What Is An A-Frame Or Ridge Tent? [Quick Beginner’s Guide]

Tents are a key piece of equipment when it comes to camping. According to the needs and weather, there is a variety of tents you can choose from.

However, if you are considering dependable and easy-to-pitch tents, A-frame tents should be your first choice.

At the present, A-frame tents are not popular and are neglected by many. With the rise of modern tents, they have fallen out of fashion.

Though these tents can help you in extreme environments and will not break the bank.

Now you might be wondering “What is an A-Frame Tent?” and what sets them apart from other camping tents?

In this article, we will learn every key detail about these tents and the advantages they can offer you.

What Is An A-Frame Or Ridge Tent?

a-frame camping tent

A-frame tents are also called ridge tents. The name comes from the shape of the tent. When they are pitched perfectly, the shape resembles the alphabet A. That is the main reason why they are called A-frame tents.

A-frame tents have a noticeable amount of history behind them. They are one of the oldest forms of tents that are still available in the market.

The tents are pitched using tent poles and tent stakes. They take a little amount of time to pitch and are simple.

There is no complex mechanism in A-frame tents. They are straightforward and need zero amount of maintenance if pitched well.

Nowadays they are mostly seen used by scouts and are also marketed as scout tents. These tents can protect you from rain, and snow and will hold their ground in roughest weather.

They sound pretty dependable but they generally have space for 2 people.

They also do not offer much shoulder room while inside and the poles are traditionally heavy. And, bent poles are quite difficult to fix. So, they are not backpack friendly.

If you are thinking of buying an A-frame tent, keep these things in mind. If the pros outweigh the cons, then it is a purchase you would not regret. In the end, it all depends on your needs and wants.

How To Set Up An A-Frame Tent?

A-frame tents might be the easiest tents to set up after pop-up tents. They have instructions that are pretty easy to follow.

Even the most newbie campers can pitch an A-frame tent, on their first try.

There are a few materials that come with the tent and a few you need to collect yourself. The first thing you need is an A-frame tent.

The other things are tent stakes, a hammer or mallet, guy ropes, tent poles, and a tent fly (optional).

We will be going through the procedure step by step:

Step 1: Find an open flat area and clear that place.

Step 2: Secondly get your tent and hammer the stakes in 4 corners of it into the ground, at an angle of 45-degrees.

Step 3: Then get your tent poles and erect your tent by using them.

Step 4: After that, take the guy ropes and secure them firmly into the ground with tent stakes. Be sure to keep the guy ropes lure for better support.

Step 5: Finally place a tent fly over your tent to make it rainproof. Then secure the fly with ground stakes.

If you follow these steps your tent should be pitched and upright in no time. When it comes to folding it up just remove the ground stake and poles. Then pack the tent for another day.

Benefits And Strengths Of An A-Frame Or Ridge Tent

ridge tent

For camping A-frame tents are a reasonable option. They offer much for what they cost.

In this part of the article, we will discuss the strengths and benefits of an A-frame tent. So, that you can decide if it is the right tent for your needs.

Weather Resistant

An A-frame tent will save you from the worst of nature. The supports are distributed evenly and the tent is strongly tethered to the ground.

Strong winds, rain, and snow will keep you safe. However, be sure to buy tents that have good materials.

It is quite important because the strength of a tent heavily depends on its materials. The materials need to be waterproof and sturdy.

If those conditions are met then the shape and reinforced nature of the tent will keep you dry in any weather.

Easy To Set-Up

The tent is super easy to set-up. If you do it once you will never forget how to set-up an A-frame tent. They can be set up fast and can be folded easily too in emergencies.

Long Days Of Camping

A-frame tents are perfect for long-term camping. They maintain their shape in any weather and once you set them up, they do not budge. So, you can stay and maintain the camp for weeks.

Cheap Pricing

Traditional A-frame tents are not that expensive. They can support 2 people easily. However, some options can support 8 to 12 people.

So, depending on the quality and support the price can range from 200 dollars to 800 dollars.

Quick Tip: If you are looking for a new tent that has plenty of space for your whole family, check out the best 14 man tents.

Exclusive Tips For Buying An A-Frame Tent

They are available in most places. The first thing you should check is the materials and ratings. If you want to be extra sure look for user reviews and see if there is something amiss.

Various companies manufacture these tents. The companies you should consider while buying are: Trekkertent, Yama, Naturehike, VEVOR, etc. They offer some of the lightest and sturdiest models.

Once you decide on a model, go through online or video reviews. If you do not want to purchase something that disappoints you, it is always better to look for reviews.

A-Frame Tent Questions

What Are The Notable Weaknesses Of An A-Frame Tent?

One notable weakness can be the weight. The stands of A-frame tents are traditionally sturdy and heavy.

It is because they carry the weight of the whole tent and keeps them upright. So, they cannot be put in a backpack. So, you cannot trek while carrying these.

The tents work better if you are going to a spot in a car or setting up a camp somewhere close. It also is good for one or two people. Some models can offer space for more but they are expensive.

Why Should You Buy An A-Frame Tent?

If you are looking for cheap and dependable tents, they are the best. They are easy to set up and are safe.

They have been used by the military and scouts for many years. It is because they are easy to maintain and offer durability.

Are They Better Than Other Tents?

That depends completely on your requirements. However, they are good if you want dependable and easy to maintain tents.

The other tents in the market might offer various other features. So, be sure to look into other tents too.


If you have gone through the article, you have found the answer. Now you can decide if you want an A-frame tent as your camping gear or not.

A-frame tent is loved by people who grew up camping in the late 1990s. They can be said made for traditional camping enthusiasts. The tents have evolved now with the use of the latest technology and materials.

The traditional tent we all are acquainted with has become much better than before and if you are deciding of purchasing one I believe it will not disappoint.

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