The Battle Of Tents: Coleman Sundome Vs Skydome

When you are outdoors, you want to be equipped with tents that can hold you in and hold up against the environment.

For the perfect adventure outdoors, your camping tents need to battle the elements of nature as well as make sure that you’re comfortable in them.

Of all the popular Coleman tents, this is a cult favorite.

Synonymous with all things camping and backpacking, this adventure-hunting brand has crafted both affordable as well as durable options to let you enjoy the beauties of nature with a good place to rest in-between.

Two of the favorites in their tents are the Sundome and Skydome. In this article, we’ll find which is better between the Coleman Sundome Vs Skydome tents.

The differences between the two are actually in terms of their spaces and weights.

The Coleman Sundome is more horizontally spacious and weighs much lighter. It is perfect for those interested in backpacking.

The Coleman Skydome has a higher ceiling and hence is vertically more spacious.

Perfect for taller campers, this can be used for both hunting and camping and can resist harsh winds on bad days on the hill and even a bad rainy day too!

Why Should You Choose Coleman Sundome?

The reason why you should pick the Sundome is that:

  • It can restrain wind and rain like no other tent, even when inches of rain accumulate outside your tent, the insides being dry and cozy for you to sleep in, without the need for any sealants. With just a tarp and a rain fly, you can sustain rainy weather up in the hills for a couple of days and enjoy the dreamiest sleep when it is running outside, benign, totally bone-dry. Extremely waterproof overall.
  • 2 person tent is a very breathable tent fabric and does not make you feel suffocated inside.
  • Very easy to set up with your camping gear within under 10 minutes, and good enough spacing inside.

 Why Should You Choose A Coleman Skydome?

The reason why you should pick the Skydome tent is for the following:

  • If you are into car camping and love to camp at established sites, this is it. It makes the setup very simple, so the assembly takes just a couple of minutes.
  • The unique design allows you to set up the tent even in low light, so if you are someone who mostly camps at night, this will be worth it and very helpful.
  • It offers you more vertical space than any other tent.

Coleman Sundome Vs Skydome Comparison Table

Characteristics Coleman Sundome Coleman Skydome
Weight 7.4 pounds 12.2 pounds
LXBXH ‎84 x 60 x 48 inches, 2-person model ‎96 x 84 x 56 inches, 4-person model
Seasons 3 All
Use Backpacking Camping and Hunting
Setup Easy Easy
Shape Dome Dome
Price Check Prices Check Prices

Key Features Of Coleman Sundome

The important features of traditional Sundome tents are mentioned below:

  • A dome-shaped tent that comes with a sturdy frame that is able to withstand 35+ mph of winds along with the Insta-Clip pole attachments
  • The WeatherTec system on the model features patented and welded floors with inverted seams that can help you remain dry in the rain.
  • Also includes an integrated door awning that keeps the natural elements away.
  • It can accommodate 1 queen-sized air mattress easily, along with its built-in storage pockets for organized living like other Coleman tents.
  • Has dimensions of 7 x 5 feet and comes with a 4-foot center height.

Some Good Things Of Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

One of the most loved Sundome tents on the market, the Sundome is priced reasonably, packaged well, easy to use, and holds up pretty well in rough weather.

There are a lot of good things about it, especially for beginners looking for a camping tent that isn’t much of a hassle.

It also comes with sufficient ventilation, plenty of inside space, two beautiful storage pockets, and a resistant rainfly.

If you want the largest capacity from the tent, you could easily opt for the 6-person option that measures 10×10 feet with a ceiling height of 6 feet.

However, if you want something that can accommodate yourself and someone else with space left still, the 2-person model is decent. The 4-person tent can easily accommodate 3-4 campers along with a dog.

These tents are more stable and sturdy compared to cabin tents. They are resistant to wind and rain with durable intra-clip pole attachments that can withstand 35+ mph of winds.

It also comes with additional wind stakes and guy ropes that are included in the tent box. All these, rounded off by the patented WeatherTec System, keep the insides, yourselves, and the gear dry.

It has a decent amount of ventilation for the mesh construction that allows airflow and optimal temperature regulation.

The same material is used in the central door and the windows for good airflow. There are also ground vents that drive away from the warm air out of the tent, something you’ll really love in the summers.

There are two paltry pockets on the tent on both sides where you can keep your smaller-sized belongingness.

You can choose to place your headlamp or hang things off the hook and place all your camping gear in the corner of the spacious tent.

The e-port makes sure that charging electronics in the tent becomes easy for you too!

Itself being lightweight and coming with a portable carrying bag; you can fold the tent and carry it along with you from one place to the other during your camping trip with the campers and not feel super tired of the less weight compared to other tents.

And when you want to set up the Coleman instant cabin tent, just use the pre-attached poles that ease the setup and reduce the take-down time drastically.

All in all, among the best Coleman tents, the Coleman Sundome camping tent is simple and budget-friendly and meets a lot of beginning camping requirements and pop-up tents.

Some Bad Things Of Coleman Sundome Tent

The stakes of the tent are not the greatest, and they could be purchased off the market.

So there’s nothing very special about this Coleman part. Also, the tent doesn’t have its own footprint.

So you’ll need to use a tarp. And some people just wish the entire door could be screened instead of only the top half.

Key Features Of Coleman Skydome Tent

The most remarkable features of the Skydome Coleman instant tent are mentioned below:

  • It features a Dark Room Technology, which can block 90% of the daylight so you can sleep peacefully even in the blazing noon.
  • Offers you 20% more headroom than other tents for its nearly-vertical walls.
  • Has a tub-like floor for the WeatherTec system along with its patented and welded corners sealed overall with inverted seams to keep the water and wind out.
  • A wider door than usual makes it easy for you to move sleeping bags and air beds in and out of the tent easily.
  • The compact size makes it great for backpacking and car parking and you can put it in a convenient carrying case too.

Some Good Things About Coleman Skydome

The Coleman Skydome is one of the best tents from its house of manufacturers.

It is made to be tall and has a great central height, being supported by two poles and having a single entry point for you to get in and out of.

The tent comes with a hinged door that has a double-layered mesh-constructed window that lets you view the natural scenery without needing to leave the tent if you don’t want to.

It also comes with a rainfly that stays attached to the tent itself and covers a larger part of the tent.

The material beneath the rainfly is the same material that makes it. There are 7 guylines to keep the tent stable when you are stuck in a 35 mph wind.

And what’s more, you can adjust the guylines on the lower end to make the airflow steady, so you have a stable temperature inside the tent.

But what might be the best thing about it is a Dark Room tent. The construction features a material that can block 90% of the sunlight.

So for morning sleepers, the daylight will never bother you while you sleep and keep the inner temperature of the tent cooler.

The tent canopy is made of Nylon and includes the WeatherTec system that you already know of.

It also has a gear loft and some small pockets where you can organize your small things and valuable gadgets.

Another huge advantage that you get from it is that the combination of the shallow fly and the mesh body gives you a very impressive and ventilated tent.

So if you are scared of feeling suffocated or claustrophobic in a tent, you’d never feel that with this one. So you can easily camp in the summer.

And since 4 people can be accommodated here, you will not feel as if it is pushing to grow on you and will feel like a natural habitat.

This is also strengthened by the fact that the Coleman Skydome offers 25% more headspace than other tents so people with a larger stature can move about inside the tent freely.

Some Bad Things Of Coleman Skydome

When it comes to durability, the fact that the tent poles are made of fiberglass implies that they are not the best in terms of durability, and for professional campers, there can be something better.

Similarity & Difference Between Coleman Sundome Vs Skydome

differences Coleman Sundome Vs. Skydome

When it comes to the similarities between the Sundome Vs Skydome, you might feel as if the only similarity lies in the material used in making the tents and nowhere else.

In terms of capacity, durability, and even their uses, these two are very different.

Here are the details presented below:


The tent material of the two is quite the same. There are fly sheets made of Polyester taffeta 75 denier or 75D in the inner tent.

The flooring is again made of Polyethylene and Nylon. All of these together make the tent able to withstand the rain and wind that some tents cannot bear.


In terms of the number of people that you can accommodate in a Coleman tent, it is always wise to go for one person less than it is made for those who cannot take the suffocation and loss of ventilation.

When it comes to the people, the Skydome can hold 6 people while the Sundome can hold 2-4 people.

The Skydome also has a 4-people option so you can pick it according to your camp members.


When it comes to their dimensions, the Sundome and Skydome are quite different.

The Sundome weighs 7.4 Pounds while the Skydome weighs 12.2 Pounds.

In terms of capacity, the Sundome comes in 2, 3, 4, and 6 Person sizes, while the Skydome comes in 4, 6, and 8 Person sizes.

The Sundome measures are horizontally spacious, while the Skydome is more vertically and horizontally spacious.

In terms of the Center Height, the Sundome will give you 4 Ft while the Skydome gives you 4 ft and 8 inches.


The Sundome is better to use if you are going camping or for a single exploration.

But if you would like to camp with friends, it would be wiser to go for the Skydome.


What Happens If I Have A Leak Or Tear In A Coleman Tent?

If your Coleman tent comes as a faulty tent, then you have to contact their customer service and see if you are under the warrantied timeframe.

For a leak after years of use, it would be wiser to invest in a repair kit for a single Coleman tent that can help you fix this.

Are Coleman Tents Waterproof?


The traditional dome tents out of most Coleman tents from them are mostly waterproof against rain and wind in rough weather.

So you can camp in these cabin-style tents or backpacking tents easily.

One of the best Coleman tents is the Skydome tent. It is a sturdy tent that can not just fit in a queen air mattress inside but also keep them dry whether you are summer camping or family camping in the rainy season.

Is Coleman Considered A Great Brand?

Yes. Coleman is a reliable and great brand for dome tents that satisfy the instant tent craze.

It has been around since the 1900s, so they have some solid craftsmanship and experience in the tent business.

Their tents come in different styles and can be used for anything between casual camping and going out with families.

And if you want to camp while keeping your budget low in a tent that will protect you from the natural wind and rain, then Coleman tents can last you a long while with proper maintenance.

How Should I Clean A Coleman Tent?

You can use a simple broom and a dustpan to collect the dust when you want to clean inside your tent.

Just don’t fold the tent and put it inside the washing machine because that will completely play with the shape of the tent.

If you see dirty spots on the tent that you want to clean, you can wipe the places with a sponge and a cleaning solution, and that should get it free.

And make sure that you let the tent air-dry before you pack it.

How Should I Fold A Coleman Camping Tent?

The technique of folding depends on what model of tent you got. There are instant tents that can be folded with the poles attached and can be attached to the backpack.

But as a thumb rule, you will have to lay the tent on the bare ground and then fold it in the middle in half until it becomes short, and then you can put it inside your carrying case.

Make sure that you roll the tent as tightly as possible before you slip it into the bag.

Can I Fit An Air Mattress Inside All Of These Top Tents?

Yes, you can almost do that. If you have a Hooligan tent, you may struggle a little as it is made for backpacking.

But in some top-rated tents, you can fit up to two or three queen-sized air mattresses depending on their sizes and models.

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