Best Tents With Hinged Doors [Get Rid Of Sluggish Zippers]

If you’ve had bad experiences with zipper-styled doors, you’ll definitely appreciate the convenience of hinged door tents. While zippers require some time to get used to, you’ll feel right at home with a hinged door tent!

For the best camping experience, you won’t go wrong with the best tents with hinged doors.

Hinged door tents can offer an extra touch of comfort and luxury to all your camping trips, along with the benefits of a large door for quick entry and exit.

Generally, the doors are made from a curved pole for the opening side and a vertical pole that allows the door to swing. They can be secured by Velcros or with a zipper to fully secure them when needed.

Another benefit of having a hinged door on your tent is that you won’t have to worry about rainwater getting inside every time you enter or exit the tent; they’re quite reliable thanks to the water-resistant fabric panels that come with them!

With that being said, here are the 7 best tents with a hinged door that got the highest appraisals from pro campers across the globe.

6 Best Tents With Hinged Doors

A tent with a hinged door has a much more rigid structure and doesn’t have sagging sides like conventional tents.

There isn’t much to consider here, so rest assured and take your pick from the following tents!

#1. Coleman Montana 8 Person Cabin Tent

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When it comes to hinged door tents, you can expect the best from Coleman. The Montana 8-person tent is a great tent from their line-up of hinged door tents.

It is structurally an extended dome tent with one central area under the dome and two more extensions that are supported with individual loops.

The tent contains only one hinged door with a zipper for quick entry and exit. Although one door is sufficient for most camping scenarios, it may not be enough for big groups as it could restrict free movement throughout the tent. On the bright side, it is still quite spacious inside for 8 people.

While the manufacturer claims that Montana is weather-proof, it isn’t the best option for camping in rainy areas.

As it doesn’t come with a fly for full coverage on top, rainwater does get inside a little. The tent itself is made from a waterproof polyester fabric with Coleman’s patented ‘WeatherTec System.’

On the other hand, it looks a lot like its more expensive counterpart, the Coleman WeatherMaster.

The Coleman Montana receives a slightly wider awning, which also makes for a more durable hinged door. But the WeatherMaster would be a better choice if you’ll need separate rooms for better privacy.

But it doesn’t mean that the Coleman Montana is a bad tent. It is great for camping in dry conditions as it can stand firmly against 35+ MPH winds. Thanks to three windows and a large hinged door, the tent has sufficient ventilation inside.

It comes with storage pockets on the walls, in which you can store small items and keep your gear organized. As the tent is built with high-quality materials all around, you can expect great durability from the double-layered tent.

Another aspect where the Coleman Montana shines is in its ease of setup. It doesn’t require a lot of practical experience, and you can set up the huge tent within 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Welded seams to prevent water from getting inside the tent
  • Its sturdy frame stands strong against wind speeds greater than 35 MPH
  • Simple and large hinged door, secured by a durable zipper
  • Storage pockets allow for easy storage of gear and small items
  • The entire structure can be erected fully in 15 minutes
  • Extra weather protection is offered by the extended awning on the door
  • Not usable in rainy environments
  • The lack of separate rooms creates a lack of privacy

Short Verdict

One of the most popular hinged door tents in the market, the Coleman Montana is a great tent for dry weather conditions with sufficient air ventilation inside.

However, it isn’t the most water-resistant tent on this list.

#2. Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent

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If you want to get the best-hinged door tent without breaking the bank, you may be interested in the Coleman WeatherMaster. It is a 6-person tent, which is quite spacious and offers a ton of ventilation inside.

Although it shares a lot of its appearance with the Coleman Montana we saw earlier, the WeatherMaster is a cabin-type tent with almost vertical windows and large windows all around. All in all, the tall structure and incredible ventilation make for a very comfortable environment inside the tent.

The Coleman WeatherMaster makes use of a lot of mesh; literally, the entire ceiling is made from mesh! Pairing it with large windows on all sides, this tent can keep everyone inside cool, even in sunny conditions. The hinged door is large enough to allow easy entry and exit, even for tall people.

Its name, ‘WeatherMaster,’ is particularly misleading as it doesn’t offer full-fledged protection against rainy conditions.

With that being said, this tent functions just fine in light and moderate rain conditions. Thanks to the angled windows on top, condensation is prevented while restricting water from entering.

This tent is made from a special water-proof polyester fabric combined with anti-wicking threads, so it is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. The floors have welded seams to prevent water from seeping inside the tent.

In terms of rigidity, it does a better job at holding against speedy wind gusts of up more than 35 MPH. Although it doesn’t take much to set up the Coleman Weathermaster, you may need around 30 minutes or less, depending on your experience.

But what truly makes this hinged door tent distinctive from other models on this list is its separate screen room; this area could be a pleasant place to just sit back and relax or for storing all the extra stuff.

Since the tent offers 2 rooms apart from the screen room, privacy shouldn’t be an issue with the Coleman WeatherMaster.

  • The huge screen room makes for a pleasant sitting or storage area
  • Two rooms plus the screen rooms offer sufficient privacy
  • Large windows on all sides and a mesh ceiling make for excellent ventilation
  • Very spacious inside with sufficient space for spreading out
  • Handy mesh pockets for storing small items and gear
  • Highly durable construction should last long
  • Gets very chilly inside in cold environments
  • Stakes that come with the package aren’t up to the mark

Short Verdict

If you need an affordable hinged door tent with separate rooms for privacy, the Coleman WeatherMaster should have you covered. However, it gets very cold inside in chilly weather.

#3. Russian-Bear UP2 5 Person Tent

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If you need a hinged door tent that can be set up within minutes, you must look into the Russian-Bear UP2.

This tent is probably the easiest to set up on this list; it expands like an umbrella, and you can secure it to the ground with the provided stakes. As you may have guessed, it is a dome-type tent.

The UP2 can be used in all weather conditions, which makes it a true ‘weather-resistant’ tent. Made with double-layer fabrics of ‘Oxford 300PU 4000mm’ and ‘Oxford 210PU 2000mm’, the tent does a fantastic job at keeping the inside warm and isolated from external conditions.

Moreover, it also comes with an additional and detachable floor for extremely cold environments.

The most interesting feature of this tent is its wooden stove; the medium-sized stove is made with heat-resistant ceramic sidewalls, and it functions well to create a pleasant atmosphere inside!

But the most lucrative selling point of this tent is its rock-solid nature; its frame is made from extremely durable aviation-grade aluminum. This allows the tent to withstand strong winds easily. Combining this with the double-layered fabric, the UP2 is a very durable tent that can withstand the test of time.

The Russian-Bear tent has two windows and two entrances. Both windows and doors are equipped with removable mosquito nets that prevent all kinds of insects from getting inside the tent. On the sidewalls, there are handy pockets for storing small items.

Thanks to the detachable waterproof flooring, you can also place this tent above the ice for the best winter fishing experience!

But if you need to extend an electric connection to your tent, you’ll be more benefited from the electric cable port in the Coleman WeatherMaster while also getting a more spacious interior.

Although the UP2 is better equipped for extremely low temperatures, you may appreciate the extra ventilation the WeatherMaster has to offer during dry climates.

The stove’s chimney has a stainless-steel ring around it, so the hot pipe won’t damage the fabric of the tent.

One commonly reported issue with the Russian-Bear tent is the condensation build-up that occurs in rainy conditions.

  • Premium wood stove with ceramic glass sidewalls
  • Durable frame made from aviation-grade aluminum
  • The double-layer polyester fabric makes for incredible weather-resistance
  • Detachable water-proof and warm flooring makes it suitable for all-weather
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Condensation build-up in rainy environments
  • Regulating the temperature inside with the wood stove requires little expertise

Short Verdict

If you need a hinged door tent for camping in extremely cold temperatures, the Russian-Bear UP2 will serve your purpose thanks to its incredible insulation abilities.

Its super-simple installation procedure is the cherry on top.

#4. Coleman Tenaya Fast Pitch 6/8 Person Tent

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We have another Coleman tent on this list! The Tenaya is from their ‘Fast Pitch’ line-up, which receives the name for its ability to be pitched very fast. If done right, the entire tent can be erected fully within a few minutes!

It is also quite easy to set up as you’ll just have to connect the color-coded poles to the central hub.

The cabin-style tent has almost vertical walls, so you can expect a spacious and roomy interior. It consists of two large cabinets in which you can store all your stuff and gear; it could also be used as a changing room! They’re positioned right outside the tent so that no space is sacrificed inside due to the cabinets.

Apart from the cabinets, the tent also contains several storage pockets for storing smaller items. From the inside, the Coleman Tenaya tent is quite big.

You get plenty of headroom and a spacious area that can be divided into two parts with the included room divider.

Another cool feature of this tent is its LED lighting system that emits a soft light throughout the tent. It is placed at the center of the tent, and its brightness can be adjusted with a simple switch.

But the most useful feature of this tent is its huge hinged door; you won’t have to zip it unless needed as it has Velcro around the edges to keep it closed.

However, if you need more than one door for entry and exit, you may look into the Russian-Bear UP2 we’ve seen earlier; it comes with two entrances.

Thanks to six large windows and a mesh top, the tent has great ventilation. This makes it very comfortable to use in hot climates.

Although it comes with a big rainfly, it may not be enough to protect the interior during rainy conditions. However, the Tenaya still does a great job at keeping everything dry inside.

On the outer layer, water-resistant polyester fabric is used. Although the tent’s waterproof rating hasn’t been confirmed by the manufacturer, the Tenaya can protect the interior from light to moderate rains.

It can withstand winds with speeds greater than 35 MPH, so you won’t have to be worried when camping in windy areas.

  • Large and reliable D-shaped hinge door
  • Steel stakes and fiberglass poles make for a durable construction
  • The foldable curtain/room divider enables privacy when needed
  • Huge storage cabinets allow you to organize all your stuff
  • Overhead LED light ensures sufficient lighting throughout the tent
  • Not suitable for prolonged usage in rainy environments

Short Verdict

One of the roomiest hinged door tents on this list, the Coleman Tenaya should be a great option for all your camping trips in hot and dry climates.

The room divider enables great privacy by creating a separate room.

#5. Coleman Octagon 98 8-Person Tent

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If you’re looking for a large tent that can accommodate big camping groups and offer ample storage for holding all their belongings and gear, you should have a look at the Coleman Octagon 98.

It is an octagonal cabin-style tent with almost vertical walls. Thanks to its tall structure, this tent offers a lot of headroom.

However, the octagonal structure doesn’t allow efficient floor planning; placing eight sleeping pads on the Coleman Octagon’s floor will prove to be challenging.

Moreover, there are no external storage areas inside the tent, so you’ll lose a bit of space, making it difficult for eight people to fit inside comfortably.

If you need a tent that offers separate storage cabinets, the Coleman Tenaya we’ve seen earlier would be the better choice.

Moreover, the Tenaya is better at withstanding strong winds than the Coleman Octagon 98, which has a relatively boxy shape.

With that being said, the Coleman Octagon 98 is still a pretty huge tent! On the inside, you can use the included divider to create two separate rooms. The ventilation is great as well. One of the coolest features of this tent is the fly; it comes with six zippers that allow you to roll the fly up from all sides.

Thanks to this, you can enjoy panoramic views from all directions! There are small vents on the fly, and the fly itself has a wide gap from the inner tent, so air circulates freely even when the fly is zipped. Speaking of which, the ventilation is sufficient to prevent condensation build-up in rainy weather.

Moreover, the upper part of the tent is almost mesh, which contributes to the airflow as well. The fabric used for the non-mesh upper layer is a weather-resistant taffeta polyester.

Coleman has used 1000D polyethylene for the bathtub-type flooring with fully welded seams that prevent water from seeping into the tent.

Although this tent is not designed to be used in stormy climates, it can still protect you from light to moderate rain.

This tent comes with two doors for entry and exit. After attaching the room divider, you’ll get a separate door for each room.

  • Octagonal shape with plenty of space inside offers the best camping experience
  • The tall structure makes for great headroom
  • Setup is relatively easy and quick for a tent this big
  • Inverted seams on the upper layer, welded seams on the flooring
  • Huge doors make for seamless entry and exit

  • The octagonal shape makes it troublesome to fit mattresses inside

Short Verdict

The Coleman Octagon 98 is a spacious and comfortable cabin-style tent.

It is very simple to pitch, offers plenty of air circulation, and has a durable construction overall. The floor planning seems troublesome, though.

#6. Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent

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Cue in this list’s most rugged hinged door tent; the Bushnell Shield tents are instant cabin tents that you can fully set up in just 60 seconds!

If that’s not impressive enough, all tents of the shield series make use of extremely durable water-resistant polyester fabric with their special ‘Heat Shield Technology.’

As you may have guessed, it’s a fancy name for their special treatment to make the tent heat-resistant. But it does a great job at keeping the interior cool even under bright sunlight, thanks to the UV reflective coating on top.

On the other hand, all Shield series tents offer enough weather resistance to be used in all climates. However, you may notice a little water seeping inside the tent during heavy rain conditions. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as hinged door tents aren’t meant to protect the interior from thunderstorms.

For dry climates, the Bushnell Shield is an almost-perfect tent as it offers excellent ventilation with five mesh windows, an all-mesh ceiling, and an adjustable ground vent.

The free airflow helps prevent condensation build-up in rainy weather, but you’ll have to use the window ‘shields’ as the included rainfly isn’t big enough.

All the seams on the tent are fully taped, so water can’t get inside the tent through the pinholes. But the Bushnell Shield tents aren’t great for camping out in winter; they don’t do well at retaining the heat inside, and you may require a heater or dense sleeping bags to stay warm in the tent!

Speaking of which, the Russian-Bear UP2 would be a great choice for camping in areas where temperatures are extremely low.

Apart from its great insulation abilities, the included stove really helps in keeping the interior warm, cozy and comfortable!

It is a free-standing tent, so you won’t have to stake it down unless the environment is very windy. This is possible because the Bushnell Shield tents are quite bulky; the entire frame is made of steel, which makes for a very strong and durable construction.

The tent includes several handy storage compartments to organize your gear, valuables, and other small items separately. It also includes an E-cable port, so you can extend an electric line inside the tent if you need to.

  • Instant setup; can be fully erected within minutes
  • Durable and sturdy construction can stand the test of time
  • Multiple storage compartments and pockets
  • 5 huge windows, mesh ceiling, and ground vent enables great ventilation
  • ‘Heat Shield Technology’ helps in deflecting a lot of heat
  • The lack of an extra door and room divider creates a lack of privacy
  • Not suitable for winter

Short Verdict

If you’re looking for a durable hinged door tent that can be set up instantly, you’ll definitely appreciate the Bushnell Shield.

It comes with a bunch of useful features that’ll certainly improve your camping experience!

Features To Look Out For Before Buying Hinged Door Tent

When you’re on a camping trip, every little thing that can make your life easier will be appreciated!

The same can be said about hinged doors on tents; unlike finicky zippers, these special doors offer a sweet spot between luxury and convenience.

You should consider the following features when choosing a tent:

Size And Capacity

Generally, hinged door tents are very large. Even the smallest tent on this list can accommodate two queen beds on the floor, but you may not have enough space to move around or store your stuff and gear.

Therefore, you’ll have to consider the space required by your camping group and deduce the correct size/capacity for your hinged door tent.

Keep in mind that anything smaller than a 6-person tent may be too congested for big groups of campers.

Weather Protection

Hinged door tents aren’t the best for rainy environments; not that they are designed to be used in rainy conditions, but you’ll have to look out for a few things if rain is to be expected.

First, you must look for tents that come with taped seams. This means that the seams were sealed from the factory to prevent water from leaking in through the pinholes.

Inverted seams are also functional since the seam-side with the pinholes is facing inwards, isolated from the weather outside.

You should also look at the type of fabric used for the outer layer of the tent. Most tents have PU-coated fabrics, which are better reinforced against rain.


Fortunately, ventilation shouldn’t be much of an issue with most hinged tents. They’re usually equipped with huge windows, mesh walls, and ceilings for optimal airflow.

The extra airflow not only helps with ventilation but also helps in keeping the interior cool in hot and dry climates.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, even the smallest hinged door tents are still quite big when compared to conventional tents. This roughly translates to extra weight; hinged door tents are significantly heavier than traditional tents.

If you are moving around without a vehicle, it may become too difficult for you to carry a hinged door tent. Similarly, it can also be troublesome if you’ll be changing camping spots frequently.


Like all other types of tents, there are several shapes of hinged door tents. The most popular hinged door tents are cabin-style tents that have almost vertical walls and great roomy interiors.

On the other hand, there are several dome-style tents as well. While they can be quite spacious, the sloped-down walls may restrict your movement.

But in my opinion, octagon-shaped tents offer the best balance between both cabin-style and dome-style tents.

This is because you get the nearly vertical walls of a cabin while also getting an efficient floor plan that most dome-style tents feature.

The floor plan is crucial as it determines how you can spread out all the sleeping gear when it’s time to hit the hay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hinged Tent Door?

A hinged tent door functions like a regular door while minimizing the inconveniences caused by other types of tent doors that are secured with Velcros, zippers, etc.

They generally consist of a D-shape pole and a vertical pole for swinging.

Will A Hinged Door Tent Allow Rain To Leak Inside?

Although hinged door tents aren’t designed to be used in rainy environments, most of them can protect you from light to moderate rain.

If you’re worried about water leaking in from the large windows on hinged door tents, rest assured as they’re equipped with water-resistant panels that you can zip down.

Where Should The Door Of My Tent Face?

If you’re camping in dry climates, you should face your tent’s main door in the direction of the wind for optimal ventilation.

However, if the weather is windy, rainy, or stormy, the tent’s door should face the opposite direction of the wind.

Are Hinged Door Tents Safe?

Yes, of course, they are safe. They’re as livable as any other tent on the market and offer a much better camping experience.

Moreover, hinged door tents are relatively larger and heavier than conventional tents, so most of them can withstand strong winds.

Final Words

When hunting for the best tents with hinged doors, look out for tents that fit your camping requirements the most.

The most important factors to consider are the environment you’ll be camping in and the number of people you’ll be camping with.

I hope to have helped you with this article. Best of luck!

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