain heavy-duty throughout their usage – so you can rest assured.

At the same time, the quality of the frame construction is top-notch.

As a result, not only does the tent remain long-lasting, but it also remains stable during heavy storms and rough breezes.

Hence, there is no concern about it falling apart.

Since the tent is made of heavy-duty materials and has been designed for 20 people, it does carry some weight with itself.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t carry it – the task is made to be much easier with a carrying bag.

Once you reach your destination with this remarkable tent, you can set it up pretty easily with its freestanding set-up style.

It won’t take up much of your time – only 30 minutes the first time, and 15 minutes from the next time onwards.

For different weathers, you will require protection – you wouldn’t want to have your trip ruined due to a change in the season.

That is why, the product comes with a rainfly, which will provide protection during the rainfall.

Alongside protection, the rainfly will ensure ventilation as well. For further air circulation in the tent, you will be getting mesh screens.

As a result, even during summer or on rainy days, you won’t have to worry about condensation in the tent.

On the other hand, the very affordable tent also contains large doors, which will let you take your gear in and out pretty effortlessly.

You can easily open the doors when needed and this will make moving around convenient for you as well.

For further convenience in movement, the tent does not contain any dividers.

As a result, there are no separate rooms in the tent, and it is just one big space. This will allow you to utilize the space and let you keep your gears anywhere you want.

Since the tent is made for 20 people, it comes with pretty generous dimensions, including the center height.

So, you will be able to walk around inside the tent without any hassle.

To make it even more convenient for the users, the roomy tent comes with a tunnel design.

At the same time, there are storage pockets inside the tent that you can use to store your accessories.

  • Made of polyester and fiberglass for durability
  • Provides ventilation and protection from rain
  • Does not contain rooms for utilization of space
  • Gears can be moved around pretty effortlessly
  • Has a tunnel design for more convenience
  • Contains too many plastic parts
  • Does not contain any privacy


Here’s a tunnel tent that will not only accommodate 20 people, but it will let you keep your gears in as well.

#4. TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

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Who doesn’t like to stay dry and comfortable during all the weather?

But that is seldom an option when it comes to camping – not with this family tent though because it contains a large weather skirt that will ensure utmost weather protection.

Another reason why it will always keep its users dry is that it is made of waterproof canvas material.

Not only is this material breathable, but it will also make sure the water doesn’t get through the heavy duty tent during rainfall and such.

As for the construction of the Teton Sierra canvas tent, it contains reinforced seams, which will keep the water out all the time.

The frame of the tent is also sturdy enough to not give in when a strong breeze blows by – so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Both the high-quality construction and the remarkable material of the tent make sure it remains durable throughout its use.

Not only will it get through the roughest of storms, but it will also not wear out without any maintenance.

Due to the durable and sturdy construction of the tent, its weight is a bit more than your convenience – 49kgs.

However, you will be able to carry it easily with a carry bag since it packs up effortlessly and doesn’t take up much space.

Once you reach your destination, you will be able to set this tent up very easily.

You might require the help of one or two more people, but with more people, you will be able to finish setting up even faster and more effortlessly.

At the same time, the camping tent is properly ventilated as well, with three top vents and four windows.

The mesh screen doors also contribute to ventilation while reducing condensation as much as possible – keeping the tent cool during summer.

Speaking of doors, the tent does contain large oversized doors that will make the movement of your gears much easier.

Moreover, the doors contain zippers with extra-large pulls, which makes the whole process even more convenient.

You will also be able to change this tent into a canopy whenever you feel like it.

For that, all you will have to do is stake out the tent and put the center pole as well as the door assembly up – remove the floor and you have a canopy.

And the dimensions of the tent make it ideal for either one of the designs.

With the dimensions of 240 x 240 x 134 inches, you will always have ample space for your whole group as well as your gears – whether it’s a tent or a canopy.

While the addition of rooms would surely provide some privacy, having no room dividers increases the space in the Teton canvas tent.

Hence, all the members of your group will be able to have their own comfortable space, without any trouble.

  • Large weather skirt and canvas material are waterproof
  • Durable and heavy-duty construction
  • Proper ventilation prevents condensation in all weathers
  • Contains oversized doors with zippers
  • Can be converted into a canopy when necessary
  • Not stitched properly and water can get through it
  • The tent is not safe enough


Finding a large tent that accommodates more than 12 people can be rather tough, but here is a spacious one that keeps all the necessary aspects in mind while providing its users with all that they require.

#5. WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

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Camping can be wonderful in just about any season, but the ventilation of the roomy tent is an important part that will determine your comfort for you.

That is why this tent comes with built-in roof vents to increase air circulation in the tent.

Other than ventilation, protection during rainfalls and other weather are necessary as well.

Hence, the tent is made of a water-repellent material containing double-stitched seams. Not to mention, it contains a rain flap as well.

Speaking of the material, the tent is basically made of duck cotton canvas.

Not only is this material high-quality, but the double-stitched seams add more strength to it as well. At the same time, its poles are made of galvanized steel.

The benefit of the steel poles is that they ensure durability as well as maximum resistance when the weather conditions are rough.

So, even during a harsh storm, you can expect the poles and the frame to remain stable and sturdy.

For higher quality construction and more protection during rough warm or cool weather conditions, the tent contains a proprietary shock-absorbing grounding system.

This will make sure you don’t feel a thing during storms while you are in the tent.

Moreover, the family tent is constructed to provide UV protection as well.

Due to the heavy-duty construction of the tent, it weighs about 98 pounds. But it contains a carry bag, which will let you carry the tent to your camping destination quite easily.

The dimensions of this tent make it quite large and so you can not only sleep in it comfortably but also walk around feeling like you are at home.

For that, the tent comes with a center height of 11’2” – which is higher than most tents.

In fact, to save even more space inside the tent, it does not contain any room dividers.

While that might raise privacy concerns among many, it will actually allow you to utilize more space and keep your gear properly inside the tent.

Since the camping tent is rather tall and roomy, you will need a little bit of help when assembling it.

Even though the process is rather easy and you won’t require much time for it, having an extra hand will surely fasten the process for you.

The tent contains one extra-large door, which can be opened easily.

Due to the size of this door, you will be able to move your gear in and out of it without any hassle. However, it does contain a lot of windows for more air circulation.

For your convenience, the tent is designed to have a tool-kit bag and a storage bag.

This will let you store your smaller accessories in places where you can access them. Not to mention, you won’t be losing them either.

  • Built-in roof vents provide ventilation in all seasons
  • Water-repellent material with steel poles for weather protection
  • Ensures UV protection and weighs 98 pounds
  • Can be assembled easily and is very roomy
  • Designed to have storage and kit bags
  • The poles might rust if not taken care of
  • The tent itself might start rotting


If you are looking for a large tent with a different design and a lot of space, then here’s one you shouldn’t miss out on.

It provides protection and ensures stability when the weather gets rough.

Before You Buy What To Look For?

what to look for in a tent

Buying a tent for 20 people? Well, that sounds quite intimidating.

But we can assure you that it is not as intimidating as it seems to be. Surely, there’s a lot to consider, which you should be considering anyway.

For instance, you will fundamentally think of the space when looking for a 20 person tent – but there’s a lot more that you might look over when getting a grand tent.

And looking over those things might lead to a dissatisfactory purchase.

So, we have created a list of all the necessary factors that you should look out for.

Surely, keeping all those in mind might seem like a drag initially – but if you do, then you will end up with the best tent for yourself.

Of Course – Space Matters

Many camping tents promise to accommodate large groups of people, but their dimensions speak otherwise.

So, focus on the space provided.

Go through the dimensions properly, including the floor and storage area.

In the meantime, do not forget the height of the tent and you are good.

Privacy Is Also A Concern With 20 People

Now, you can’t expect 20 people to stay together without requiring some privacy – and so shouldn’t tent manufacturers.

Hence, you should go for tents that contain separate rooms. Having a total of 4-5 rooms would probably be enough.

You Might Suffocate Without Ventilation!

When all the windows are closed due to rain and such, you will require some ventilation in the tent, or else it is normal for people to feel uncomfortable.

For that, you need to focus on ventilation, which ensures proper airflow. Good ventilation can also reduce heat, making summer camping less painful.

The Construction Is A Priority

You can’t get a tent without inquiring about its construction first and expecting it to be top-notch. So, it is necessary for you to make sure it is made of good materials.

And by good materials, we mean high-quality materials or ones that are actually durable.

For instance, polyester is a good material for the tent and fiberglass for the poles.

Can It Withstand A Storm Though?

Even if the construction of the tent is top-notch, the frame of it often fails to withstand a heavy breeze.

That results in your tent falling apart – and you probably don’t want to go there.

So, make sure you are getting a tent that can withstand a storm. For that, you will have to focus on the frame of the tent and see how stable it really is.

Waterproof Vs Weatherproof

People often mistake waterproof for weatherproof. But the thing is, waterproof tents will only protect you during rainy seasons, without any guarantee for the other seasons.

The smart move is to look for weatherproof tents, which will ensure protection throughout the whole year.

That will ensure your trip does not get interrupted because of the weather.

Hours Of Setting Up Is Not An Option!

You wouldn’t want to spend hours and hours on setting up a tent – and neither would anyone else.

So, try to go for one that will not take up so much of your time.

Make sure you choose one that contains all the instructions and has pre-assembled poles to ease up the process.

How Do You Carry Such A Large Tent?

Carrying an extra large tent is a matter of concern for many people, which is why they often end up buying 2-3 camping tents instead of one.

But the good news is, that many large tents contain carrying bags or wheeled duffle for making the process easier. So looking for a tent that contains that will be the better option.

Count Your Doors

If your tent has more than one room, then it should surely have more than one door as well. In that way, you should always make sure the number of rooms aligns with the number of doors.

At the same time, you should check if the door leads to the outside or the inside of the tent because that determines convenience.

Focus On The Design

The design of the tent matters a lot – screen rooms, mesh roofs, storage pockets, and all that.

Focus on the small details as well, because otherwise, there is really no guarantee if the tent will be convenient for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Go For One 20 Person Tent Or Two/Three Tents?

Even though the latter might seem like a more viable option, it is actually more convenient to get a large tent instead.

Not only will you save your costs, but it will be easier to handle and set up as well.

Can One Person Set Up A 20 Person tent?

It is not impossible to set up a large tent all by oneself, but it surely isn’t a good idea either.

That is because these tents require a lot of time to set up, and no one person would like to spend that much energy and time on this process alone.

Are These Tents Widely Available?

These tents are rather uncommon compared to their smaller counterparts.

And that is only understandable – most people tend not to prefer such large tents when it comes to camping or hiking.

So they are not widely available.

Are These Tents Durable?

The durability of any tent depends on its construction and the quality of their materials.

So, if you want to make sure your chosen item is durable, you will have to focus on its construction.

Also, take a look at their warranty for more insights on that.

Is It Difficult To Transport?

That depends on the tent itself. Some tents are designed to make transportation rather easy for their users – others not so much.

So, you can choose one that is easy to carry.

Is It Worth It To Get A Tent Of This Size?

If you are going on a camping trip that contains 16-20 people, then getting a 20 person tent will actually be worth it.

But if you are taking such a large family tent for your gear, then you might want to reconsider your options.

Final Words

The best 20 person tent is that one that will provide enough space and comfort for all the people included.

And while many promises to provide these, they often don’t.

So, go through the reviews once again if you are confused, and then decide for yourself.

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