8 Best Tents For Long Term Camping With Comfort In 2023

Have you found a great camping location while waiting for some time off from work, which is getting closer and closer every day?

In that case, we would like to remind you that it is time to eye the best tents for long term camping – after all, you would like to spend a long time with your family members on this vacation.

In fact, we believe your trip should be comfortable and exciting, without any weather or storm ruining it for you. That is why we have picked eight of the best ones from the market.

Whether you want an 8-person tent or one that will let you cook, we have it all – so why don’t you find one for yourself?

Best Tents For Long-Term Camping

Haven’t found the best tents for long-term camping yet? Well, that is because you haven’t went through our top 8 picks!

#1. WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

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Hate it when you can’t use your tent during the rain? Well, what if there was one that you could use throughout the year?

Here is a weather-proof tent that doesn’t limit you from long-term camping during any season! This waterproof tent will also ensure protection from UV rays, making it the ideal tent for camping.

For added comfort, it has been made using breathable fabric – 100% cotton and army duck canvas. With this tent, you won’t have to worry about standing – thanks to its super-spacious design.

With a wall height of 2 feet 7 inches, you will get more space to stand tall compared to other standard tents. This will allow you to have a 10 feet 4 person tent, a 13 feet 6 person one, or a 16 feet 5 inches 10 person tent.

Despite being so dimensionally large, this tent only weighs about 8.5 ounces.

Thanks to the low weight of the tent, you will be able to carry it around easily – this will allow you to take this portable tent with you, no matter where you will be going.

You will not just be getting the fire-retardant tent; rather, you are about to get the whole package. It comes with a sewn-in PE groundsheet alongside doors and windows with mesh in front of them.

For maximum functionality, you will be getting top-grade zippers.

Other than that, the tent also contains two galvanized steel poles – one in the front and the other at the centre of the pole, which will let you easily set it up.

But that is definitely not all. You will want to cook in your tent, which is why it comes with 4 vents. With the 5-inch wide stove jack opening and the extra ventilation, you will be able to cook whatever you want.

At the same time, you will feel the need to charge your phones and laptops from time to time – and this tent takes care of that with its electric cable outlet.

So, you can keep your gadgets charged when camping without any hassle.

As for the longevity of the tent, it is surely made to blow your mind. First of all, all the seams of the tent are double-stitched, while the corners are reinforced.

Combined with the materials of the tent, you can expect them to last long.

You can enjoy the breeze of calm nights or remain safe during heavy storms, thanks to the layered doors and windows, added with the rain cap provided.

Thanks to these, you won’t have to purchase anything extra.

  • Protects from water, UV rays, and heavy storms
  • Made from cotton for comfort and steel for longevity
  • Contains 4 vents alongside a stove jack
  • Can be carried anywhere and is easy to set up
  • Fire-retardant and safe material
  • The zippers are fragile
  • Canvas might rip out easy


Here’s a spacious, waterproof and UV-resistant tent that has been made to benefit its users throughout the entire year – its features will never fail to amaze you.

#2. TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

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Most people don’t like to camp because their tents are often not very comfortable; however, with this tent, you won’t be facing that issue because it is made with a breathable fabric, ensuring proper airflow and comfort.

Aside from being comfortable, the canvas is waterproof as well.

Hence, you won’t have to worry about the rainy season ruining your long-term camping plans – this tent will keep you and your belongings dry during all seasons.

The build quality of this canvas tent is remarkable – not only does it contain cotton canvas fibers that repel water, but the carbon steel stakes will work well even with the roughest terrains.

Not to mention, the reinforced seams of the tent make it last even longer by making sure the tent does not tear up or fall apart during heavy storms and breezes. The seams are also built to keep the water out all the time.

Whether or not you are camping with a big group of people, everyone likes to have a spacious tent.

And that is why this tent has been built to accommodate about six people – hence, you can enjoy it without feeling claustrophobic!

To make camping even more convenient for you, this item is designed to be very easy to set up. Moreover, you can also turn this tent into a canopy by staking out your tent – so you will be getting two-in-one!

The strong canvas fabric and the carbon steel stakes are not the lightest materials in the world. Hence, the tent weighs about 55.5 pounds in total – including everything that comes with the tent.

However, this weight will not stop you from carrying it. That’s right, the tent is entirely portable, and you can take it virtually anywhere to set up a tent – start camping without any trouble. You won’t need any help setting it up, either.

Whether you like to cook or not in your tent, ventilation is a necessity nevertheless. That is why, this tent contains built-in ventilation, which will let you enjoy the breeze while giving you the liberty to cook.

No need to worry about moving your camping gear in and out – thanks to the oversized door design of the tent. You can easily open the reliable zippers and get your gear out whenever you want – and put it back in once you are done.

Don’t let your camping trip stop you from charging your gadgets. You can run power in this tent, thanks to the easy access ports that it contains.

Hence, you can use your devices as much as you want without worrying about anything.

  • Breathable and comfortable fabric allows airflow
  • Repels water and works with rough terrains
  • Can accommodate 6 people and is portable
  • Built-in ventilation with oversized doors
  • Contains access ports for charging devices
  • Not safe enough
  • Might contain pin holes


Make your camping trip better with this breathable and spacious tent with carbon steel stakes to go through the roughest terrains. It will surely make camping better for you.

#3. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

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Thinking of going on a long-term camping tour with your family but not finding a suitable tent for that?

Well, here’s a 6-person tent, which has enough space for you to accommodate your whole family – learn more about it right here.

In fact, all of your family members can sleep comfortably in the tent without any hassle, thanks to its large dimensions.

It has an 11 x 9 footprint, which includes a 6 feet 8-inch center height – so you can stand tall easily. What makes the tent even more comfortable is that it comes with a comfort system – quite literally!

This system allows top-notch ventilation, which is through Variflow adjustable airflow. This includes other aspects as well, such as the mesh ceiling, the vent window, and the cool-air privacy port.

As a result, you can enjoy the breeze every night quite comfortably while sitting or lying down in your tent.

No need to worry about getting confused about setting the tent up because the process is quite simple. And to make it even simpler, the instructions are sewn into the carry bag – and they are very easy to follow as well.

Another advantage of the carry bag is that it will allow you to transport the tent quite easily.

Hence, you will be able to enjoy this portable tent no matter where you choose to go camping. In fact, it is rather durable as well.

Not only does it contain wind strong frames and protected seams, but the tent itself is made of polyester and polyethylene.

At the same time, the stakes are made of steel – so they will stand strong no matter how strong the storm is. Despite being durable and sturdy, due to the materials of the tent, it does not weigh much.

Not to mention, it contains a screen room that is 9 x 6 feet and inverted seams that will keep you dry – so it is weatherproof.

On the other hand, the design of the tent is absolutely remarkable. Basically, the screen room is practically floorless, and its purpose is to offer bug-free lounging.

Hence, you won’t have to worry about bugs when you are sleeping at night.

For more protection, the tent contains a zipper cuff. The benefit of this feature is that you won’t have to worry about any elements getting in through the door once you close it using the zipper – you will be totally safe.

And while you are safe inside, you can carelessly use your gadgets without worrying about the charge because it contains an electrical access port.

So, you can charge up your devices no matter where you are, without any hassle.

  • 6-person tent with 6 feet 8 inch centre height
  • Provides top-notch ventilation for comfort
  • Sturdy build quality and weatherproof
  • Screen room ensures bug-free lounging
  • Provides zipper protection for safety
  • The rainfly might fail
  • The poles might bend


This is the best tent for camping with your family – it will keep everyone comfortable, safe and happy!

#4. 9 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tents

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Got your camping plans ruined because of rain?

Well, with the H2O block technology of this tent, you won’t have to worry about any of the water coming in while you are resting inside – learn more about this weatherproof tent here.

One of the most daunting aspects of camping is setting up the tent; most people get confused during the process.

However, with the effortless 60-second setup of this tent, you won’t be facing that issue at all, thanks to its telescoping poles.

The poles have been pre-attached to the structure, as well as pre-assembled.

Hence, your tent will pop-up in a while, and you won’t have to put much effort into it. For added durability, the poles are made of telescoping steel.

At the same time, the stakes are also made of steel, whereas the tent is made of polyester and the floor is made of P.E.

These materials combined will provide top-notch sturdiness no matter how strong of a storm blows through it.

During rainy days, you can easily protect yourself from it, thanks to the water-repellent rainfly that is provided with the tent.

You can also remove it to expose the mesh ceiling, which will allow you to look at the stars during the night. Not to mention, the tent comes with a remarkable venting system.

What the system does is basically draw in cool air from the ground using adjustable air intake vents and simultaneously give out the hot air through the mesh ceiling.

As a result, whether you are camping for a month or more, you will never be uncomfortable in the tent and always enjoy the cool air through the venting system.

Other than that, it also contains remarkable space for ease of movement. With a 14’ x 9’ floor plan, you can not only easily store all your gear but also sleep with enough space.

Not to mention, the 78-inch center height will let you stand tall without worrying about the tent hitting your head.

Now, in order for you to use this tent while camping, it needs to be portable. And keeping that in mind, this tent has been designed.

It weighs about 16.44 kilograms only, so you can transport it very easily without any hassle. In fact, this tent has been designed to make a lot more things easier for you.

For instance, it comes with a wall mount that controls three brightness settings. With that, you can choose between night light, high and low.

Thanks to the diffusion panel in the tent, the light will be evenly dispersed without any blinding glare.

Hence, you will get the lighting you get at home right at your tent!

  • Keeps the water out with the rainfly
  • 60-second set up with pre-assembly
  • Top-notch venting system for comfort
  • Portable and spacious for 9 people
  • LED lighting evenly dispersed
  • Set-up becomes tougher gradually
  • The fabric gets damaged easily


If you are planning a camping trip with nine people or so, then you will love this spacious and comfortable tent.

#5. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe

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If your tent is not durable enough, then you will be in fear of it falling apart during every storm.

To relax without such fears, you should choose this tent that is built with a flex-bow frame and cotton duck canvas – ensuring longevity.

The cotton duck canvas tent is not just durable, but it is highly breathable as well.

With hydra-shield technology, the tent remains watertight. Hence, no storm or breeze can make it fall apart, and you can enjoy it during every season.

The flex-bow frame, on the other hand, keeps the tent taut.

As a result, you won’t feel the need to fix it every now and then. The frame also ensures an effortless set up – and you can execute it all by yourself without extra help.

Not to mention, you will be getting spring steel flex-bow rods and stakes. So overall, the tent will weigh about 54.5 pounds.

But that is nothing to worry about, the tent is still portable and you can carry it around easily.

Other than that, the tent is extremely spacious as well. With 9’x8’x 6’ dimensions, you can have all the space to yourself and move around easily.

In fact, you can also keep all your necessary gear inside without any hassle. You would also like to walk around the tent with utter comfort and hence, the ceiling height is about 6 feet 1 inch.

So, you will be able to stand tall without hitting your head on the ceiling of the tent or worrying about it. For further comfort, the tent contains two D-shaped doors alongside zippers.

You will also be getting four large windows with mesh. There are also two vents, which will allow proper airflow for proper ventilation.

The purpose of the mesh is to keep the bugs out – no matter how small they seem to be. Therefore, you can enjoy your long term camping without worrying about getting rid of bugs during the day or the night.

To make it even better for you, the canvas will allow all the water vapor from the tent to escape.

This aspect will ensure you don’t have to face excessive humidity or condensation during any season – ensuring top-notch comfort.

You will also love the design of the tent, which will never fail to amaze you.

With customizable organizer pockets, the tent also contains a large 70” x 57” awning. So you will be getting enough shade from UV rays.

No matter where you are planning to go for your camping, you will be able to enjoy this tent with 3 other people. So, do not hesitate to use this tent with your family or friends – it is made for them.

  • Effortless and strong set-up
  • Suitable for use in all four seasons
  • Top-notch ventilation, windows, and doors
  • Keeps the bugs, water vapor, and water out
  • Enough space for four people
  • The poles might rust
  • Floor is not durable enough


An amazing and spacious tent for all weathers.

#6. DANCHEL OUTDOOR 8 Person Large Lightweight Yurt Tent

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Excessive sunlight can not only give you a bad sun tan, but it can also ruin your perfectly planned long-term camping trip.

So, here’s a tent built to ensure top-notch UV protection – and make it enjoyable during all weathers. You can camp with your whole family, or your entire group of friends, thanks to the space provided in this tent.

This 16 feet large yurt tent can accommodate about 8-10 people – so you won’t have to worry about running out of space.

On the other hand, the height of the centre pole is about 10 feet.

Hence, no matter how tall you or your family members are, you won’t have to worry about hitting your head on the ceiling of the tent. You won’t have to worry about the weight of this tent either – it only weighs 30 pounds.

So, it is much lighter than standard family tents, and it also contains a carrying bag, which will allow you to carry it around quite easily.

What makes this tent even better is that it is absolutely simple to set up.

The lighter weight already makes the process easier, and other than that, the process won’t take much time and will be very easy to execute for one person.

But that is not all. The build of this item will blow your mind because it is very durable. The tent is made of the Oxford fabric overall, with the tent being silver-coated and the bottom floor being PU coated.

The strong center pole is scratch-proof, and it prevents skidding. Hence, it will provide strong protection during heavy breezes and storms.

At the same time, the tent itself is rainproof, so it is suitable for all seasons. You would want your tent to be properly ventilated – or else you won’t be comfortable in it.

That is why ventilation has been prioritized when building it, so it contains about four ventilation windows. Other than that, there is mesh on the wall, and there are two transparent PVC windows on the top.

To make taking your gear in and out easier, the tent contains a 60-inch tall door.

One of the biggest advantages of getting this tent is that you won’t have to worry about getting any accessories by yourself.

That is because it already comes with all the necessary accessories. For instance, the pack contains metal stakes, poles as well as wind ropes.

So, you are getting everything that you will be needing more or less – no need to spend extra on anything else.

  • Large tent for 8-10 people
  • Rainproof and provides UV protection
  • Four ventilation windows with 60-inch door
  • Durable build fit to stand storms
  • Contains all the necessary accessories
  • Packaging is poor
  • Connector of the pole is flimsy


If you have a big family of 8-10 people and are planning on a long term camping trip with them, then here’s a spacious and strong tent that will cater to your needs.

#7. Gazelle T4 Plus Extra Large 4 To 8 Person Tent

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When starting your long term camping trip, you wouldn’t want to spend most of your time setting up a tent. That is why, this one is designed to be a pop-up camping tent, which will let you set it up within 90 seconds.

To make the set up process even easier for its users, the tent comes with assembly instructions.

Not to mention, you will have an easy time with the lightweight poles as well, which makes it rather portable. In fact, the tent only weighs about 47 pounds, and it also includes storage bags.

Hence, you will be able to carry it pretty easily, and your camping luggage will not contain too much weight, thanks to this.

But just because it is lightweight, don’t get the idea that the tent is fragile — because it comes with a pretty sturdy build.

Alongside a strong frame, the tent is constructed using oxford fabric and tight-weave mesh fabric. Not only will this tent protect you from strong breezes, but it is also designed to protect its users from rain and sunlight.

Hence, no matter which season you choose to use it in, you will always have a good experience.

Even if you are camping with your family members, you won’t have to worry about the tent becoming too crowded – thanks to the space that it provides.

It has room for about 8 people, and there is floor space of 110 square feet. So, you can sleep or walk around comfortably, without feeling too claustrophobic.

Not to mention, you can also keep all your gear in your tent without worrying about too much of your space becoming overtaken.

In fact, to make sure moving your gear is even easier, the item comes with a large main entrance. This aspect will make it simpler for you to load in your gear and it will also make it easier for you to pass through the entrance.

The tent is designed to absolutely blow the mind of its users – containing a convertible second room that has been screened-in.

You can either use this as a second sleeping space, or you can use it to cover outside elements. Even if you would love rain on a normal day, you would surely want to avoid it when you are camping.

However, with this tent, you will be getting a rainfly that not only attaches easily to the roof but also adds protection.

Other than that, whether you need detachable floors, poles, or tie-down ropes, this product comes with everything you require – so you won’t have to buy anything extra.

  • Easy to set up and portable
  • Comes with a strong build for durability
  • Suitable for all weathers/seasons
  • Spacious enough for eight people
  • Has a convertible second room
  • Too heavy for some people
  • The poles might bend


You can’t find many tents with a convertible second room, but here is a durable and spacious one that includes every other feature you would like.

#8. NTK Colorado GT 5 To 6 Person Tent

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Worried about weighing down your luggage by the tent you will be carrying? Well, with this tent, you will not have to worry about anything of this sort because it only weighs about 16.5 pounds!

As a result, you will be able to carry this tent to whichever place you like, without having to take too much hassle. What’s more, the item offers an effortless assembly process, which you will be able to execute on your own.

But don’t take its low weight and effortless assembly as a hint of the tent itself being small – that is far from the case.

In fact, this tent is rather spacious with dimensions of 9.8 feet x 9.8 feet. You will also be getting a center height of 5.7ft, which will ensure maximum comfort for both you and your fellow long term campers.

It will also give you the liberty to move around easily, without any hassle. However, that is not the only thing you will be getting comfort from using this tent.

It is constructed using a polyester micro-mesh fabric that is ultra-thin. As a result, it will let the air in while providing the utmost protection.

Other than comfort, the build of this tent provides durability as well. The tent comes with sturdy construction, with its nano-flex extra thick fiberglass poles, which are interconnected with ferrule hardware and strong elastic.

To make it even stronger and more long-lasting, the hardware and elastic have been double gold chrome plated.

Not to mention, 100% virgin materials have been used to add stability to the tent. So the tent can survive the strongest of breezes without trouble.

On the other hand, to protect you during every season, the tent is constructed using polyester laminated with polyurethane.

It also includes a rainfly that provides coverage on all four sides – so you can survive rainy days easily. For further UV protection, it contains a heat-seamed thermoplastic coating to save you from sunburns.

At the same time, the tent provides ample ventilation as well.

For that, the tent contains a ventilated mesh roof, which ensures proper airflow inside the tent – making any weather comfortable.

If you have a lot of gear to store, then you have nothing to worry about because this tent comes with an extra gear storage area.

Moreover, it also contains 2 large D-style doors for ease of movement.

  • Weighs 16.5 pounds and easy to set up
  • Spacious tent with 5.7ft centre height
  • Sturdy frame and structure for added stability
  • Is waterproof and provides UV protection
  • Comes with extra gear storage area and ventilation
  • The fibreglass poles are quite fragile
  • The doors are inconvenient to use


If you want a lightweight tent that is durable and perfect for accommodating six people, then you better not miss out on this one!

Things To Consider Before Buying

tent for long term stay

Whether you have decided on a long term camping trip with your family or your friends, it is very important, and you would want the experience to be as memorable as possible.

For that, you will require a comfortable place to stay in first – which is the tent you will be using.

So, you can’t really compromise much in terms of the quality of the tent itself – even if you are on a budget.

To make sure you get the best tent for your trip, we will be discussing all the key aspects and factors that you need to look for before getting a tent – keep them in mind, and you will surely make a satisfactory purchase.

What Is The Tent Made Of?

Without good construction, you cannot rely on the quality of the material. And hence, it is important to focus on what the tent is made of.

The poles and stakes should be sturdy, so metal construction is preferred. And for the tent, canvas, oxford, and polyester are all good options.

Which Weathers Can The Tent Withstand?

Now, you will surely use one tent more than once and it is not always possible to be specific with the weather.

So what you can do is, get a tent that is weatherproof and will work well through the rainy season, summer, winter, and so on.

Is The Tent Comfortable To Stay In?

We are not saying you will spend most of your time in the tent, but you will at least spend the nighttime in it.

And you will want to sleep comfortably, so it is necessary to focus on comfort when buying yourself a tent.

How Easy Is It To Set The Tent Up?

A lot of tents need a minute to assemble, others take about an hour.

So, you know best how much time you would like to spend on setting the tent up, and you should make your purchase accordingly as well.

Does The Tent Include Ventilation?

You can’t survive in a tent without proper airflow – hence, ventilation is important.

Always make sure the tent comes with proper ventilation before you decide to purchase it.

How Many People Can The Tent Accommodate?

Whether you want to go on camping trips with your family or your friends, you should make an estimate before getting your tent.

If there’s an estimate of 4 people, get a tent that can accommodate 6 – it’s always handy to have more space.

Is The Tent Portable?

You can’t go on trips with your tent if you cannot carry it. So, you have to make sure the tent is portable. For that, check the weight of the tent first and see if it has a carrying bag.

What Is The Centre Height Of The Tent?

The center height of the tent determines its tallest segment.

So if the center height is 6 feet, the rest of the tent is going to be shorter or the same, but not possibly taller. So, choose accordingly.

Does It Include All The Necessary Accessories?

There are some accessories that you will be needing when camping.

And in most cases, you will have to buy those accessories yourself. But some tents do include those, which will save you money and time. So go for tents with accessories.

Is The Tent Water And Bug-Proof?

Whether monsoon is approaching or not, it is always the best choice to go for a tent that is waterproof.

At the same time, most camping locations contain bugs that can bother you day and night – so make sure your tent is bug-proof as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Tent?

That depends on the tent that you have. If it’s a high-end or a good-quality tent, then you can expect to set it up within a minute or two.

You can also focus on whether it is pre-assembled or not.

Can I Cook In My Tent?

In some tents, you can because they usually contain a stove jack. However, that is not the case with all the tents, even if they contain ventilation.

So make sure they are safe for cooking.

How Can I Make My Tent More Long Lasting?

You should take care of your tent to make it last longer. Make sure to keep it stored properly when not in use, and clean it from time to time.

Final Words

Let your camping trip make the best memories for you – and we hope we have helped you find one of the best tents for long term camping for that to happen!

Just trust your heart, and our buying guide, when it comes to choosing the right tent, and you will be satisfied with your purchase undoubtedly.

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