Best Coleman Tents Reviews – Are They Really Worth It?

Whether or not you are on a budget, if you have visited any list of recommended tents, Coleman is for sure on the list. And Coleman has earned all the praise honestly.

If that makes you want to get yourself one, we get it – whether you are camping or hiking, these tents are worth it. But the best Coleman tent will not come easy, so we have taken the responsibility to help you get one effortlessly.

With hours of research and speculation, we have picked eight of the best ones available in the market currently. Whether you need an affordable one or a heavy-duty one, our picks have it all – just go through them.

8 Best Coleman Tent Reviews

Coleman is well-known for the tents they make, and if you are looking for one of those, then you should totally go through our top eight picks.

#1. Coleman Cabin Tent With Instant Setup

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What’s the point of a tent if you cannot carry it to your camping or hiking destination? Well, to solve that issue for you, this item comes with a weight of 47 pounds only – allowing you to carry it effortlessly.

Once you reach your destination, you can easily set it up within a minute or so without requiring any additional help. Hence, you can start relaxing in your tent as soon as you reach, without wasting much time on the set up of the item.

What makes the tent even more comfortable to use is that it contains a rather roomy interior. It has dimensions of 14 x 10 feet – so with that amount of floor area, the tent can fit about four queen sized air beds.

Not to mention, the center, aka the peak, the height of the tent is quite commendable as well. With 6 feet 7 inches of height, you will be able to walk around freely in the tent, without worrying about hitting your head.

So everything combined, the tent comes with a capacity of 6 people. Whether you choose to go with your family members or your group of friends, you will have enough room for everyone without discomfort.

However, with 6 people around, some privacy is surely required. That is why the inside organization of the tent contains a room divider, which will add some privacy to it – so you won’t have to get a separate tent just for that.

What makes this tent rather unique is that it contains a rainfly, which not only protects you from the rain but it also offers ventilation. Hence, you will have both protection and airflow in the tent without extra assembly.

The Coleman Weathermaster in our list also provides ample protection during the rain, but compared to that, this one has taken care of ventilation while providing that protection.

But other than the rainfly, this tent has other measures to keep the water out of the tent. For that, it comes with inverted seams and welded corners – so you and your belongings will always remain dry.

At the same time, the tent is also designed to reduce the overall heat inside of it. So, you will always experience cool airflow inside the tent, no matter which season you are using it in – which will always ensure comfort.

Not to mention, it will also block 90% of the sunlight, so you will be able to enjoy a dark room past sunrise. The tent also provides more visibility at night – thanks to its reflective guy lines, making it more effortless to spot.

Aside from being weatherproof, the tent is durable as well, thanks to its remarkable build quality. It has been made using blends for various advantages and longevity throughout the entire year.

  • Can be carried easily and simple set up
  • Roomy interior with 6’7” centre height
  • Rainfly protects and ventilates
  • Keeps the heat outside and blocks sunlight
  • Has a room divider for added privacy
  • Tent fabric absorbs water
  • Inconvenient door structure


Here’s a 6-person tent that will make your camping or hiking trip much better with its facilities.

#2. Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

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Never settle for a tent that will limit your camping trips to particular seasons only – that is why this Coleman tent is built to perform extremely well during every season. Find out more about this wonderful product right here.

Well, how does that work? Basically, this tent contains a WeatherTec system that contains inverted seams as well as patented floors. The combination of these features makes sure the users always remain dry despite the weather. We recommend this as the best tent for extreme weather.

With this tent, neither do you have to buy any extra tent, nor do you have to exclude anyone from your trip. This is a roomy tent with a capacity of 10 people – so you will be able to enjoy your time with everyone.

In fact, the tent contains the dimensions of 17 x 9 feet – so you can move around easily even with 10 people around. Not to mention, you can store as much gear as needed without having to keep anything outside.

The tent offers adequate sleeping space as well. For instance, you will be able to fit around 3 queen size air beds into the tent. So, even without being at home, you will have the comfort and space of a home.

One of the biggest advantages of this tent is that when you stand up, you won’t have to worry about hitting your head on the ceiling. With a center height of 6 feet 8 inches, you can stand tall without any concerns.

With the tent being so large, you might expect it to weigh a lot. But that is actually far from the case. The item weighs about 31 pounds approximately, which makes it rather portable – so you can carry it easily.

Our Coleman Instant Family Tent is also large enough to accommodate 8 people, but compared to the weight of that, this one is even lighter! So, you will find ease in carrying this one, despite it accommodating 10 people.

What’s more, after carrying it all the way to your destination, you can set it up within 20 minutes only. All you will have to do is follow the instructions properly, and you will be done in no time.

Despite being so convenient, the tent is durable and sturdy as well. It comes with a wind-strong frame with fiberglass poles and polyester fly and floor. Not to mention, the zippers also provide protection in all weather.

The tent has also been designed to be comfortable for its users. Hence, it comes with angled windows, which you can open up during the rain while allowing proper air circulation. These windows are great for ventilation in the tent.

For further comfort, the product comes with a hinged front door, which will let you enter the tent easily. At the same time, there is a room divider as well, which will add extra privacy to the tent for its users.

  • Suitable for all weathers and waterproof
  • Roomy interior with 10-person capacity
  • Can be carried and assembled easily
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Provides ventilation and has a room divider
  • Poles can get bent
  • Rainfly is not efficient


If you are looking for an all-season tent that will accommodate about 10 people, then here is something you would be interested in.

#3. Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent

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Who likes to spend all their time and energy on setting up a tent on their camping trip? Well, if you absolutely despise it, then here’s a pop-up tent that only takes 10 seconds to set up with pre-assembled poles – find out more.

This is a very compact tent that you can use for various purposes – whether you want to camp, hike or participate in a festival trip. It only weighs about 5.9 pounds, so you will face no hassle when carrying the tent.

Despite being so lightweight, the interior of the tent is quite roomy for 2-4 people. The sizes will obviously differ for a 2-people tent and a 4-people tent, so you can choose accordingly.

While our Coleman Dome Tent for camping is also similarly compact and suitable for 2-4 people, it takes a much longer time to get assembled. Hence for this level of accommodation, this tent will provide the most convenience in assembly.

If you are getting a 2 person tent, then the dimensions of the tent are going to be 90 x 53 x 35 inches. So, you will have enough space for ease in a movement when sleeping inside the tent and won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

At the same time, the center height of the tent is around 2 feet 11 inches. Since it is a compact tent, you can’t really expect yourself to stand in it. But with that center height, you will be able to sit comfortably without any hassle.

On the other hand, with ample floor area, you will be able to lay up a bed before going to sleep. You will also be able to use pillows when sleeping and keep some of your gears in without any problem in space.

There is no point in having a tent if it cannot provide protection when needed. And that is why this one comes with a rainfly, which will protect you during the rainy season and keep you dry without a doubt.

Even though the tent is very compact, it still contains two windows on the upper side. At the same time, it contains a door with a screened layer. Both of these provide ample ventilation, as they take care of proper air circulation.

The material of the tent matters a lot, whether it comes to comfort or durability. And this one comes with a polyester construction. Now, polyester is both durable and breathable, so you will always be comfortable in it.

At the same time, the floor material of the tent is very durable as well. Even though it is lightweight, it has been made of a waterproof tarp material, which will not give in even during storms.

Even if you are out camping in summer, the tent has been designed in such a way that the heat will be reduced in it. So, you will be able to rest comfortably without any issues.

  • Compact tent with 10-second assembly
  • Has room for 2-4 people
  • Has ventilation, two windows, and a screened door
  • Made of polyester and is waterproof
  • Has a center height of 2 feet 11 inches
  • The zippers are fragile
  • Weak fiberglass poles


Here’s a compact tent that will make camping easy during all seasons.

#4. Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent

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It can be difficult to find a tent that will accommodate the exact number of people in your group. Well, if you have seven people other than you in the group, then this just might be the tent that you need.

The tent contains a rather roomy interior, which will make sure all your companions have enough space for themselves. With dimensions of 14 x 10 feet, the tent will never be congested.

At the same time, the floor area is large enough to fit 2 queen-size air beds. Now, one queen-size bed is large enough to accommodate four people, so you and your friends/family will be able to sleep comfortably.

With this tent, you won’t have to watch over your head every time you stand up because it contains a peak height of 6 feet 7 inches. Hence, you and your friends/family members can easily walk around in the tent.

Despite being so large and roomy, the tent only weighs about 18.6 kilograms. At the same time, it also contains a carry bag, which will let you carry the tent effortlessly – making the item rather portable.

On the other hand, this tent has been built to last. It contains double-thick fabric made of rugged poly-guard, which will ensure protection in all seasons and also prolong the lifespan of the tent.

Similar to this, the Coleman Cabin Tent has also been built while keeping its longevity in mind. However, the unique double-thick fabric of this one makes it even more durable and suitable for various climates.

But that’s not all that makes the tent weatherproof. To make sure it serves you well in all seasons, it contains a rainfly, which also works as ventilation. So, it will provide protection during the rainy season and also improve airflow.

For more assurance and protection, the tent contains welded corners as well as inverted seams. So there is absolutely no chance of water leaking out of them, and no matter which season it is, you will always remain dry.

The tent has also been built while keeping your convenience in mind, and hence, it contains small pockets stitched into the walls of the tent. The mesh pockets will let you store all your necessities and access them easily.

For further convenience, the tent comes with a very effortless set-up. It contains pre-attached poles, which will let you set it up within a minute or so. And what makes it even better is that you won’t be needing any extra help either!

So, whether you choose to go camping or hiking, this is a tent that will adhere to all your requirements during all seasons. You will get to enjoy a lovely trip without any hassle and rest in the tent whenever you are tired.

  • Accommodates 8 people and two queen size beds
  • Peak height of 6’7” and weighs 18.6kg
  • Lasts through all the seasons
  • Comes with mesh pockets for convenience
  • Easy to set up and carry
  • Difficult to pack up
  • Does not include stakes


Here’s a roomy tent that accommodates 8 people and still will have more space left for you! It is built for all weather and will remain sturdy throughout the year.

#5. Coleman Dome Tent For Camping

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The quality and construction of a tent determine how well you are going to like it. And in that regard, you will absolutely love this durable tent with synthetic material construction – find out more right here.

Whether there is a storm or a quiet rainfall, this tent will continue to protect you without a doubt. It comes with welded corners as well as inverted seams, which will make sure the water does not come in, no matter how heavily it is raining.

At the same time, with the darkroom technology, the tent blocks about 90% of the sunlight to make sure you can sleep past sunrise. Not to mention, it also reduces the heat in the tent to make you comfortable during all the seasons.

Now, alongside the strong frame, which can withstand about 35+ mph of winds, the tent also contains a rainfly. The benefit of the rainfly is that it provides ventilation as well as protection during rainfall – improving airflow.

Our Coleman Pop-up Camping Tent has also been built while keeping durability in mind. However, due to its lightweight structure, it cannot withstand heavy winds just as well – so this one is surely better in that aspect.

With the conventional pitch of the tent, you will find no trouble in setting up the whole thing. In fact, you can execute the whole task by yourself within 10 minutes – so you can rest as soon as you reach your destination!

What makes the tent even more convenient is that it weighs about 10.24 pounds only. With such a low weight, you will find it rather hassle-free to carry the tent to whichever destination you would like to go to.

Even with this weight, this tent does not fail to be spacious. It comes with dimensions of 9 x 7 feet. And with a rather convenient shape, it will enhance the ease of movement of the people in this tent.

With these dimensions, around 2-4 people will be able to comfortably stay in the tent. Not to mention, the tent can fit one queen-size air bed, so you can enjoy this tent with your friends or your pets quite easily.

You might have to think twice before standing up in this tent if you are taller than 4 feet 11 inches – because that is its peak height. But you can sit on your air bed without any hassle and move around comfortably.

No matter how small a tent is, having windows is a must in it. So, the tent comes with two windows, and both of them contain zipper protection. At the same time, the tent also contains a screen room and a back panel.

To make your experience even more convenient for you, the tent contains an E-port. The purpose of this port is to bring electrical power inside, which will let you charge your devices pretty effortlessly.

  • Reduces heat and keeps the room dark
  • Spacious interior with 2-4 people accommodation
  • Can protect during all seasons
  • Sturdy frame with long-lasting construction
  • Effortless 10-minute set up and portable
  • Fabric is see-through
  • Skin is too loose for the frame


This innovative tent will let you get your sleep even when you are out there camping, and it will accommodate about 2-4 people.

#6. Coleman Dome Tent With Screen Room

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What’s the point of a tent if it doesn’t keep you comfortable? And that largely depends on the ventilation of the tent. However, this item takes care of that well with its window awnings and screen room – find out more right here.

The screen room will not only let you enjoy bug-free lounging, but it will also provide extra air circulation on summer nights. The window awnings, on the other hand, will protect their users from the rain while maintaining proper airflow.

Compared to the Coleman Dome Tent for Camping, you will be staying safe from bugs while getting the ventilation that you need in this one. The dome tent for camping also provides ventilation – but not so much protection from bugs.

But that is not the only weather protection it provides. The product contains Weathertec features, which will serve you in all seasons. With waterproof floors and protected seams, you will never have to worry about the water leaking in.

At the same time, the tent contains water-resistant zipper cuffs as well as a wind-strong frame. Hence, no matter how strong the breeze is, you won’t have to worry about the tent falling apart.

Now of course, the durability of the tent also plays a role over here. Alongside the sturdy frame, the tent also contains a polyester 75D and nylon construction – hence, it will remain intact even if you don’t take care of it as much.

On the other hand, you will face no hassle whatsoever when it comes to setting the tent up. Basically, because of the conventional pitch, it will only take you about 15 minutes to execute the process – all by yourself.

Remember the screen room that we talked about? Well, that comes with dimensions of 10 x 5 feet. Other than that, the main area of the tent itself is 10 x 9 feet entirely – making the tent rather spacious.

Since the tent is so spacious, including the screen room, around 5-6 people could easily stay in it – and each of the people would have enough space for ease in movement and comfort when sleeping.

In fact, the floor area of the tent is large enough to fit 2 queen-size air beds in it. With two queen-size beds, 3 people could easily sleep in each of them. In fact, you can also bring over your pets if you want to!

What’s more, the peak height of the tent is around 5 feet 8 inches. So unless there is someone in your group taller than that, there is no need to worry about anyone accidentally hitting their head on the ceiling of the tent.

Despite being so spacious, the tent weighs about 20.9 pounds only. With this weight and a carry bag, you will be able to take this tent on your trips without any issue whatsoever.

  • Ventilation through screen room and window awnings
  • Provides protection in all weathers
  • Contains a sturdy frame and durable tent fabric
  • Spacious tent accommodates 6 people
  • Can be carried easily with a carry bag
  • Poles are quite fragile
  • Zippers are not long lasting


Here’s a weatherproof lightweight tent that will accommodate six people and ensure everyone’s comfort without a doubt.

#7. Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

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Are you looking for a camping tent that you can just carry around in your backpack? In that case, this Coleman tent will not disappoint – with a weight of 12 pounds, you will be able to carry it without feeling a thing!

The secret behind its low weight? Well, it is made of polyester. Now, polyester is a lightweight and breathable fabric that will ensure durability like none other. So, you can expect it to last long without bearing all the weight.

Alongside the polyester construction, the item contains a wind-strong frame. Now, this frame is made to be strong, so you don’t have to remain concerned during heavy breezes or storms – because the frame will take care of it all.

What makes the tent even better is that it contains other features that make it really efficient during all seasons. For instance, its waterproof floors and water-resistant zippers prevent it from leaking even during heavy rainfalls.

For further protection, the tent also contains protected seams and a rainfly. Now, the rainfly can also contribute to the ventilation of the tent, as it makes sure there is enough airflow in the tent even when it is raining.

What improves the ventilation of the tent, even more, is its full mesh interior. This will keep you comfortable in all seasons, and dry during monsoon – so your trip does not have to get ruined due to unexpected weather changes.

To make sure the tent is totally convenient for its users, it comes with snag-free continuous pole sleeves. The benefit of this feature is that you will get to set the whole thing up within 10 minutes – that too by yourself.

Moreover, the tent is unexpectedly roomy as well, with its layout being 8 x 7 feet. You will also be getting a vestibule, which will keep your tent dry and provide extra space for you to store your gear.

This space will easily accommodate 2-3 people into the tent, and it can fit 3 camp pads. So, all of its users will be able to move and sleep in it without any discomfort whatsoever.

At the same time, the center height of this tent is about 4 feet 10 inches. So, no matter how tall your gear is, you will be able to store it in the tent. And due to the average height of the tent, you won’t feel very claustrophobic as well.

While the Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent is also suitable for 2-3 people, it is not as spacious and it definitely does not contain such a high centre height. So, this one is better in terms of space.

The design of the tent is also remarkable, as it comes with a pin-and-ring system to keep the pole connections from slipping. At the same time, there are storage pockets located inside the tent, which will let you store things easily.

  • Made of polyester and weighs 12 pounds
  • Provides protection from rain and other elements
  • Enough space for 2-3 people and 3 camp pads
  • Can be set-up within 10 minutes
  • Prevents pole connections from slipping and has storage pockets
  • The zipper doesn’t last long
  • Rainfly is difficult to put on


This is a lightweight and spacious tent that will make your sudden camping plans worth it!

#8. Coleman Tent Coastline 3 Plus

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Most trekking tents will make you feel suffocated because of little to no ventilation. But that is not a problem you will be facing with this tent as it comes with awnings – which ensures airflow while providing protection.

If you look at other options, you will realize this tent is one of its kind. Not only does it contain a unique tunnel design, but its weight-to-space ratio is remarkable. With a weight of only 15 pounds, you can carry it easily.

But despite weighing that much, the tent has a height of almost 5 foot. Although, most adults might not be able to stand in the tent at that height, it will provide more space for movement and comfort for the users.

The sleeping area and storage area of this tent are quite remarkable as well. With the former being 4.2 square meters and the latter being 3.78 square meters, you can sleep comfortably while storing all your gears inside it.

Even though the tent itself is pretty roomy, when you pack it up, the dimensions become 28 x 11 x 9.5 inches. So, when you pack it up and carry it, you won’t be facing much of an issue – in fact, it will be handier than other tents.

Other than that, 3 people could effortlessly stay in the tent without any congestion whatsoever. Even with 3 people, you will have more than enough space to store your camping or trekking gear!

The construction of this tent is even more remarkable than the design itself. The tent is mainly constructed of PE rising groundsheet, polyester, and other synthetic materials. So, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear.

Another benefit of these materials is that they provide ample weather protection and also top-notch protection from water. So, even during heavy rainfalls, you won’t have to worry about the tent leaking in any way.

Thanks to the design of the tent, you won’t have to work too hard to set the tent up. You will be able to execute the process within a few minutes and then get back to resting on the tent without wasting too much effort on it.

For further convenience, the inside tent contains screens that will keep the mosquitos and other bugs out throughout the entire day. So, you won’t have to take the hassle of killing them or getting rid of them yourself!

This tent is uniquely designed for providing privacy to its users. For that, the outer tent layer is separated from the sleeping quarter. Hence, no one will be disturbed while sleeping, and those who are not sleeping can rest separately.

Our Coleman WeatherMaster also has a room divider, it doesn’t necessarily provide a separate space for sleeping. Hence, individuals can still feel disturbed when sleeping in that tent, compared to this one.

  • Unique tunnel design and weighs 15 pounds
  • Durable construction and 5 feet tall
  • Can be set up easily
  • Contains screens to keep the bugs out
  • Has a separate sleeping quarter
  • Does not hold up in high winds
  • Leaks in some parts


Here’s a unique tent that will accommodate 2-3 people and offer different compartments for convenience.

Before You Buy What To Look For?

If you have heard of Coleman tents before, then you are aware of how all of their tents are well-praised. But does that mean all of them will adhere to your requirements? Well, that is a big no.

You have your preferences and needs, which you probably haven’t sorted out yet. And you will need to be aware of those before you buy one for yourself. Moreover, there are some key factors to consider as well.

But don’t worry, you are surely not all alone in this – we are here to help you out. We will be discussing all the factors right here, and if you keep those in mind, then you will be in love with your next Coleman purchase.

How Many People Do You Need The Tent For?

Coleman has a wide collection of tents, with different capacities. So, whether you need a tent for 4 or a tent for 8, Coleman will have it for you.

However, it is always a good idea to go for a larger tent – because having more space for your gear is always worth it.

What Is The Height Of The Tent?

The peak height of any tent is directly proportional to the number of people it can accommodate. A large number of people, the higher the center height.

So, you can’t really choose much in this sector, but if you want to walk around the tent without any hassle, then it is a good idea to go for one over 6 feet.

What Is The Tent Made Of?

The quality of the tent is highly dependent on the material of the tent. Make sure the tent itself is made of polyester or canvas.

You should also focus on the frame and the poles. In that case, make sure the material is either fiberglass or steel.

Can the Tent Protect During Rain/Winter/Summer?

Getting a waterproof tent won’t cut it – you need a weatherproof tent. And Coleman has a lot of those options for you.

So choose a tent that can at least be used in 3 of the seasons. If you get one that can be used in all the seasons, then that is even better.

Is There Enough Airflow In The Tent?

Ventilation is an important factor that many people tend to overlook. However, you wouldn’t want to feel hotter during the summer days.

Hence, you should focus on the ventilation provided by the tent – make sure it has screen windows, rainfly, mesh ceilings, etc.

Can You Keep Your Gears In The Tent?

As we mentioned above, having more space for your gear is always a plus point.

And you should definitely prioritize it when you are getting a tent – you wouldn’t want to keep your gears outside.

Is The Tent Divided?

Even if it is a 6 people tent, having some privacy is always nice. It’s definitely not a must, and it surely depends on your preference as well.

So if you do prefer it, make sure there are room dividers in the tent.

Can You Set The Tent Up By Yourself?

After you reach your camping destination, you don’t want to get more tired by wasting all your energy setting the tent up by yourself.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the process is easy and doesn’t require much time or energy.

Can You Carry The Tent Easily?

Carrying the tent is another matter of concern that usually hits people when they start their journey.

To save yourself some trouble, check if the tent is portable while you are buying it. You can check if it has a carrying bag, and you could check its weight too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Coleman Tents Good Quality?

Coleman tents are one of the best ones out there. They are made of promising materials, and their construction is usually up to the mark as well. Not to mention, these are usually weatherproof so they will serve well in all seasons.

Should I Get Coleman Tents If I Am On A budget?

Yes; if you are on a budget, then you will get some amazing options among Coleman tents. And these options will not only last longer, but they will perform spectacularly well too.

Are Coleman Tents Long-Lasting?

As we have mentioned above, Coleman tents are made of high-quality materials. As a result, their tents are generally long lasting, and you won’t have to take much care of them as well for that.

How Can I Set Up A Coleman tent?

Most Coleman tents come with pre-assembled poles or instructions, which let you set the whole thing up within a minute or so – 20 minutes maximum. So you don’t have to worry about setting them up.

Why Are Coleman Tents So Popular?

The reason why Coleman tents are so popular is that they are good-quality products at very reasonable prices – so more or less anyone can afford them without a problem.

Final Words

All of our picks are top-notch, so it’s normal to get confused. But remember that the best Coleman tent for you will match all your criteria. That will help you get the one you need.

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